There are about 21778 named asteroids in the astro databank. Go look for the names of loved ones, family or even enemies, and see where they are placed within your birthchart.
There is not much information out there about name asteroids, but it’s a handy extra tool to add to your chart when doing a reading. When we are born, the names of our loved ones are already within us. It’s a matter of time to find those people who are important in our lives.

The house placement and the aspects that are made to the name can clear up some things around that person.
Conjunction are the strongest, the closer the ‘better’. When a name asteroid touches one of your planets, points or asteroids, the energy is activated.
Aspects other than conjunctions also activate, but it’s more of a weak influence since asteroids are still very young.
• Use tight orbs : 0-3 degrees

1) In what house is the name located = Area of life that’s affected/involved
2) In what sign is the name located = The nature of the bond, actions and person
3) Aspects to the Name = Feelings & attitude around the person
Name Asteroids are only valid when activated through a tight aspect

• Conjunction shows the nature of the relationship, from your point of view
• Hard aspects show a challenge connected to this person
• Harmonic aspects create a positive feeling around this person, or desire

For additional information, check the ruler of the name asteroids and where those are located in the natal chart.
The asteroid name might not move much in progressions or Transits, but you may see more of the story unfolding when you check out the connections to the rulers.

If you can’t find the name you’re looking for :
• Try a different spelling
• Try a name that sounds similar
• Try the name in a foreign language

List of name asteroids (
List of name asteroids : complete overview

Name asteroids through the houses 

1st :  creates a feel of will and self-direction, seeing the person as competition or as a part of you
2nd : possessive about this person, or keeping your possessions from them, not wanting to share
3rd : wanting to communicate with the person, activating mental activity, superficial. or gossip
4th : feeling of familiarity, a caring and nurturing bond, integrated. or feeling hurt around them
5th : creates pleasant and romantic feelings, desire for children, or they are a thread on your self-expression
6th: wanting to get busy and get things done, feeling helped. Or they interrupt you on your daily tasks
7th : seeing the person as marriage material, intimate bond, strong friendship or enemy
8th : finding the person attractive and seductive, or keeping secrets from them, feeling power struggles
9th : wanting to explore together, share knowledge and religion. An important person
10th : creates ambition, being inspired. not in the mood for the person, feeling better than the person
11th : wanting to be friends with the person and creates a feeling of being unique together
12th : creates mystical feelings, feeling more spiritual than the person, or a hidden enemy


Name asteroids conjunct or in harmonic aspect to other planets 

• Sun : Feeling energized by the person, outstanding person
• Moon : Feeling emotional security with the person, sensitive person
• Mercury : Having a lot of mental activity between, a lot of communication, always on your mind
• Venus : Finding them beautiful, fascinating and worth loving, love of your life
• Mars : Creates passionate feelings or competition, taking action together
• Jupiter : Seeing the person as wise and humoristic, a teacher
• Uranus : An unconventional bond, going after new ideas together
• Neptune : A deep spiritual connection with the person, the ultimate fantasy
• Saturn : Creates difficulties/challenges within your life, commitment/longterm or karmic
• Pluto : Deep, intense bond, feeling exposed & naked within their presence, transformational
• Chiron : Brings pain into your life, a source of painful growth

• Juno : Seeing them as the perfect spouse
• Eros : Sexually attracted to the person
• Amor : Loving the person unconditionally
• Psyche : Feeling a strong soulish connection
• Cupid : Romantically attracted to the person (superficial)
• Ceres : Having a nuturing feel over or with this person
• Vesta : Wanting to have sexual adventures with the person
• Pallas : The person adds to your wisdom
• Nessus : Feeling uncomfortable around the person
• Lust : Affair, intense & sexual attraction, almost addictive

• Vertex : Creates a turning point, this person will help you to become what you were meant to be

• ASC : The person makes you feel more complete, adds to your status, a part of you.
• MC : Helps you to achieve your goals, creates a professional feeling

Ways to Interpret the NameAsteroids

You can check NameAsteroids only after meeting someone as you don’t know their name prior.
Consider both Placidus and Whole sign house system and see what makes most sense to you, however both will serve a part of the whole as Placidus serves a more Psychological perspective whereas Whole sign is the more traditional approach.

