Questions about Twinflames, answered from personal perspective and experiences.

How do you recognize each other?
I personally recognized my half through music. It was solely by a specific feeling that was put into his sounds that felt completely as my own. Often i call it the melody of my heart and soul. The recognition was blind, as we had no clue what the other looked like. (online meeting)
Other ways how we recognize each other, is the eyes, something is incredibly familiar, and to me it loudly displays ‘husband’, this is our shared memory from a past life. We recognize each other by our voices too, something in the vibration, the sound, the way of building sentences feels like a knowing, a ‘i have heard this before’.
There is this deep seated feeling of ‘i am yours, you are mine’, even when you part ways.

What happens when you have a fight?
Fights are equally as intense as the way we drown each other in affection. But there is always a turning point where we both calm down and start to appreciate something small, increasing feelings of warmth and love. Fights end up creating deeper understanding of both our past wounding, no cell in both of us can stay angry, the love simply is to bright, naturally.

How does sex feel with your otherhalf?
It reminds me a lot of having sex with myself but than in another body. The natural vibe is tantric, no effort is needed to create this. Simple eye contact makes your genital juices flow like an ocean. Both seem to intuitively know how to touch each other, there is a shared rhythm in dynamic, in the flow of the act. The ratio is completely out of the picture as everything comes naturally. Both like the same things and act upon it simultaneously. It feels like melting into one.
Funny thing that keeps popping in my head when thinking about oral sex, is that we feel so connected that it reminds me of a human centipede. Equally enjoying shared pleasure, whether i’m giving or receiving. It feels like the ultimate level of love. the division of masculine vs feminine doesn’t exist, it’s one big explosion of androgyne but fluffy soul. The most craziest things, suddenly become easy and normal, shame does not exist. What’s really powerful for me personally is that this whole idea of ‘what the heck do i look like in that position’, fully dissolves, it is incredibly liberating and healing.
Sex is deeply satisfying, wholesome, beautiful, powerful and sweet. The other half KNOWs how to pleasure me, he was the first and last one that made me feel things that i’ll forever cherish.

What’s it like to live together?
I personally don’t have experience with this, as we only had a 2 and a half weeks timeframe of having the opportunity to share a living situation together. This was also when we met for the first time in the physical world, so everything was incredibly intense and oddly, overwhelmingly calm. It felt very natural to live together, but i assume it also depends a bit on who you both are individually. We both like isolation, to do things alone, we had moments when we didn’t do any activity together, but it didn’t feel awkward either.

What does it feel like to meet your twinflame for the first time?
For us there were many first meetings. We first met in our dreams, we had these in the same period. Both of us felt homesick for a while and the dreams were completely the same in terms of location, atmosphere, body language,… 5 years later we had a second meeting, virtually. We both felt intensely curious and attracted to spend time together through messages, the amount of interaction increased and became hours of nonstop communication. This is how we fell in love. It feels like cigarettes underneath a night sky, naked and tight hugs in a grass field while the sun is setting, it feels like playing your favorite song on repeat on a quiet sunny sunday morning, it feels like reuniting with a lost family member, it feels like reuniting with a missing puzzle piece of yourself,..
Our 3rd meeting was the official meeting, this happened another 4 years later. This was when we finally got to experience each other through our senses in the real world. I remember feeling incredibly empowered, proud and alive sitting next to my half, i felt ‘finally’, it felt like real peace.

Is there ever any jealousy?
For me personally, there has never been any sort of jealousy. I blindly trust our shared love, as it is AnCiEnT.
I think for him it’s the same way, deep down he knows he got me on the most valuable part of me, my soul.

What to do when you’re not his type?
For me, my other half is both my type and not my type at all. But it’s the soul connection that makes him completely my type. Nobody is ever perfect in any way, even though it really feels like that. There are certain things that i don’t really like so much, but the love is not physical, i am in love with his soul and this transcends everything.

Do you have telepathic communication?
We have had several experience of telepathic interaction, often something like thinking the same, guessing what’s on the other person’s mind. what often happens is that we do things at the same time without knowing it from one another, and than eventually discover it and everything instantly makes sense to us.

Do you feel each other when you’re not together?
Yes, but for me it feels like it comes in periods, it’s not a constant but this might be linked to some personal processes that i am going through. I remember one time when we were still separated in distance, we were in bed having nighttime calls, and all of a sudden i could feel his heart inside my own chest. Something he once said is that i feel like i am in a room next to his, when we are in physical separation, i have to say i often feel the same way. I sense him close by all the time even though we live at the complete opposite parts of Europe.

How does your environment respond onto your union?
Since the beginning of time, i have been talking about my half to the people close to me. i never managed to shut up (even 6 years later), i never wanted to either. When i talk about him, my eyes sparkle, they shine and speak love. I have showed some pictures/videos of us together to few friends, and often they pick up on our vibe and sense an overwhelmingly cute and passionate energy. People seem to recognize something powerful exists between us, so i think it’s rather noticeable that we are something something, more than mundane.

