Electional Astrology is a method for choosing the right time for any activity or undertaking, but such charts can also be read the other way around ; Event chart. This to see and understand what a specific event would produce.
Electional Astrology is meant for actions we already want to take but using the knowledge to figure out when the time is right to initiate.
Timing the beginning of an action or event ; Using the planets in our benefit.

Type of Elections / Events

It’s best to use whole sign system for electional astrology.
1st house
Physical, health, cosmetic, surgery, cutting hair, nails,.. everything about the body or in belonging to you, in front of
2nd house
All things money and possessions, food
3rd house
Short distance travels, vacations/holidays, communication ; letters, phonecalls, e-mails
4th house
Property, buying, renting or selling a house, household matters
5th house
Pregnancy, children, pleasures, romance, lottery and parties
6th house
Applying for a job (employee), pets, daily routines, debts
7th house
Relationships and marriage, contracts and business matters, cooperation, legal matters, formal settings
8th house
Secret matters, making a will
9th house
Travel to foreign places, higher education, advertisement
10th house
Business matters, starting or launching
11th house
Group activities, community, social matters, activism
12th house
Meditation, time off, going off grid

The Ascendant

The Ascendant represents the beginning of the event, endeavor, meeting,… and the one who initiates it. The ascendant shows the energy that’s created at that time or the birth of what’s started.
The Sign and the ruler of the ascendant represent the person who initiates the action. The condition of the Ascendant and it’s ruler are important and should be placed well. For this you have to consider planetary strength by sign (dignities), house and aspect. Use the traditional rulerships for the signs : Sun to Saturn

Planets in an Election

Sun : Benefit, success, business, employment, gambling
Moon : Family, females, home, emotions, young children (-5)
Mercury : Communication, interviews, documents, exams, two people, children (5+), writing, books
Venus : Relationships, marriage, design/decoration, values, artistic, creativity
Mars : Physical activities, surgery, initiating, sports, competition
Jupiter : Long distance travel, publishing, law, money, extravagance, fortune
Saturn : Business, company, authority, work
Uranus : Technology, soft & hardware, breakings, revolution
Neptune : Arts, music, meditation, rehab
Pluto : Surgery, transformation, power

The signs in an Election

Aries : Action, competition, physical, head
Taurus : Money, possessions, throat
Gemini : Communication, intellectual work, hands
Cancer : Home, mother
Leo : Money (gambling), children, creativity
Virgo : Routine, work, structuring
Libra : Love, beauty, law
Scorpio : Money, secrecy, power (best avoided)
Sagittarius : Study, travel, law
Capricorn : Business, career, company
Aquarius : Friends, community
Pisces : retreat, secrecy, places near water

The aspects

Conjunct = Depends on the planets involved, either challenge or cooperation
Sextile = Shows a relationship, harmony, cooperation, easy
Square = Hard energy, arguments, quarrels, tension
Trine = Shows a relationship, harmony
Opposition = often shows a breakup or triggering energies of challenge

The elements

Fire : Action, initiation, physical matters
Earth : Agriculture, materials, senses
Air : Flying, intellectual, communication, transport
Water : Voyages, emotion/feeling, taking care of


Angular : Business, beginnings, Prominent expression, angular malefic = dealbreaker
Succedent : Best placement for malefics, maintaining
Cadent : Endings, failure, delay, Part of fortune is safe here, moving into the past


Cardinal : Fast conclusions
Fixed : Slow progress, maintaining
Mutable : Change, medium length of time


0 degrees = New beginning, critical point
29 degrees = Crisis, sudden & shocking, angry, not ideal

Most important in an Election – The basics
  1. Planets, signs, houses and their ruler
  2. Moon is the most important factor & should not be afflicted
  3. Ascendant & midheaven and their ruling planet
  4. Ascendant should be in a sign that’s related to the matter
  5. 4th house is the final or end of the matter, conclusion
  6. The ruler of the house that covers the matter, should not be afflicted
  7. No malefic planets in the 1st house
  8. No Sun (unless in Leo or Aries) or Moon (unless strong & well aspected) in 1st house
  9. Moon should not be in the houses : 2, 6, 8, 12 from POF
  10. Planets are strongest in an Angular house
  11. Planets in their own sign add strength and beneficial influence
Malefics & Benefics