Significant NameAsteroids :
• Conjunct/opposite to an angle with an orb of 0-3
• Tight aspect with Sun or Moon with an orb of 0-3
• Conjunctions or Oppositions are most powerful aspect
• Opposition to Venus/7th ruler could indicate an interruption of marriage

NameAsteroid by Sign :
The sign in which the Name is placed could show the themes that are linked to the person, Such as a Name Asteroid in Scorpio shows that the person could feel intimidating or aids to internal transformation within your life. A NameAsteroid in the sign of Virgo could mean that you think the person rants a lot or that the person somehow affects your health in a positive or negative way.

NameAsteroid by House :
The house placement generally shows in what area of life the person affects you.
If it’s in an angular house it usually has a bigger significance.

In the 1st house could mean that you undertake action to get in touch with that person or that the person is somehow always close to you, part of you. It also means that your physical body is involved either by sexual interaction, a fight,..
This person may help you in self-discovery or become a huge part in defining who you are. They may remind you of yourself and inspire you to be more expressive and individual.

In the 2nd house could show that the person affects your self-esteem somehow or your finances, it could also mean that you either lose or gain money through this person, there is a possibility of feeling of possessiveness. The person could shake up, may show you what you truly value in life and help you in setting boundaries.

In the 3rd house could indicate the people we have a sibling type of relationship with. Something about them could feel like a brother/sister. It’s the house of communication and short distance travel so these matters could be tied in with the connection you have with this person. It could indicate a peer or someone from elementary school. There could be an easy flow of communication with the person or the total opposite. You may learn new skills from this person.

In the 4th house could show family members, mothers or motherly figures. People you have lived or live with. There is a feeling of familiarity with this person, you have a caring and nurturing bond together and feel integrated.
Or there are feelings of hurt when you’re around them, they may trigger your sentimental side. This person may help you to understand your own family dynamic or what it means to have a family.

In the 5th house could mean the person is a parent of your children, a lover or maybe even an affair. The person usually sparks joy, romantic or affectionate feelings, you feel turned on by them. This person may inspire you within your self expression and in the development of your own creativity. They may help you in discovering your own style and what you think is pleasurable.
Name asteroids in this house could also show the people you’ve had casual sex with. Sometimes the 5th house shows close friendships aswell.

In the 6th house could indicate the people you need to take care of in this life, the people you work for or maybe the people you feel submissive towards and want to serve. The person may make you more aware about self-care and inspire you to make healthy changes and habits where needed.
It could also show the people that have an influence on your health and daily routines. It can indicate the people you live with in some cases. Sometimes it shows the people you’re annoyed by. 

In the 7th house could show lovers, long-term partners, people that have a significant impact onto how you go about love and relationships. You see the person as marriage material, it gives an intimate bond between you, strong friendship or enemy. The same applies when the NameAstroid is in a tight aspect to the 7th ruler.
On the otherside it could indicate your open enemy or a business relationship, but usually it’s closely tied to romantic relationships and marriage.

In the 8th house could possibly show whom you’ve had significant sexual experiences with or if applicable; the person could be involved in your (sexual) trauma or healing. This person may help to push old wound to your surface so that you can heal. People that are in your 8th house are either intimidating, annoying and mysterious or appeal sexually attractive and you share a deep soul connection with them. Sometimes people that are dominant and demanding can appear in the 8th house. This person is likely to be a huge part of your transformation.

In the 9th house could show our teachers, gurus or people we’ve met in a foreign place or at high school or some sort of course. Sometimes it shows people we have to deal with in legal matters as well. We could see the person as wise and well educated, it could be someone we learn a lot from. This indicates a person who is important to your spiritual journey in life. 

In the 10th house shows a significant relationship and the person pushes you to go in a certain direction in your life, just by being present as well as the things you may have experienced due to this person which simply change your outward image (for worse or better). Usually it shows a professional type of relationship towards the person. Authority and father figures can appear in the 10th house, or people we view that way. It’s possible that you look up towards this person as an example for yourself,  being inspired by them. The person has great influence onto your outward (professional) expression, whether it’s through pain or something positive.

