Arabic parts are not planets but calculated midpoints.
The most well known and commonly used Arabic part is : Part of Fortune.
But there are several other parts to be found in a birthchart.
For some parts, a different method is used for a night chart or day chart.
There is no use of interpreting an Arabic part just by it’s name. To really understand what the part means within a chart, you have to look at :

 The house placement
 The sign placement
Dispositor of POF
Aspects to the dispositor

The POF signifies unexpected (positive) change, area of life where you shine at your best, associated with money and gains, prosperity, success and sometimes fame. POF is the soul’s mission that connects to individual fulfilment leading spiritual wealth.
You need to consider the dispositor/ruling planet of POF and interpret it’s house placement to see what area of life will help you to get better results, achievements,..

Online Arabic Part Calculator

How to use the Arabic parts

Birthchart :
 Conjunct to an angle = Strong placement
Ruler of Arabic part in aspect to the part = Strengthening
Element of Arabic part :

1) Fire sign = Enjoying & gaining from activities and leadership
2) Earth sign = Enjoying & gaining from financial areas
3) Air sign = Enjoying & gaining from intellectual areas
4) Water sign = Enjoying & gaining from emotional areas

Planet aspecting Part = Brings benefit through nature of the planet
 Square to part = Enjoy challenges & competition to attain what you want
 Trine to part = Easy flow in getting what you want

Synastry :
 When The part of Fortune conjuncts another person’s Venus, we speak about a match made in heaven.
 The house in which an individual’s Part of Fortune falls into is the area of your life in which you will experience expansion and happiness.
 Whenever a person’s Part of Fortune is conjunct to any of your personal planets, it brings beneficial influence to your life related to the planet it touches. If it’s Jupiter, there may be an increase in wisdom or travel, If it’s Chiron, the person may help you to overcome and heal from your wounds and so on.

Solar Return :
Wherever the part of fortune is sitting (House), is the area of life in which the individual will experience luck in the upcoming solar year. It shows the main theme and focus of the solar year.

Part of Fortune

As mentioned earlier, it’s the most commonly used Arabic part in a horoscope. Also called Fortuna or POF.
It’s linked to the physical body, health and also represents success.
It’s a midpoint calculation of the big 3 :
ASC+Moon-Sun (Day chart)
ASC+Sun-Moon (Night chart)

Therefor it shows where these three building blocks of the personality shine best.
The house and sign placement may very well explain the area of life where one could find fortune and luck especially regards success, in a way the Part of Fortune is relates to one’s career.

Planets in aspect to the Part of Fortune in the birthchart

When you see a horoscope where the Sun is conjunct the Part of Fortune, remember how we arrive at the Part of Fortune. The Ascendant and the Moon and the Sun itself combine to show us where the avenue to happiness, success, and sheer joy is located. We look to the house, we look to the sign, and now we look to the planet to tell us more. When the Sun is conjunct the Part of Fortune, the person can shine with his whole being in response to the solar illumination.

If a person is born at sunrise, the Part of Fortune will be conjunct the Moon; if he is born at sunset, the Part of Fortune will be opposite the Moon. Remember how we arrive at the Part of Fortune! The emotional nature, nurturing nature, security themes, or public life will be an avenue for achieving Part of Fortune happiness and success.

If Mercury is with the Part of Fortune, this person will use his mental faculties and an intellectual approach in finding his happiness and success. He will also find it extremely easy to communicate, either in speech or writing.

If Venus is with the Part of Fortune, the potency of Venus will be enhanced, and the person will have tremendous personal charm. He will probably also be good looking. Harmony and balance come easily to him.

If Mars is with the Part of Fortune, the potency of Mars will be enhanced in its more positive forms. The person with this conjunction will exhibit assertive and pioneering qualities instinctively. He will be able to focus on one endeavor at a time, and work at it by himself to completion.

If Jupiter is conjunct the Part of Fortune, the potency of Jupiter will be enhanced in all of its positive forms. The person with this conjunction will be naturally optimistic, certain that all situations will turn out fine, and in general happy with every day as they take him closer to success and wealth and joy.

If Saturn is conjunct the Part of Fortune, the potency of the positive attributes of Saturn will be enhanced. The person with this conjunction will have a serious approach to life, with a sense of determination to fulfill his destiny, and a sense of responsibility to the world. Both Benjamin Franklin and George Washington had this conjunction.

If Uranus is conjunct the Part of Fortune, the potency of Uranus will be enhanced. The person with this conjunction will be innovative, original, unique, and inventive. This conjunction might even indicate a potential for learning Astrology. This person would also have gifts and talents when involved with scientific technology and computers.

If Neptune is conjunct the Part of Fortune, happiness and success will come easily to the person who uses Neptune in positive ways. Positive outlets are those of metaphysics, spiritual work, the arts, music, marine life, underwater exploration, and space exploration.

