Personal Observations ; Honest opinion

This is a method which can be used for relocation, but here i solely observe the experiences i’ve had on my personal lines to make a conclusion about what places are best for me and which ones aren’t.
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Moon :
I’ve noticed melancholy and strong emotions in these places. All times i’ve visited a location on my Moon line, i was with a partner, a nurturing figure was with me. The places where i was ‘walking away’ from my Moon but still on the Moon line (opposition), i’ve felt deep emotional connection to the person that was with me at the moment.

Neptune/Uranus :
I am from the generation where these two planets make a conjunction, so it results in a two-planet combination. These places were strange. From the Neptune perspective, i’ve experienced some very deeply spiritual events on this line. From the Uranus perspective, i’ve witnessed a dear friend’s mom die, suddenly. When i was at the opposing location of this line, i’ve experienced the absolute negative side of Neptune, as i drunk myself retarded and ended up in hospital all of a sudden.
I met my spouse on this line, which was a complete unexpected event which changed my life drastically.

An important person that i’ve had a relationship with, lived on my DSC line. This person was very significant in terms of my self discovery and development.
My spouse his work is exactly at my DSC-ASC line.

The places where my ASC line is, are ‘coincidentally’ places where i have actually lived myself. I gave birth to my child in one of these places.

Venus/Jupiter :
This is a conjunction i have in my natal chart, so again an interpretation of two-planets. I’ve traveled to a place where i was at the opposition on this line, the first time i was there i fell in love with the city and lost a piece of my heart, however the vibe was rather melancholic. The second time when i went back, years later, was with my partner and i experienced some not so very pleasant situations, such as my partner being rather absent.

Northnode :
There are two locations that pop out when looking at this line in my chart. One was a vacation abroad, i felt home, however i encountered a situation with my partner there which eventually became one of the reasons we broke up more than a year after visiting this place. Which could have been a fated event in terms of growth and learning.
The other location is where my plastic surgeon is, and to be honest i have been there multiple times by now for procedures. As if these Northnode places are linked to my transformation. Could be very true as the Northnode is placed in the 8th house (surgeries), in the sign of Sagittarius (foreign/abroad).
I have lived on my Northnode line for 3 years (3 years is a karmic cycle) and those years where the MOST 8th house themes years of my life so far : sexual assault, cheating, eating disorder, surgeries, breakups, loneliness, depression, trauma, accidents, occult studies. But i feel deep gratitude for the time spent on this place as it has shaped me into who i am.
I was hit by a car on the exact northnode location and broke my tailbone twice.

Mercury :
When i was 20 I moved to my Mercury line, but in opposition. It was my first own place after moving out of my mother’s house. It wasn’t very pleasant and mostly experienced depression and overly self-critical tendencies to the point of developing an eating disorder that had lasted for 7 years total.
In my late 20’s i bought my first property on my Mercury opposition line.

Mars :
Strangely enough, i havn’t been on my Mars line very often, but i do remember one time. This was the opposite location on my Mars line and it’s the place where i’ve had one of my first jobs. I remember i didn’t feel courageous at all there. I even walked out crying after quitting my job (because the job really sucked). I have a daychart, so Mars is the most malefic planet, i think i’d rather ignore all places located on this line as the one and only experience i had there, was a shitty one.

Conclusion :

A local space chart is very personal and should be read according to your natal positions. People who have capricorn, aquarius, aries or scorpio on the midheaven, will have a malefic as MC ruler, but depending on the sect, planetary strength and natal aspects, these places won’t always be a negative or heavy influence. In fact, one can end up working on their MC ruler or MC line.

If one has a heavy afflicted Moon in the natal chart, it’s pretty clear that the native will experience emotional suffering or difficulty when living or staying in their Moon line, as the natal position isn’t a favorable one. Same applies if a planet is well placed in the chart with good aspects, than the planetary line will tend to be more pleasurable to the native.

Places that go in the opposite direction of your planetary line, seem to manifest the negative traits of that planet. Such as a Neptune opposition line made me puke myself retarded in public due to alcohol intoxication.
So my advice would be to go in the direction of the planet you desire.

As you probably noticed, i havn’t listed all the planets, this because i havnt’t been in certain areas at all. But if i happen to go there, i will list my observations. but the results are pretty similar to astrocartography.

It’s an interesting method to check in your chart to see how your natal planets play out in your life according to location by place of birth.
It only works for several kilometers but you’ll see that the further you zoom out on your chart, the more the lines will curve. If you want to check your relocation or astrocartography you might need to use another method which you can find here : click .

Note : on you can click on the planetary lines and get an interpretation .