First house (Ascendant = your appearance)

Ruled by : Mars & Aries // Fire house // Angular

Keywords :
Appearance, surface personality, body, longevity, health, character, temperament, intellect, physical health

People : You
Body : Face, head
Your appearance can be seen in 1st house. For ex. Venus in 1 = beautiful. Jupiter in 1 = Getting fat easily.
Planets conjunct to ASC indicate a celebrity appeal

Second house

Ruled by : Venus & Taurus // Earth house // Succedent

Keywords :
Own money, properties, possessions, values, attitude, experiences, resources, ambition, food, speech, selfesteem

People : Family, roots
Body : Right eye, tongue
Ability to make money and suicides can be seen in 2nd house
Marriage can be seen via 2nd house together with 7th and 11th house

Third house

Ruled by : Mercury & Gemini // Air house // Cadent

Keywords :
Communication, short journeys, instinctive mind, courage, writing, intellect, documents

People : Neighbors, (younger) siblings, people from elementary school
Body : Hands, right ear, chest, nervous system
Relationships with brothers and sisters, ability to become a writer can be seen in 3rd house.

Fourth house (IC= your roots)

Ruled by : Moon & Cancer // Water house // Angular

Keywords : Home, Roots, childhood, environment, needs, land, house, hidden treasures, later portion of life

People : Mother, family, people you live with, private love affairs
Body : Stomach, heart, breasts/chest
Relationship with mother and family, psychic abilities and circumstances at the end of life can be seen in 4th house

Fifth house

Ruled by : Sun & Leo // Fire house // Succedent

Keywords :
Romance, Creativity, Self-employment, gambling, passions, intelligence, fame, entertainment, position in life, artistic talents, casual sex, risky investments, fertility, flirtation, adventure

People : Children, affairs, one nightstands
Body : Chakra’s, heart, back
Dates and creative opportunities, ability to become a writer can be seen in 5th house

Sixth house

Ruled by : Mercury & Virgo // Earth house // Cadent

Keywords :
Health, Work, Service, routines, healing, nutrition, potential health problems, diseases, theft, ill fame, waist

People : Enemies, employees, pets
Body : Bowel movements, anus
The state of your health and healing abilities can be seen in 6th house

Seventh house (Descendant = what you lack)

Ruled by : Venus & Libra // Air house // Angular

Keywords :
Relationships, Marriage, travel, clients, personality of spouse, recovery, influence in foreign countries, public places, formal places

People : Spouse, business partners, intimate relationships, open enemies
Body : bladder
What you need from others, attitude towards marriage, likes and dislikes of others
Marriages and business partnerships what you seek in a spouse can be seen in 7th house
Marriage can be seen in 7th together with 2nd and 11th house

Eighth house

Ruled by : Pluto/Mars & Scorpio // Water house // Succedent

Keywords :
Intimacy, Money of others, kind of death, sex, fears, power, control, psychological issues, taboo’s, longevity, accidents, surgeries, inheritances, insurances, robbery, battles, extramarital life, sudden events, Taxes, banks, debts, borrowed money, money of the partner, Obsessions, compulsive behaviors, deepest healing, sexual issues, trauma

People : Agencies
Body : Sexual organs, uterus
Heritage, STD’s, psychic abilities, ability to make money, investments, ability to become an astrologer, surgery and death can be seen in 8th house

Ninth house

Ruled by : Jupiter & Sagittarius // Fire house // Cadent

Keywords :
Travel, Spirituality, Higher education, long distance journeys, religion, philosophy, communication with spirits

People : Foreigners, professors, people from highschool, grandson, spouse’s younger brother, grandparents
Body : Thighs, legs
Wisdom gained through experiences, moral values, teachers
Opportunities and possibilities for travel can be seen in 9th house

Tenth house (MC = status & career)

Ruled by : Saturn & Capricorn // Earth house // Angular

Keywords :
Career, social status, reputation, professional orientation, fame, power, authority, success, knees, karma, promotion, recognition from government, relationship between you and superiors

People : Government, authority figures, employees, father
Body : Bone structure, teeth, nails
Fame (Jupiter & mars), reputation and career can be seen in 10th house

Eleventh house

Ruled by : Uranus & Aquarius // Air house // Succedent

Keywords :
Organizations, communities, Teams, You towards the world, Humanity, aspirations, gains, prosperity, recovery of illness, wishes, desires, money gained through career

People : Friends, elder brother, son’s wife
Body : Ankles
Your relationships with friends, ability to become an astrologer can be seen in 11th house
Attitude towards friends, friends you attract, social rewards, social networks, charity
Marriage can be seen in 11th together with 2nd and 7th house

Twelfth house

Ruled by : Neptune & Pisces // Water house // Cadent

Keywords :
Secrets, Psychic, Intuition, Inner strength, far away distant places, harm, punishment, given donations, weakness in sexual act, sleeping comfort, loss of spouse, long journeys, settlement in foreign country, isolation, sleep

People : Hidden enemies, soulmates
Body : Feet
how we let go, the endings of things, how you escape and seek peace, romantic creativity (romans, poems,..)
Your psychic & spiritual abilities, diseases, accidents (hospital) and events (prison) can be seen in 12th house