The 360º of the zodiac and their anatomic correspondences in each sign.
I’ve translated everything from Dutch to English, if there is anything that has an incorrect translation, let me know via Instagram or Facebook. Thank you.


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
1Big brains
2Middle brains
3Small brains (abscesses)
5Right & left eye
6Eye sinuses
9Eye lenses
11Optic nerve
13Brain chambers
14Frontal lobe
15Temporal lobe (suicide, strokes)
16Bridge of varol
17Spinal canal
18Nerve connections
20Hyoid bone
21Eye muscles (abscesses)
22Cheek muscles
23Jaw muscles
24Cheekbone muscles
25Head kink muscle
26Skull bones
27Frontal bone
28parietal bone and occipital bone
29Ear canal (bronchitis)
30parotid gland


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
2Throat opening
6Vocal cords
7Neck nerve
8Jugular veins
9Jugular veins (alcoholism)
10-11-12-13Neck nerves in relation to spinal cord
14True vocal cords
16Carotid artery (abscesses)
17Thyroid and tonsils
18Lymph vessels
19Jaw arteries
20Occipital bone
21Nasal arteries
22Tongue muscles
23Teeth (reumatism)
24Upper jaw
25Lower jaw (alcoholism, suicide)
26Nasal bone
27First cervical vertebra
28-29Triangular muscle and main muscle (sense of sight)
30Aconite muscle


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
1Trachea, windpipe
3Upper right lung lobe (appendix)
4Lower right lung lobe
5Upper left lung lobe
6Lower left lung lobe (anxiety, pneumonia)
7Lung tops (heart)
8Bronchi (sense of sight)
9Pulmonary artery (rheumatic fever)
10Lung base (typhoid fever)
11Thymus gland
12Membrane of the trachea
13Pulmonary (lung) veins
15Shoulder blades
17First rib (Bright’s disease, kidneys)
18Second rib (asthma)
19Laryngeal muscles
20Third rib
21Arm muscles (typhoid fever)
22Upper arms (appendicitis, insanity)
23Elbow joint
25Radius bones (gout)
26Carpal bones (suicide)
29Fourth rib
30Fifth rib


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
1Sixth rib
2Seventh rib
3Eighth rib
4Ninth rib
5Tenth rib
7Chest tube
8Esophagus opening (paralysis)
9Stomach porter
10Stomach floor
11Gastric veins (alcoholism)
12Large stomach curvature
13Small stomach curvature
14Stomach walls
15Stomach nerves (suicide)
17-18Mouth of the pancreas in the Stomach
19Head of the pancreas
20Upper artery arch
21Lower artery arch
22Gastric mucosa
23Gastric blood vessels
24-25Blood vessels of the digestive organs
26Mammary glands
28Rib cartilage
29Spleen (Bronchitis)
30Twelfth thoracic vertebra


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
1Left coronary artery
3Right artery
4Left main artery
5Right main artery
6Entrance to the pulmonary artery (sense of sight)
7Left coronary vein
8Lower vena cava (anemia, sense of hearing)
9Upper vena cava (alcoholism)
10Trachea vein
11Clavicle vein
12Vertebral column
13right ventricle
14Left ventricle
15Right atrium
16Left atrium
17Right heart ear
18Right heart half
19Heart septum (spine)
20Two-part heart valve
21Left atrium
22Left heart ear (appendix)
23Left heart ear (rheumatism)
24Papillary muscle
25Pericardium (alcoholism, abscesses)
26Heart muscle
27-28Tendons of the heart valves
29Nerve inflammation


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
2Small intestine
4Ascending colon (asthma)
5Transverse colon
6Descending colon
8Abdominal cavity
9Right liver lobe (rheumatic fever)
10Left liver lobe , bile (typhoid fever)
11Liver bandage and bile
12Abdominal aorta
13Liver arteries
14Gallbladder vein
16Liver incision
17Abdominal muscles
18Front toothed muscles
19Left liver incision
20Bile duct
21Bile ducts (typhoid fever)
22Gall bladder
23-24Cartilage and tendons of the liver (spine)
25Liver (cancer, gout)
26Abdominal veins (suicide)
27Hip veins (acute kidney inflammation)
28Liver nerves
29Quadrilateral liver lobe


DegreeAnatomy (+Corresponding Diseases )
1Renal pelvis
2Bark substance
3Adrenal glands (abscesses)
4Surface of the kidneys
5Kidney Pyramids
6Pubic bone
7-8-9-10-11Nervous system of the kidneys and renal pelvis (jaundice)
12Left renal system
13Right renal system
14Left groin gland
15Right groin gland (suicide, stroke)
16Renal arteries
17Adrenal arteries (kidney disease)
18Fat capsule of the kidneys
19Large kidney calyx
20Small kidney calyx
21Kidney port
22Kidney nerves
23Adrenal veins
24-25Blood vessels in the bark substance
26-27Vascular system of the skin
29Right ureter (bronchitis)
30Left ureter


