A method invented by the Astrologer Nikola Stojanovic
Useful when seeking deeper meaning and insights into a chart. Such as Birthchart, Return charts, Events charts, Predictive charts.

You can apply this on both the degrees of the planets or house cusps (with Placidus).

1-13-25° Aries degreeAbuse, car engine, sports, athlete, military, weapon, anger, business (person), Fast, First, in front of, argument, battle, war, bravery, the color red
2-14-26° Taurus degreeContainer, small place, wealth, forest, trees, food, luxuries, voice, singing, earth, money, the color green
3-15-27° Gemini degreeTwo, double, sibling, hands, local, small, town, neighborhood, neighbor, group, birds, tea, vehicle, friends, geometric patterns, documents, the color yellow
15 = Assassination, murder/kill but can be a car accident if in Gemini
4-16-28° Cancer degreeMother, home, public, crowd, water, property, family, the color white
Mercury at 4′ signifies a white car
5-17-29° Leo degreeStrong, royal, leader, rock-star, high school, fun, athletes, gym, workout, outdoors, top of the hill, mountain, view, hair, ego, children.
29 = Regulus degree, road, high intuition, can predict the future
6-18° Virgo degreeEx, health, sickness, illness, malady, work, routine, hospitals, doctors, pets, service, workers, slaves.
6 = Could indicate affair at work if 5th house cusp on 6 degrees
18 = Misfortune, sickness, death. Could indicate death of friend if 11th cusp in SR is on 18 degrees
7-19° Libra degreeBeauty, luxury items, earrings, jewelry, fashion, couple, other people, music, art, marriage, spouse, legal, courtroom, justice associates.
7 = Could indicate love affairs whilst married if 5th is on 7 degrees
8-20° Scorpio degreeSecrets, death, sex, insurances, taxes, what is ”another person’s” , jealousy, pregnancy, borrow
20 = Often shows jealousy or revenge
9-21° Sagittarius degreeCollege, a border, professor, foreigner, foreign travel or country, can indicate a street name, horses, arrow, archery, a plan, to find, gamble
21 = Large road, foreign person
10-22° Capricorn degreePublic office, public official, public facing, coal, slow, delay, decay, cold, fear, depression, control, the color black
22 = Destruction
11-23° Aquarius degreeCutting, crossing, cutting across, to interrupt, divorce, a high place, flying, airport, high tech, engineers, engineering, new technology, helping others, friends, organizations, network, electrician, electrical, high wire, electrocuted, suicide, easy and fast ways
11 = Massive wealth
23 = ”To cut” degree. ending
12-24° Pisces degreeSwim, near water, disguised, missing, rain, flood, out of focus, foreign, unclear, secret, soulish, hospital