There are about 21778 named asteroids in the astro databank. Go look for the names of loved ones, family or even enemies, and see where they are placed within your birthchart.
There is not much information out there about name asteroids, but it’s a handy extra tool to add to your chart when doing a reading. When we are born, the names of our loved ones are already within us. It’s a matter of time to find those people who are important in our lives.

The house placement and the aspects that are made to the name can clear up some things around that person.
Conjunction are the strongest, the closer the ‘better’. When a name asteroid touches one of your planets, points or asteroids, the energy is activated.
Aspects other than conjunctions also activate, but it’s more of a weak power since asteroids are still very young.
• Use tight orbs : 0-2 degrees

1) In what house is the name located = what area they affect you
2) In what sign is the name located = the nature of the bond and person
3) Aspects are made to the Name = feeling & attitude around the person
4) What is the ruler of the house in which the name is
5) What aspect does that ruler make to the name

• Conjunction shows the nature of the relationship, from your point of view
• Hard aspects show a challenge connected to this person
• Harmonic aspects creates a positive feeling around this person, or desire

List of name asteroids

Name asteroids through the houses 

1st : creates a feel of will and self-direction, seeing the person as competition or as a part of you
2nd : possessive about this person, or keeping your possessions from them, not wanting to share
3rd : wanting to communicate with the person, activating mental activity, superficial. or gossip
4th : feeling of familiarity, a caring and nutureing bond, integrated. or feeling hurt around them
5th : creates pleasant and romantic feelings, desire for children, or they are a thread on your self-expression
6th: wanting to get busy and get things done, feeling helped. Or they interrupt you on your daily tasks
7th : seeing the person as marriage material, intimate bond, strong friendship or enemy
8th : finding the person attractive and seductive, or keeping secrets from them, feeling power struggles
9th : wanting to explore together, share knowledge and religion. An important person
10th : creates ambition, being inspired. not in the mood for the person, feeling better than the person
11th : wanting to be friends with the person and creates a feeling of being unique together
12th : creates mystical feelings, feeling more spiritual than the person, or a hidden enemy

Name asteroids conjunct or in harmonic aspect to other planets 

• Sun : Feeling energized by the person
• Moon : Feeling emotional security with the person
• Mercury : Having a lot of mental activities between you an the other
• Venus : Finding them beautiful, fascinating and worth loving
• Mars : Creates passionate feelings or feelings of competition
• Jupiter : Seeing the person as a wise and fun being
• Uranus : An unconventional bond, going after new ideas together
• Neptune : A deep spiritual connection with the person
• Saturn : The person creates difficulties within your life
• Pluto : Deep, intense bond, feeling exposed & naked within their presence
• Chiron : Brings pain into your life, a source of painful growth

• Juno : Seeing them as the perfect spouse
• Eros : Sexually attracted to the person
• Amor : Loving the person unconditionally
• Psyche : Feeling a strong soulish connection
• Cupid : Romantically attracted to the person
• Ceres : Having a nutureing feel over or with this person
• Vesta : Wanting to have sexual adventures with the person
• Pallas : The person adds to your wisdom
• Nessus : Feeling uncomfortable around the person

• Vertex : Creates a turning point, this person will help you to become what you were meant to be

• ASC : The person makes you feel more complete, adds to your status, a part of you.
• MC : Helps you to achieve your goals, creates a professional feeling


• I have seen The name of a woman her husband exact conjunct to the ruler of her 7th house. Aswell as a name asteroid making a trine to Juno and Vertex. Those are strong indicators of marriage, or seeing this person with this name as perfect marriage material.

• I have seen the Name Asteroids of the parents of a child being in the same sign of Sagittarius, whilst the mother’s name is conjunct the MC, it shows the parents to be the teachers of the child.

• I have seen a man his girlfriend’s name making a positive aspect to Saturn while in Synastry she is the Saturn on his DSC. Her name is also sextile to Juno showing him to see her as a perfect spouse, which was what he said in real life.

• I have seen the name Asteroid of a girlfriend exact conjunct to Asteroid Union in the chart of a man.

• I have seen the Name Asteroid of a girl exact conjunct Eros in 8th house of a friend.

• I have seen the Name Asteroid of a man exact conjunct the MC of a woman he abused, while the Name Asteroid opposed Mars and exact trine to Vertex.

Want to know more about asteroids ?

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Feel free to share your experiences, as i’m looking for people, especially married couples, who have their spouse’s name Asteroid strong in their birthchart.

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