The anaretic degree is when a planet is on 29 degrees in any sign.
Keyword : Karmic (debt)

Strong sense of purpose and mission
Old soul
Deeply intuitive
Clairvoyant skills

Karmic experiences
Sudden ups and downs
Feeling isolated

What it means

A karmic debt or load is linked to the planet, often times it’s a remain from past life that needs to be handled off with.
It can make you feel as if you’re in between two opposites, two extremes. There is a possibility of exaggerated expression, especially in younger years. Karmic events in childhood is very likely, depending in which house and what sign the planet is in. An anaretic planet can create a blind spot, for not seeing or knowing how to balance the energy. It can make you feel worn out and incredibly tired, as if you’re being pushed to face something that you’ve done over and over again.
Through crisis you’ll find awakening and unlock the divine powers of the planet. These people are often very intuitive but may struggle to trust their intuition, they’re risk takers and may jump into decisions, there’s an impulsive quality to them or it may feel like nobody can keep up with their pace and rhythm. Their opinions can change drastically. They often feel a strong mission and urgency in their life, these people are often courageous and determined but it can switch into pessimism, recklessness and ignorance when they’re overwhelmed.

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How to work with it

Deeper awareness is necessary towards the significance of the planet. It’s important not to suppress the energy of the planet, but try to become more conscious about what it’s doing in your life by looking at what house it’s placed in. This is the area of expression and the area of life where intense challenges may come to you. The root of the problem. It needs mastery and a positive way to channel what you feel inside that’s holding you back or keeping you from moving forward. Be especially careful with negative or self-destructive tendencies. Often times a form of creativity or creation becomes helpful in dealing with the challenges.

Transit triggers

Transits need to be looked at carefully as they trigger events that are linked to the issues of the anaretic planet.
Especially outer planet transits bring major lessons and impact in the native’s life. During such transit you’re being tested in your awareness and outward expressions. The same applies for Progressed planets in hard aspect; conjunct, square, opposite.

More information about the 29th degree

Anaretic Planets

The planet signifies a characteristic or trait that needs to be balanced. often there is a tendency for the negative qualities to surface, or to attract situations that show the more negative side of the planet.

This can bring an identity crisis in which the expression becomes either exaggerated or suppressed. 29 degrees is linked to Leo aswell as the Sun, therefore creativity and some form of leadership become helpful in finding inner peace. A healthy approach to your ego is needed. Learn and discover your true self and what your skills are. Create a balanced expression for yourself in which you can feel proud without coming across as arrogant. Having a sense of purpose.

Emotional crisis and exhaustion can happen often times in which emotions become blocked or felt way to intensely. Circumstances seem to trigger you more easily to lose control over your emotions. It’s vital to express the way you feel and this can be seen through the sign and house placement of the Moon. Be careful with selfpitty, avoidance or denial of emotions. It’s important to understand your emotional triggers and to not exaggerate your feelings in a negative outward manner. Nurturing and taking care of yourself is necessary, and to be understanding of your unique emotional nature. Put emotional boundaries.

Mental exhaustion and fogginess is possible such as losing touch with what you know. Communication issues and overly self-critical in the area of life (house) where Mercury is placed. Learning disabilities in childhood are possible, but it’s not linked to the intellect. It’s necessary to structure your knowledge and to have trust in your ability to communicate. Overcoming mistakes and be forgiving of them. Don’t rush to quickly into conclusions or saying things you’d regret later on, instead take your time to connect with your mind. realistically analyze instead of criticizing. Think constructively.

This gives crisis in relationships, you tend to attract karmic situations and partners that are not right for you. You feel some sort of responsibility towards the wrong types and have a blind spot for who they really are as you try to see good in people. Often times you may deal with opposing extremes in your lovelife. Knowing your own worth and values will help in putting boundaries, so that you can choose the right partner for you. This can also create crisis towards finances, here too, sense of value and worth is needed, find balance in your needs for pleasures in life, don’t spend too much money on things that aren’t necessary. Be conscious about your savings and spendings, watch out for materialism.

This can make you highly temperamental and explosive if you suppress any frustration. Anger can be very intense. There is a general struggle to balance your energy, shifting from feeling highly energetic to physically exhausted. Be very careful with aggression as this is the negative expression of Mars. It’s also possible that you’re very passive. The sign placement of Mars can tell you more about where the anger or frustration comes from. Learn to be assertive without being aggressive. Channeling your energy through some form of physical activity will benefit you in the area of life (house) where Mars is placed. Don’t rush or suppress anything as it makes you accident prone. Balance the sexual needs.

Exaggerated optimism or a lack of it is possible, or it can be a continuous shifting energy of both. Knowledge can make you incredibly excited or not at all. Jumping fast into celebration is a trait that may come up often, especially in younger years. Jupiterian topics can be an area of crisis such as learning, foreign land or people, feeling like there’s too much information in your head, a struggle to get things straight, work that’s partially done,… At times you may lose hope or get lost in philosophical ideals. It’s important to learn moderation and take things step by step. Be careful in getting stuck in one extreme believe system, it’s good to explore and be openminded. It’s good to learn how to be a bit more critical in case you tend to cheer to soon without seeing the final conclusion of a matter or case. Balanced optimism.