Mars & Saturn are the natural malefics, however if you happen to cast a chart for a matter that is ruled by one of these planets, it’s important to pay close attention to their dignity, strength, placement and aspects.
If they do not rule the matter of the electional chart, place the malefics in a succedent house that’s not linked to the matter aswell. The Southnode is a malefic.

Venus & Jupiter are the natural benefics, if one of these rules the matter for the electional chart, they become neutral and not a benefic. either way positive aspects and planetary strength is still important.
Best to have them in their own sign or in sign of exaltation.
The Northnode is a benefic.

This principle is known as ‘Sect’ and act as a medicating factor when it comes to malefics.
Especially when a Malefic is the significator of a specific event; such as Mars for physical matters or surgeries, than the chart is best elected during the night as Mars tends to give more constructive results in a nightchart. Same applies to Saturn, which gives better results in a daychart.

Part of Fortune is best when conjunct or aspect to the Ascendant ruler. It should be in an applying aspect to the Moon.

Night or Daychart

The concept of Sect is an important factor to consider.
Jupiter functions best in a daychart
Venus functions best in a nightchart

Mars is a malefic in a daychart but more constructive in a nightchart
Saturn is a malefic in a nightchart but more constructive in a daychart.

Often times it’s best to not have Mars or Saturn in the first house or in the house that’s linked to the matter, such as a relationship electional/event chart, shoudln’t have either of these sitting in the 7th house or any other angular house.
Malefics are best in a succedent house.

The Moon

The Moon is the most important significator aside from the rising sign.
It is the significator of the election or event and how things will go initially. The ruler of the Moon will show how things will turn out or what happens after the beginning stage of endeavor.
A strong Moon :
In own sign or sign of exaltation
In an angular house
In mutual reception with another planet to gain strength

The Moon is best placed in a positive house, if the ruler of the Moon is badly aspected and placed within the chart,
than the event won’t have lasting or beneficial effects. ‘Bad’ houses are : 6, 8, 12
You can read the evolution of the event according to the condition of both Moon and it’s ruler.
A bad Moon means a bad start, but if the ruler is positive than it will get better over time.
A positive Moon means a good start, but if the ruler is badly placed, than it will turn out less beneficial or rewarding.
The same applies to a positive Moon and ruler, the event will start well and develop positively, and so on.

The Moon is also closely tied to how the election will go in the first part,
the ruler of the Moon will indicate how things will turn out.
Moon in angular house = Things will go well initially
Ruler of the Moon in a bad place/house = Will fall apart later
First applying aspect = strong influence on the event

Moon in a bad place/house = A difficult start
Ruler of the Moon in a good place/house = Things will improve

Square to the Moon = problematic, tension
Conjunct to the Moon = need for change, reorganization, cooperation

Unfavorable Moon : 12° before or after a full/new Moon
Void of course Moon : failure or abandonment of what’s started, lack of action
Moon in major aspect to RX planet : causes restriction
Combust Moon : 15°Libra-15°Scorpio, unfortunate placement
Moon conjunct ASC = unfavorable, heightened emotions (could distract)

Speed of the Moon

Depending on the matter of casting an electional chart ; sometimes a slow and steady approach is necessary
which is favored by the signs where the Moon has a slower speed.
Slow : Aries, Taurus, Cancer
Perigee Moon : Fast (conjunct white Moon – h22) “integration” , same as a supermoon
Apogee Moon : Slow (conjunct lilith – h21) “separation”

End of the Matter

The 4th house is known to show the conclusion or the result of the election or event chart.
Look at what planets are in the 4th house, if any malefics are present the result won’t be good, but it depends whether it’s a day or night chart. If Saturn is in the 4th house in a daychart, the result will me moderate, challenging,.. same applies if it’s Mars in a nightchart.
Look at the ruling planet of the 4th house and it’s condition. If the 4th ruler is in an angular house, than it usually shows a good result that’s closely tied to a new beginning if the ruler is in an angular house.
Angular houses are generally the best placement for (benefic) planets in any event chart.

