Also called Electional or inceptional Astrology.
Electional Astrology is about picking out the right date(s) for a specific event to take place, such as a wedding or the start of a bussiness. Inceptional Astrology is very similar but is more so about the birth of an event, such as a first meeting chart.

First Meeting Chart

Whenever meeting someone new, look at the time. Cast a chart and dive deeper into what the meeting actually means.
It’s the same as a birthchart, calculated by date, place and time. However the way of reading such chart is a little bit different. I’ll list down the most important things to consider and help you understand what your first meeting chart indicates. A first meeting chart is only valid from the moment two individuals meet in the real world, physically. It doesn’t count for virtual meetings.

The Moon

It’s the fastest moving planet, therefor it holds the most meaning in an event chart like this.
If the Moon is making an applying aspect to Mars, it’s an indicator that you two might end up having sex the same day.
If the Moon is separating from Saturn it shows you were very anxious or nervous before meeting.

Separating aspects : Expectations you had before or at the time of meeting
First applying aspect : Kickstart of the relationship
Last applying aspect : outcome in 3 months
New Moon : Best for lasting love relationships
Full Moon : Best for mature relationship
Moon sign : Emotional nature of the relationship
Angular house : Important meeting
• Aspects for relationship : Venus, Sun
Aspects for sexual relationship : Mars, Pluto
• Aspects for business : Mercury, Saturn
• Moon conjunct MC : Lover, meeting of emotional impact

The Moon = The beginning of endeavor
Depositor of the Moon = The outcome

The Ascendant

• In late degree (last 3) : Situation won’t last or won’t be significant
In early degree : A new beginning, something unfamiliar
ASC sign : Shows theme of the outcome

The Sun

It shows the general nature of the relationship. A good example is when two people who were formally into a long distance relationship, met in real life for the first time. The Sun was in Sagittarius, which perfectly described the two people being foreigners to each other.

Aries : Physical attraction, assertiveness, anger, active
Taurus : Slow, lover, materials, money
Gemini : Travel, communication, fun, learning, documents
Cancer : Home, family, comfort
• Leo : Children, pleasure, expression
Virgo : (Mental) Health, routines, animals, doctors/assistant
• Libra : Lover, romance, business, public, beauty
Scorpio : Mysterious, sexual, intimidating, transformative, money
Sagittarius : Foreign, study, travel, law, documents
Capricorn : Business, seriousness, hardship, commitment
Aquarius : Community, online, friends
Pisces : Charity, emotional, artistic, spiritual

Planets on the Angles

The angles are very sensitive points in every chart, so don’t forget to check these aswell, especially if a planet is conjunct to an angle, it brings the flavor of that planet into the meeting.

• Benefic on the angle : Important relationship
Any planet on an angle : Important influence
Node : Shows a fated/karmic meeting
Saturn : A meeting that could bring obstacles, hardship, obstacles in the future
Venus : Romantic feelings
Sun : Male figure, intimidating
Moon : Emotionally involved
Pluto : Sexual themes, transformation, difficulty, change
Uranus : Change, unpredictable, unstable, new ideas

The Houses

• 1-7axis : most important, a benefic in these houses are favorable
1-5-7 : most important houses to check for a love relationship ; need to be well placed & aspected
Dignities of the house rulers : The rulers of 1-7 should be strong for a favorable outcome
Planets in angular houses : show outside conditions, how others see the relationship
Venus/Jupiter : Best in angular house
Mars/Saturn : Best in cadent house

The Dignities

Every planet has a sign in which they feel uncomfortable or lose their strength, but the other way around too,
in which a Planet becomes strong such as Jupiter in Cancer, Moon in Taurus,…

Fall, exaltion : Lack of energy, motivation, won’t go as planned
Dignity of 1-7 ruler : shows interest and attraction

The Nodes

Responsible for fated/karmic meetings, whenever they are conjunct to an angle it shows a very important meeting.
When the Moon is in aspect with the Nodes it shows the same.
If Venus is conjunct to a Node it can show karmic romance.