How does it feel to say goodbye?
When you’re physically together, things feel incredibly familiar, but if you have to say goodbye due to practical reasons, such as living in different countries, than goodbyes feel pretty strange, unsettling, unnatural and unusual. I’m a Virgo Moon so being affectionate is kind of impractical to me at times (although i’m SO intense it gives me diarrhea). I remember saying goodbye at the airport, i gave him a forehead kiss… Once i saw him walking away and my feet went the opposite direction, i loudly FELT the separation in all my cells, my whole essence, everything in me could feel it. Not out of codependency, but out of ‘i used to be whole’. It doesn’t feel comfortable, really, to say goodbye.. It feels like bittersweet melancholy. Wandering.

What’s it like to be in a relationship after your Twinflame?
The need to adjust to a whole other, new level of love and relationships. It feels like it’s impossible. Since knowing of his existence, every relationship had (extreme) difficulty, profound pressure and low chance of survival, it actually ‘destroyed’ (aka saved me from) two relationships. My last relationship failed because my desire & curiosity for truth (of our connection) was too strong, we hadn’t met physically at that point.
The relationship after you’ve been physically together with the Twinflame, WILL have intense testing, mainly in the early stages or depending where you are in your personal healing journey.
It feels like coming back down to earth, The need to adjust again to human life and experience. But you do get used to it and by time you’ll realize that the beauty of love has many layers and dimensions. It’s a true challenge at times as an unexplanatory emptiness seems to be a disturbing factor. Overwhelming Melancholia can be something you need to fight against at times.

Can you be in a relationship with someone else?
In short : Yes. It depends from person to person. So far, my other half hasn’t been in a relationship with anyone else. Myself on the other hand, i have had my attempts at moving on. From my experience ; yes you can be in a relationship, but you can simply never expect to rise to such heights ever again. Realistically seen it’s impossible to find something similar as every human and relationship is unique (Twinflame is ONE OF A KIND). You have to surrender, cherish and accept, the earthy, 3D. At times, it’s soul shattering, exhausting and deeply difficult, especially in the beginning. Love becomes multidimensional, were i found a deep understanding of the cosmic love and the earthy love. Sometimes circumstances are not working in your favor (realistically seen) to be in a relationship with your twin. Once you move on it feels like on the soul level you’re eternally with your other half. In the end, i realized the importance and necessity of having to go through a soul love, twinflame experience. Because it simply broadened my perspective on what love is and how multidimensional it is. You learn unconditional loving.

How is life after the Twinflame?
In essence ; really good, positive, healing and mainly constructive. This because the journey has taught me several vital lessons to the multilayered dimension of love. Ofcourse, it took some time to actually get over it, to put it to rest and calm myself down as a Twinflame connection truly overpowers anything you ever experience in life. Nothing compares, but if you think about that in a realistic sense, all relationships and people you meet have something unique about them that’s irreplaceable, the only massive difference is that the Twinflame is beyond reality, and in a way it does feel like moving on without a certain part of yourself, and this is where the main key is, how to feel whole within, independently. I find gratitude in recognizing and accepting that this had to happen so i would understand love from a completely spiritual perspective, to heal something between us from a past life? i link it to my Amor exactly conjunct the Galactic Center, seen through Astrological terms. Genuinely though, i cherish the absolute shit out of my Twinflame, whatever he will do, wherever he goes, i’ll remember… and hope he is happy and healthy. Something i’ve always wished upon him, since the early stages of meeting. BE HAPPY, BE HEALTHY MDDRFKKR (if you ever read this).

How do you feel after moving on?
I could expressively cry from pure and deepfelt gratitude that’s flowing through my whole essence, soul and being, through every vein, the goosebumps spreading over my whole body with a strange sense of relief and ‘victory’. It’s a very sweet and melancholic type of happiness that i feel when i think about what we went through, the things we shared.
By far the most overwhelming experience i’ve ever had in my life. although i’m writing this with so much emotion, that by itself doesn’t mean i want it (back), i’m simply moved, touched, stripped down, undressed to the core of purity and wish i could ever thank him, where he genuinely accepts my gratitude to come from a place of real unconditional loving and appreciation. The experience has become my knowledge and insight into love of the highest order.

Is there any contact during separation?
This variates from pair to pair. We managed to stay in contact, however in the beginning there were longer periods of no interaction (like one months or so). From my point of view, our connection only strengthened during separation, there is a deep sense of being one but physically apart. Our contact became more healthy, stable and unconditional. The communication clearly shifted, but i struggle to explain in what way. All i can say is that this shit exists on another dimensional plane, i never feel alone anymore as i sense the other at all times.

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