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
2Urethra mouth
3Prostate / uterus
4Right scrotum / uterus
5Left scrotum / uterus
6Right epididymis / uterine cavity
7Left epididymis / Right fallopian tube
8Scrotum / left Fallopian Tube
9Seed conductor / sheath (alcoholism)
10Swellbody (nerve weakness)
11Penis / labia
12Seminal vesicles
13Glans / labia minora
15Cowper’s glands
16Right ovary (abscesses)
17Seminal lobes / Left ovary
18Seed tube / hymen (caecum)
19Uterine bands
20Tissue of the limbs, Bartholin’s gland
21Wedge bone cavity, tendons
22Silk bone and belly bands
23Nasal bone / fringe at the end of the fallopian tube (rheumatism)
25Coccyx, fallopian tube (alcoholism, suicide, tonsils, glands)
28Mucous membranes
29Plowshare leg
30Nose muscles


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
1Pelvic bones
2Hip bone
4Thigh bone
5Right deep femoral artery
6Left deep femoral artery (anxiety)
7Right outer femoral artery (heart)
8Left outer femoral artery (sense of sight)
9Right lymph vessels (rheumatic fever, eye diseases)
10Left lymph vessels (typhoid fever)
12Large thigh vein
13Large rose vein (rheumatic fever)
14Surficial femoral veins
15Right hip veins
16Left hip veins
17Sciatic nerve
18Right thigh rotators (asthma)
19Left thigh rotators
20Right femur head
21Left femur head
22Right femur, major trochanter (insanity, appendicitis)
23Left femur, major trochanter (spine)
24Knee pit
25Condyle, lower lump of the right thigh (nerve weakness, gout)
26Condyle, lower nodule left femur (suicide)
27Sitting muscles
28Right thigh muscle
29Left thigh muscle
30Pear-shaped muscle


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
1Right kneecap
2Left kneecap
3Cutaneous nerves of the thigh (sense of sight)
4Cutaneous nerves of the lower leg
5Cutaneous nerves of the knee
6Right thigh
7Left thigh
8Lymph vessels (paralysis)
9Knee nerves
10Crotch strap of the right knee
11Crotch strap of the left knee
12Right knee joint
13Left knee joint
14Cartilage of the right knee
15Cartilage of the left knee (suicide)
16Condyle, upper lump of right shin
17Condyle, upper lump of left shin
18Right muscle bands
19Left muscle bands
20Right tendons
21Left tendons
22-23-24Muscle ends from thigh to lower leg
25-26Connections between upper and lower leg
27Deep nerves
28Right knee artery
29Left knee artery (bronchitis)


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
1Right shin nerve (obesity)
2Left shin nerve
3Right fibula
4Left fibula
5Right cranial nerve
6Left cranial nerve (sense of sight)
7Right lower leg vein
8Left lower leg vein (anemia)
9Skin of the right lower leg (alcoholism)
10Skin of the left lower leg
11Right cruciate ligament
12Left cruciate ligament
13Right lower leg arteries (rheumatic fever)
14Left lower leg arteries
15Right lymph vessels
16Left lymph vessels
17-18-19-20-21Nervous system of the spinal cord (Bright’s disease)
22Right calf muscle (appendix)
23Left calf muscle (rheumatism)
24Right shin muscle
25Left shin muscle (alcoholism, abscesses)
26Right fibula (nerve weakness)
27Left fibula
28Right shn
29Left shin (nerve inflammation)


DegreeAnatomic (+Corresponding Diseases )
1Right heel bone
2Left heel bone
3Right foot nerves (caecum)
4Left foot nerves (asthma)
5Right Os cuboideum
6Left Os cuboideum
7Right ankle bone
8Left ankle bone
9Right metatarsal bones (typhoid fever)
10Left metatarsal bones (typhoid fever)
11Lymph vessels
12Right foot artery
13Left foot artery
14Surface veins of the right foot
15Surface veins of the left foot
16Right cruciate ligaments
17Left cruciate ligaments
18Right toe stretcher
19Left toe stretcher
20Right calf muscle
21Left calf muscle (typhoid fever)
22Right Achilles’ heel (insanity, appendicitis)
23Left Achilles’ heel (spine)
24Right capsular joint
25Left capsular joint (cancer, gout)
26Lower foot nerve (suicide)
27Right foot section (acute kidney inflammation)
28Left foot section
29Right toenails
30Left toenails