If Pluto is conjunct the Part of Fortune, the potency of Pluto will be enhanced in its positive forms. The person with this conjunction can find happiness and success in all forms of detective work, ranging from crime solving to investigating the atom, from studying genetic engineering to manipulating DNA to cure cancer and AIDS. He can study the mysteries of life in order to transform and improve life on Earth for all mankind.

Part Of Fortune in the houses

1st house
Shows a person who was born at or just after a New Moon, and carries the characteristics of a New Moon personality.
The native has a strongly individual way of meeting life’s situations. If you place yourself and your unique achievements out where they will be seen, you should have great success and happiness. This native wants to stand out in their own way and has the charm and human magnetism of the sign on the Ascendant.

2nd house
Gives drive, patience, endurance and willingness to use personal assets, talents, abilities, and efforts to strive for financial success. You feel happy when you draw money, possessions, collections, to yourself, and should not feel guilty about doing so. You need these things to express yourself. The Part of Fortune in the second house is good for money. You have a concern for financial security.

3rd house
You have a need to communicate and a need to relate to your surroundings, community, family. This placement gives you the ability to fill both of these needs. Often we find this placement in the charts of teachers, writers, speakers, newspaper reporters, and others who express themselves well with words. You are happiest when you can convey your ideas and feelings to others.

4th house
You need a sense of home, roots, security, and stability to be totally happy. This does not mean that you need a house to call your home. Home can be an ideal, a person, an atmosphere that you feel is solid. You can then go on to find fulfillment in a tenth house professional identification. These people are usually very patriotic with strong feelings for home, homeland, and parents. This placement usually means that the person will be wealthy in the last third of his life.

5th house
You have creative and emotional energies overflowing. You need to express these, and find great satisfaction in creative or artistic activity. You are attracted to adventurous enterprises. You have luck with speculations and with children. This placement shows a person who has strong abilities in creative fields of art, drama, theater, music, literature, and invention. You need to pour yourself into what you are doing, and need appreciation and applause.

6th house
This placement indicates a person that was born just prior to a Full Moon. You are interested in self-improvement and self-discipline so that you can function with such efficiency that you don’t not have to pay attention to the daily details of life. Your mind is on bigger things. Here is a person who seeks the injustices in life so that he may serve to improve others’ lives. You can serve people who are confined to hospitals or prisons, or fight for animals’ rights, or lead a group of workers in a labor union. This is Virgo’s house. Think of doctor, nurse, veterinarian, soldier, sailor.

7th house
The person was born soon after a Full Moon. You are a person who is so idealistic that you want to see only the best in everything, in every person, in every situation, even in every problem. You are looking for quality in all your relationships because you are really seeking personal illumination. You would like to know your purpose in life. Your personality shines through your relationships and partnerships. The Part of Fortune in the seventh house might lead to partnerships with wealthy people.

8th house
This placement is like a walking testimonial to eighth house matters if you use this placement correctly. You are interested in the occult, has good powers of regeneration and rejuvenation, and can be an expert at investigation, research, detective work. You can keep a secret so well that you are like an international diplomat, and can indeed earn a living this way. This person can also make a living based on the talents and abilities of others, as a theatrical agent or manage other people’s money. This person is usually very attractive, due to personal magnetism.

9th house
The native usually finds expression through travel, philosophy, higher education, philosophical thought, spirituality, or publishing. You may find your fortunes far from home. You can profit through and from people at a distance. Your studies bring insights to you which you use to help other people. You can be a natural clairvoyant as well. Most of this person’s labors are mental. This is a person who is always broadening their vistas and expanding their education.

10th house
You know, deep down, that you must fulfill your role in society. You choose a field where you can be a Professional Person. You need a place in the outside world, where your status and position is high and your name is associated with the field that you’re in. This is the house of recognition and public standing, of career and ambition, of success and responsibility. Remember, this is Capricorn’s house, so the person whose Part of Fortune is here is not afraid of hard work and effort if there is a goal to be reached.

11th house
You are usually way ahead of the time in which you live when it comes to your mentality, his dreams, hopes, goals, and your view of the world. You think in terms of Brotherhood, altruistic unity, Humanitarian values. You want to do things that benefit society as a whole. This is why you sometimes see yourself as a reformer of sorts, improving social, cultural, or spiritual values in those around you. You want better conditions for your community as well as for humanity.

12th house
You have a unique opportunity to transform or dissolve your own Karma. You have mediumistic talents and the gift of prophecy. Your dreams often give answers. Your flair for spirituality, mysticism, illusion, and fantasy can be productive in film, television, and works of fiction. Though you may not know it when it happens, your enemies will frequently change their attitude from hostility to neutrality, and sometimes even to benevolence. You’re generally unaware of your good fortune. The person with his Part of Fortune in the twelfth house is treated well by health-care professionals.

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