Astrocartography is used to see and predict where in the world certain energies will arise to the surface. Relocating for travel, temporary or permanent purposes will shift the houses of the birthchart, resulting in a changed energy in life.
On you can find your Astrocartography chart under the section ‘AtroClick Travel’ . You’ll see various colored lines crossing certain parts of the world, and those lines are used to see whether a place will bring positive energy or challenges. The four angles are used to see which energy will be highlighted.


The four Angles/Cardinal points :

• ASCENDANT : Personal expression
• IC (imuni coeli) : Your roots, homelife
• DESCENDANT : The other person, people, relationships
• MC (medi-coeli or midheaven) : Your status, career

The lines and their meaning :

Creates a happy feeling, uplifting energies. Gives a bigger Ego and the ability to be more in control over your desires and destiny.

When conjunct to one of the angles, especially to the IC, it indicates a past life. The person has spent past live(s) in this certain place. It creates a feeling of home. Creates more intense emotions and sensitivity. Feeling emotionally connected when living or traveling under a moon line.

Gives mental activity and makes chatty. A place with a mercury connection is a good place to go for writing, communication, studying and making new contacts. This energy is neutral.

When Venus is conjunct to one of the angles a marriage can be indicated towards this location, meeting your spouse in that area or finding love. This is very beneficial for relationships. This energy is very positive.

One of the hardest aspects to live under but it can bring a lot of energy and passion. For a woman it can indicate annoying men surrounding her.

A very beneficial planet line to live under. Jupiter expands, success, higher education, philosophy and fun. This can bring you very good opportunities to expand your desires. An uplifting energy.

A very hard aspect to be having on one of your four angles. Living under a Saturn line literally indicates that you are dealing with life as the school of hard knocks. It teaches you patience and persistence. You will work harder than what is considered normal. On the other hand, it teaches you maturity and growth.

Makes energetic and a bit nervous. Gives a feeling of restriction, creates rebellism.

Makes you dreamy and imaginative. Good for traveling, not so much for living under a Neptune line. It stimulates your creativity and romance. It makes you want to escape and it’s not beneficial for addictions.

A very hard line to live under. Can bring issues towards sex, money, isolation, pain. This energy is very transformative.

Indicates a place of fated events. Mostly eyeopening or difficult. Traveling to a Northnode place could help you to reconnect with your purpose in life. You could feel a strong pull or connection to that place, and if possible i would suggest you travelling there.


On you have a calculator that shows an actual birthchart. There is the possibility to see the relocated version of the birthchart and the synastry of both birthchart + relocation chart.

 Birthchart : Innercircle
 Relocation chart : Outercircle

The ASC will change, and depending on where you would go in the world, the ascendant also changes signs. In this chart the Birth ascendant (Aries) changes to a Gemini ascendant, showing a more lighthearted and intellectual approach to life. It falls into the 2nd house of the birthchart which highlights the area of possessions, values and money.
The NortNode is conjunct to the DSC, showing this place to bring fated events regards other people and relationships. When it comes to relationships, this person will find more clarity when traveling to this place.
The Neptune-Uranus conjunction falls onto the MC, which shows some confusions, rebellism and situations regards career, work and status may occur in that part of the world. This is how you read an Astrocartography chart the easiest way.

Pastlife in another country :

Rather difficult to be 100% sure,  but it is possible to find indications of that via Astrocartography. First of all it makes sense if you have a specific attraction, pull or feeling of homesickness regards a certain country/place in the world. This is where Astrocartography may show some insights and results.
Such as :
 Moon-line crossing the country/place
 NorthNode-line crossing the country/place
 SouthNode-line crossing the country/place

An example is the chart mentioned above, in which the Southnode conjuncts the relocation ASC.
A very strong indication of having had a pastlife on that place.