It takes her 9 years to travel around the zodiac, which means we all experience a Lilith return every 9 years.
It’s either people who are afraid to look into her dark & wild nature, or she is deeply underrated. Therefor very little information is to be found online regards having a Lilith return. She caught my eye when i realized she is  transiting close to my natal position (May 2020) and i’m sure i will be writing out of own experience on this one, to shine more light onto this topic. My point is to be brutally honest here, i don’t sugar coat anything. I want to serve the reader a portion of reality, giving examples from my own life, whether its shameful or not. (just a little disclaimer)

From mythology 

She was the first wife of Adam. When her sexual needs were neglected by Adam as he also forced her to have sex the way he desired it, she began to rebel. Things got out of hand, resulting into Lilith wanting to kill him and his children. Short and simple. Lilith is the strong independent woman who reclaims her power when it’s taken away from her. I personally view her as an alpha female. She is the dark and vulnerable side of us which we’re often unaware of, but only awakes in times of personal crisis and when we feel mistreated.

Meaning of Lilith 

• Our darkside
• Raw feminine sexual energy
• Rebel
• Vengeful self
• Situations you may attract of sexual nature
• Frustration
• Area of challenge & testing

Lilith in the birthchart 

The natal house and sign placement is of big importance, aswell as the aspects she receives in the birthchart. This is how you can understand and see what her role is within your own life. That’s where you need to start first.
I have written about her before and suggest you to take a look first into what the meaning is of her placement in your chart :
Lilith in Sings, houses & aspect
Lilith in the signs from sexual perspective
‘Dark’ sexual side of Lilith

What to consider in the Lilith return 

1) In what house is Lilith located = Area of expression, focus, challenge & strength
2) Where is the ruler of the house placed = How/where you deal with the frustration
3) Where is the ruler of your Lilith’s sign placed = Area of frustration and strength
4) What’s the dignity of the ruler = Shows strength and intensity of actions and situations
5) What is the ASC and where is the ruler placed = Approach to the issues
6) What aspects does Lilith receive = Ease or extra frustration depending on aspect

Since she’s a rebel, it’s logical to interpret it this way when she returns to your natal position. It signifies a time of being faced with your darker self, the secrets you keep, the side of your personality which you keep hidden from the outside world. Events or situations may occur in which you are reminded of these parts of yourself, either as strong rebelling & transformative energy or a painful eyeopener. Sometimes she can become incredibly confronting as we see our ‘ugly’ side,
resulting in a possibility of disappearing into thin air’ It’s said to be a typical Lilith trait to just vanish.

Another thing, is that her ‘dark’ energy will show within the themes/area of the house she was placed in at birth. For example, if an individual was born with Lilith in 10th house, it will show effects within the social status, career, work,…
If she was placed in the 6th house, events that have to do with health, routine, pets, hygiene,… will start to occur, such as catching a disease.

Now. I said i was going to write out of own experience.
She returned to her natal position on May 25th 2020. In my own birthchart :
Lilith in 1st house & in Aries.
At the time of writing this, it’s only 1 month away from being exact conjunct, however she is conjunct already and does show off her effects. The following is what i believe to have been the effects of Lilith before she is conjunct and made it to her return.

What i have noticed around the time of her return
• Cutting people off
• Rebellious & frustrated about sexual matters
• Feeling lonely & misunderstood
• Wanting to disappear
• No patience (Lilith in Aries)
• Inflicting situations to save myself
• Attempting to escape from situations

The aspects in my birthchart 
• Square to my Neptune-Uranus conjunction (in 11th)
• Opposing Juno

Short description of what this means :
Aspect with Uranus ”Don’t fuck with me because i will seek my freedom.’
Aspect with Neptune ”I suffer from the suppression of expression, i will escape”
Aspect with Juno ”Damn i didn’t see that one coming, you’re not what i thought you were”


Lilith Return chart example 

lilith saturn

Just as in my birthchart, she was sitting in the Lilith return’s 1st house.
An energy i’m familiar with. When a planet or point in a Return chart is located
in the same house as in the Natal chart, 
It gives the planet more strength aswell as a highlighted energy. It acts as a manifesting power to the natal promise.

How to read the chart 
1) House placement Lilith = Area of expression
2) Aspects to Lilith = Influence in nature of events
3) Ascendant sign = How you approach the events
4) Placement of ASC ruler = How you deal with the energy
5) Conjunctions from Lilith return to Birthchart

This chart + real life examples 

Lilith in 1st house :
• Events of physical nature
Example = Sexual assault, STD’s, rebellious sexuality

Saturn opposite in 7th house :
• A karmic theme in which other people are involved, Karmic relationships.
Examples = Draining relationship, Sexual issues & blockades, Karmic encounters, Heavy and serious energy within sexual relationships

Pisces Ascendant :
• A confused and spiritual approach towards the events
Examples = Being empathic, self-blaming, suppressing, it turned me to spirituality more

ASC ruler in 12th house :
• Dealing with it on my own, silent processes
Examples = Isolation, escapism into spirituality, ending up in emergency due to mental & emotional suffering

With Lilith, there is always some sexual energy present. Mostly an unpleasant energy especially with hard aspects, such as in this return chart.

Any other relevant examples :
• Change of appearance (Uranus in 1st)
• Hidden wounds (Chiron 12th)
• Cheating (Mercury=7th opposite Neptune=1st)

What it comes down to 
The chart really shows in which areas Lilith’s energy will express most likely.
It shows how you deal with it and where you further develop or focus more onto, which is shown by the ASC and it’s ruler. The aspects she receives explain the nature of the events and it’s purpose, such as the opposition of Saturn. It points out to karmic events and the fact that Lilith is in 1st house while Saturn is in 7th house, simply explains the highlighted area of where the events will occur (Physical & relationships).

Lilith is our inner Divine Feminine, the return chart shows how we grow and come up for ourselves in situations where we feel like our femininity is not being respected or heard. Wherever she is placed, is an area where you’re likely experience most frustration, but simultaneously it shows our opportunity to grow, it all depends on how we decide to take back power, in a constructive way, eventho this might be difficult at times with heavy Lilith energy. 
The weeks or months around her return hold alot of key events to understanding our truest self, the deepest part of us, that wants to be free and heard. This period may have inclined intensity in the way you experience and perceive situations, what ever happens around that time, could show your most raw reaction onto challenging situations especially in love relationships.