• Aspects : effect on growth of the relationship

Exact aspects

whatever planets make an exact aspect to each other, will add more flavor to the meeting and the outcome of it.
This also applies to the angles or Nodes.
If Mars is sextile to the ASC it shows a strong possibility for a sexual meeting.
If Venus is sextile to the ASC is shows a strong possibility for romance and love.

• Tightest aspect : Influential strength


It’s useful to consider the degrees of the angles aswell as the (personal/inner) planets to gain deeper insight and understanding of the event chart. Such as a first meeting chart when Venus is at 1 degree Scorpio could signify permanent love or longterm love. This is seen by the Love degrees for example, but there are many other ways to check the meaning of the degrees which you can find on this page under the section ‘degrees’ : Click here

Influence on Birthchart

The first meeting chart could explain more what the flavor is of the meeting, but it’s advised to also compare the event chart to your natal chart, as they are just a snapshot of the transits at the time of meeting.
Check if there are any conjunctions to your natal planets, especially if it’s a conjunction to one of the angles or the Nodes, than it’s a double signification for an important meeting. Keep in mind that the impression and meaning is different for each individual.
An example is a chart where the Moon is trine to the Northnode, whilst the Moon is conjunct to the MC and in an applying sextile to Mars. This indicates a fated and emotional meeting that results into sex. When compared to one of the individual’s their birthchart, Venus was exactly conjunct the Northnode, indicating karmic romance. And the flavor is sex. wink wink.

Example : First meeting

The Moon is in an Angular house conjunct de Descendant, showing an important meeting with an emotional flavor to it.
The Moon is conjunct Mercury (applying) showing what kickstarts the meeting ; exchange of thoughts, skills and emotional communication.
The Moon is sextile Venus (separating) showing there were expectations for romance or arts. In this case the two people met for artistic reasons.
The Moon is sextile Mars (separating) showing there was attraction before meeting. Mars is in an Air sign, which is masculine, in this case it was the man who was sexually interested in the female.
The Moon is square Pluto (applying) showing an intense interaction which could be sexually flavored. The two people had very deep conversations about sexuality, frustrations, which even lead to crying out hidden wounds.
The Ascendant in Libra shows either a romantic or artistic meeting, in this case it was for artistic reasons.
The Sun in Taurus clarifies the meeting having a strong theme about personal values in life.
ASC ruler, Venus, is in Gemini which is a neutral placement for Venus.
DSC ruler Mars, is in Aquarius in which it becomes free and erratic.
As both the rulers are placed in an Air sign, it gives the meeting an intellectual flavor. The two people communicated for hours.
The most exact aspect is MC trine Neptune by 0 degrees. Which indicates idealization about each other, creative energy.

The Moon is in an angular house which shows an important meeting. The Northnode conjunct the MC indicates a fated and karmic meeting between two people. It’s meant to be, for whatever reason. As it involves the MC it indicates a meeting that supports the individual’s purposes in life.
The Moon is trine Mercury (applying) indicating that the kickstart is communication.
The Moon is square Venus (separating) showing what was expected prior to the meeting. Probably there were some romantic feelings involved, however not very strong as Venus is weak by sign placement, but at home in the 7th house.
Venus in the 7th house is a very beneficial placement for a first meeting chart, which could also indicate that romantic feeling could developpe shortly after the meeting.
The Ascendant in Virgo shows the nature of meeting, which in this case was about service, helping one out.
The Sun in Aries indicates a very assertive and action oriented meeting. Loud, bold and strong.
ASC ruler, Mercury, in Pisces is a weak placement and a bit delusional, meaning there could be some confusions around each other.
DSC ruler, Neptune, in Pisces is at home and strong. But looking at the ancient ruler, Jupiter, in Aquarius is in fall, so again a weak placement. By dignity it shows no attraction between the two people.
The most exact aspect in this chart is Mars trine Saturn applying by 0 degrees. showing there is determination and willpower between the two people, they could work well together.

30-04-2021 : I will add more info soon, i’m currently waiting for some books to arrive, to read, to study and to slap the info onto this page. Please come back later 🙂