Intense pessimism can eat you up at times and it’s hard for you to believe, to have faith. Being responsible can come with ups and downs and sometimes you can become the destructor of your own success due to excessive pessimism or neglecting your emotional needs. It’s important not to overwork or overdo your duties, but instead find a healthy way that is achievable for you and still have a humane life aside. Work-Life balance can be a theme of struggle and setbacks, time may feel like the enemy to you. You may feel like things always tend to fail or there’s too much expectations that weigh you down. It’s important that you find your ambition and succeed in the area of life (house) that appeals to you. Setting a goal and having a balanced approach towards it. Be realistic instead of pessimistic.

This can give spiritual exhaustion or intense overstimulation. There is an inner struggle with identity or individuality at times, losing touch with yourself. It’s important to become aware of your uniqueness and learn to embrace it. be understanding towards differences from yourself to the outside world aswell as the differences from the people around you. It’s necessary to ground yourself from time to time, especially when you feel restless and out of touch with yourself. Be unique, embrace it.

A crisis of existence, losing touch with reality or getting sucked up in a specific illusion or idea is what you need to be very careful with. Neptune is known for addictive tendencies, so staying away from drugs and substance abuse is advised. It can make you incredibly empathic, however often your empathy has no boundaries. Discovering your skills and talents can help you as this planet brings creative abilities. Channel your energy through spiritual or creative practices. Dreams can bring messages, so dream analysis could help you discover deeper parts of yourself, help to understand.

This can bring crisis on top of crisis. it’s a very intense placement to deal with as it often feels like living on the edge. Throughout life there are many chapters of internal death. It can make you obsessed about something to the extend of losing touch with having boundaries, you can go to extremes to get what you want. By surrendering to what you cannot control you can find light and peace. Embrace the transformations that you face in life, their purpose is to shed your old self, to let go of characteristics that no longer serve you in your individual growth. Learn to live on the flow and let go of the need to control things.

House & sign placement

The house where the anaretic planet is located, is the area of life where crisis expresses itself.
Often times it has a pattern of giving the native a lot of challenges in the early years of life as a lesson about balance.
The house placement is both the area of struggle aswell as the area where one can find awakening through.
If it’s the 3rd house it’s all about siblings, neighbors, peers, hands, speech, lungs,…
if it’s 6th house it’s all about health, routine, pets, debts, the rectum or digestive system, disease,…
if it’s 10th house it’s all about authority figures, career, father, ambition, the skeleton, teeth,…
in both the opposing extremes by challenge and awakening.
The sign placement is linked to the problem and the reason of difficulties.

So first, understand what the houses and signs mean and represent, to understand the lessons :

Personal experience : helping you understand

I have 3 planets on 29 degrees in my birthchart. Venus (ruler of my 2nd & 7th), Jupiter (ruler of my 9th) and Mars (ruler of my 1st & 8th). Alot of areas in my life are affected by these, so if you’re reading this and feel pretty desperate, know you’re not alone and can overcome it.

Mars 29′ in 8 in Scorpio literally means sexual crisis, accident prone, trauma of sexual nature, obsessive tendencies.
Venus 29′ in 7 in Libra literally means attraction of karmic relationships, experiencing extremes in love life, submissive tendencies such as compromising beyond my values. losing touch with own self-worth.
Jupiter 29′ in 7 in Libra literally means believing to much in the success of partnerships, idealizing, not seeing the bad in people (especially as it’s conjunct Venus)

Example of Mars
I have a daychart, so Mars is my most malefic influence. As it rules my 1st and 8th, i can tell you it has beaten me up in these areas over and over again. A physical expression of Mars was that i dealt with parental aggression in my childhood and eventually had aggressive tendencies as an adult myself. I struggled a lot with high temperamental explosions. I have gone through several experiences of sexual repression, abuse and issues. Another expression of Mars is that i have undergone serval plastic surgeries, as Mars is placed in my 8th house, it creates obsession towards my physical body and the deep desire to transform it, however this is not a healthy expression at all. I have been hit by a car and broke my tailbone twice, and this one took place shortly before i finally filed a report against sexual assault which i’d gone through for several months.
A trait that can come up with an anaretic degree is : “what the heck WHY ME?”
But hold on, take a step back and look at the circumstances.

An anaretic planet is all about gaining awareness, finding balance, putting boundaries.
As i experienced sexual assault (8th house, scorpio) for 7 months straight, it means i wasn’t loud enough, in my voice and boundary setting.
I didn’t act (Mars) upon it either, i suppressed what took place, i didn’t want to see the negative side of it, i didn’t want to admit how mentally abusive it was,… Sex is our rootchakra, but how i suppressed the reality, and allowed Mars to express itself so destructively, it eventually created an explosion of pent up energy, becoming accident prone, resulting in getting physically damaged (1st house) in the area of sex ; tailbone (8th house). A car hit me, i lost my consciousness for a few minutes. I fell on the back of my head (1st house).
It was a loud wakeup call. Soon after this incident, i took back my power, my courage, and went to the police. It taught me about my boundaries in sexual settings, it taught me how courageous i actually am, how strong my willpower is.

The crisis that takes place due to an anaretic planet, is because you have a blind spot, you don’t see or want to see things as they are. But the longer you suppress it, the more crisis will increase. What’s suppressed, eventually needs a way to be channeled. If you ignore it, you’ll get it straight up your face. Forced to open up your eyes and work on your boundaries, balance and awareness.