In the 11th house shows friends, people from your community,.. but it also shows people you’re drawn towards. Sometimes it shows a person we’re in contact with through internet or met online. It creates a feeling of being unique together. This person may change your future perspective, introduce you to new people and may help you in networking.
This may be a lifetime friendship.

In the 12th house it becomes foggy and confusing. hard to pinpoint what you feel but it could indicate either a secret enemy, someone that you have some sort of spiritual battle with, you may feel like you don’t connect at all with them.  Or someone we feel drawn towards on a spiritual level. It can indicate that we don’t fully know the person very well and that their true identity remains a mystery to us. Spiritual teachers can be found in the 12th house.

NameAsteroids by Degree :
This idea stems from the Degree Theory and i think i’m probably the first to consider these two together as i’ve noticed it to be very accurate in my own findings.
Go to the Degree Theory page to see what each degree signifies. An example from my own life is that i have the NameAsteroid of a very significant foreign person on 9 degrees, this degree is linked to the sign sagittarius which means ‘foreign’. Another example is a woman having the NameAsteroid of her spouse on 1 degree, which is an Aries degree but in reality her spouse is Aries by sunsign. 
Yet another example is that of a man who has the NameAsteroid of his girlfriend on 13 degrees, which is an Aries degree and his girlfriend is Aries rising – The coincidence.
Note : Not always will these degrees give away the Sun, Moon or Rising sign of the person, but it just validates and adds more flavor. It could possibly help in your own interpretations as there is always the possibility of knowing more than 1 person with the same name.

Spouse :

Observations on Name asteroids of Spouse in the birthchart, it seems that often the name is connected by an aspect to 
• Ruler of the 7th house
• Your own Name asteroid
• Venus/Union
It’s often a conjunction or a square aspect, but harmonious aspects occur too, just less frequent as of my current observations.


• I have seen The name of a woman her husband exact conjunct to the ruler of her 7th house. As well as a name asteroid making a trine to Juno and Vertex. Those are strong indicators of marriage, or seeing this person with this name as perfect marriage material.

• I have seen the Name Asteroids of the parents of a child being in the same sign of Sagittarius, whilst the mother’s name is conjunct the MC, it shows the parents to be the teachers of the child.

• I have seen a man his girlfriend’s name making a positive aspect to Saturn while in Synastry she is the Saturn on his DSC. Her name is also sextile to Juno showing him to see her as a perfect spouse, which was what he said in real life.

• I have seen the name Asteroid of a girlfriend exact conjunct to Asteroid Union in the chart of a man.

• I have seen the Name Asteroid of a woman exact conjunct Eros in 8th house of a mans chart, whilst the people involved have had an unusual sexual connection, kinky friends.

• I have seen the Name Asteroid of a man exact conjunct the MC of a woman he abused, while the Name Asteroid opposed Mars and exact trine to Vertex.

• I have seen the Name Asteroid of the partner exact conjunct to the ascendant ruler in a woman’s chart.

• There is often an aspect to Juno or Union and a Name Asteroid of someone you’ve been in a relationship with.

• A woman her name semi-sextile to Neptune in a male chart, while his name is semi-sextile to Juno in her chart. these two people were soullovers, past life husband and wife. The semi-sextile is the ‘unseen’ or a connection that’s unphysical.

NameAsteroids in Transit of significant meetings (Personal observations) :

T NameAsteroid trine to NA Nameasteroid  orb 2-
T Sun sextile NameAsteroid orb 1+
T NameAsteroid opposite Sun orb 1-
T NameAsteroid trine POF exact

T Sun opposite NameAsteroid orb 1-
T Mars trine NameAsteroid orb 1+
T NameAsteroid sextile Eros orb 2-
T NameAsteroid Bi-Quintile Northnode orb 2+

T NameAsteroid sextile Union exact
T NameAsteroid conjunct Venus & Jupiter orb 2+

T Lilith Bi-Quintile NameAsteroid exact
T NameAsteroid Bi-Quintile Northnode exact
T NameAsteroid Bi-Quintile Eros 1-
T NameAsteroid square Cupid orb 1+
T NameAsteroid sextile Venus orb 2-
T NameAsteroid trine Mercury orb 1+

Want to know more about asteroids ?