Now what to do with this information?

Firstly, it’s advised to set up an event or electional chart when most planets are well dignified, this means that planets are placed in domicile or in the sign of exaltation.
That means if you want to set up a chart for a relationship or marriage, Venus should be in Libra, Taurus or Pisces.
If this is not possible due to the election taking place within a specific time frame, than mutual reception becomes a medicating factor, this means that if Venus is placed in Aries, than Mars should be in Libra or Taurus, this will strengthen the placement of Venus.
As Venus is an important planet in any relationship related chart, it’s best to have her placed in an angular house.
Make sure Venus is not aspected by any malefics ; Mars or Saturn, if this is not possible than make sure Venus is in a separating aspect from any of the malefics as this shows the past as she is moving away.

Secondly, The Moon is best in it’s own sign Cancer, or in exaltation in Taurus. If this is not possible than the best placement for the Moon is in an angular house (1,4,7,10). It’s beneficial to have the Moon in a sign that’s related to the matter.
The Moon should be in a good sign, good house which is angular and well aspected preferably by a benefic (Venus or Jupiter). Any planet that the Moon is aspecting to, will show the near future of the event or election. If this happens to be a trine to Venus than the election will have a positive outcome. If it happens to be a trine or sextile to Mars it shows sexual matters in a nearby future that are of positive nature. Best to avoid hard aspects such as square or opposition as they will bring tension especially if the aspect is applying.
Take a look at the ruler of the Moon, let’s say the Moon is in Sagittarius, and Jupiter is in Capricron than this is a bad indicator for the outcome as Jupiter is in Fall in Capricorn. Try to avoid this.

Thirdly, The ascendant, which shows the general energy of the election or event. Whatever sign you choose to put the Ascendant in, make sure that the ruler is placed in an angular house and/or in domicile or sign of exaltation.
The whole chart depends on what sign you place at the rising as this denotes where each house starts.


The most important things to consider in an event or electional chart :

Dignified planets
Strong Moon placement
Positive applying aspects to the Moon
Strong ASC (ruler) placement
Malefics in a cadent house
ASC, ruler of the Moon should not be retrograde
No election/event in the first 12 hours after a new Moon

And what about house system?

It’s more so a personal preference on what house system to use, but most commonly used are Whole sign (traditional) or Placidus. I would advise to use the traditional house system and therefore only consider the traditional planets up to Saturn, the modern rulerships is secondary to consider and act as some extra information.
But ofcourse you can consider both housesystems, especially when you’re trying to analyze a past event chart, see for yourself what makes the most sense. Either way, both systems will have their own lens to the situation or event.
Keep in mind : Placidus is more a psychological approach, Whole sign is a more practical approach.

Electional / Event Astrology as a permanent transit

Whatever the reason is for electing a chart or when considering an event chart, keep in mind these become a permanent transit to your natal chart, so this also needs to be checked in terms of how it influences you. This is especially important in business or marriage charts as they often become an event that lasts for a long time or that’s what we’re going for.
It’s important to consider what planet is the most malefic and benefic in your own birthchart, let’s say you have a daychart, than Mars becomes the most malefic. Try to have a malefic fall into one of your cadent houses and make sure it’s not in an applying hard aspect to any of your personal planets. In this case it’s best to not elect a chart when you’re having a malefic transit through one of your angular houses.

More information on event chart (focused on first meeting charts) : Click here

Will add more info soon as i’m still digging for more information on this specific topic, Keep your eyes peeled!
Feel free to share your experiences 🙂

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