The asteroids
Love Asteroids 

Feel free to share your experiences, as i’m looking for people, especially married couples, who have their spouse’s name Asteroid strong in their birthchart.

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  1. Hey, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment!
    I’m still researching the name asteroids as there is not much information to be found online,
    However a very interesting topic. Regards an e-book ; yes i have had thoughts about that but with a more spiritual lens.
    Will see how time progresses and what ideas come to mind 🙂

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your free content, your website has been so helpful to my studies!! I have two questions, first, do you offer synastry readings?
      Secondly, regarding this post (sorry if you said it and I missed it): What would you say about two name asteroids being conjunct? My partners name asteroid is conjunct my name (his 13 degrees Libra, mine 14 degrees Libra) the conjunction occurs in my 4th house, but in his 12th house. Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Hello and thank you so much for this article about the PNA’S …
    My ex and I have each other’s name asteroids in our 5th houses…and I can certainly tell you that it has played out over our 24 year relationship..and continues to play out with Pluto transiting my 5th and soon to conjunct his name asteroid in my chart and currently trining my name in his chart…
    I was gobsmacked at the accuracy of not only the natal charts but ALL of them…including synastry, composite, progressed composite etc…
    Email me if you are still looking for research on married couples charts…

  3. How about “my” asteroid in *my chart, conjunct “his” asteroid in *his chart … ?

    My name in my chart: 19*37’ Aquarius, 4H
    His name in his chart: 20*16’ Aquarius, 1H

    ALSO 😂

    This guy has the SAME NAME as my Ex (of a 20+ year marriage!)
    and their name falls @ 5*44’ Sagittarius, in my 1H, EXACTLY CONJUNCT MY POF (5*57’ Sagg)
    AND 😂😂
    This 2nd same-name guy’s POF is (7*35’ Sagg,a wee wide, but still!) conjunct mine, though we are six years apart in age

    FINALLY 😂😂💀

    My name and guys’ name were exactly conjunct in Cancer on the day our marriage blew up and first guy/ex stormed out (which was a total blessing, no worries!) ✨👀🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    There are SEVERAL more “coincidences” when other significant names are added as well 🧿 Thank you sooooo much for this article ! ❤️‍🔥

    1. Hi there! thanks for sharing, love reading this 🙂 Oh the beauty of CoiNciDeNCes! most mind blowing is that you have both your names conjunct to eachother in synastry
      Take care!

      1. This is an absolutely fantastic and informative article!! I love it so much it may be too much lol… Keep the wisdom coming!!

        1. Thank you so much! Yes i agree, the name asteroids are beyond fascinating!
          Take care!

  4. Great site you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any community forums that
    cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really like to be a part of online community where
    I can get advice from other experienced individuals that share
    the same interest. If you have any recommendations,
    please let me know. Kudos!

  5. Ex’s named asteroid conjunct my Pluto in 12th Virgo.
    He caused me to get several illnesses, and never truly showed himself to me.

    The day I broke it off forever, both named asteroid were in exact opposition. The next day his transit named asteroid went retrograde. I have not heard from him since.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and observation! such a literal manifestation of what was going on especially with the opposition.
      Hope all is well, take care 🙂

  6. Question – any Observations/knowledge/links
    According to a retrograde name-aateoid in the natal chart?

    1. Hi, thank you for your interesting comment. I did observe Retrograde nameasteroids.
      Retrogrades can represent something that’s “damaged”, delay, re-occurring/returning, someone who may stick around like a push-pull dynamic is a possibility. For what i’ve noticed is that when a name asteroid is RX there may be issues in regards to that person, they’re either struggling with things themselves or the relationship between you has some ups and downs. The sign in which the name asteroid is placed, can show more about what themes these issues may revolve around, or how the person impacts you.

      Hope this was helpful!


      1. Oh wow! thank you,
        it was an enlightening comment (:

        that person name lies within cancer in my 9th house, alongside my mars (rx) and my moon

        So, I should probably check for the cancer area I’m this case, right?

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