The birth chart / Natal chart :
The blueprint of your life.
This chart can be made with the following required information :
• Date of Birth
• Exact Time of birth
• Place of birth

Calculate your Birthchart

The circle is sliced into 12 zodiac signs. the ASC or rising sign, is the beginning of your 1st house and is always located on the left side of the circle.
Your rising sign depends on the exact hour you were born and gives a lot of information about how you present yourself to the outside world and how people see you. The ASC or rising sign determines your appearance and physical health.

The houses can be divided equally or non equally (depending on the method) in “pizza-slices” (sometimes a person has a large or small 1st house = same for the opposite house, which is 7. and so on for all other houses). The houses are the areas in life.
The size of the houses doesn’t matter much, even if you have a very small 7th house (marriage house), that doesn’t mean that your love life will suck. You have to look at the sign that is on the cusp of that house.

To know what sign is ruling which house, you have to look at the cusp (where the house starts, counter clockwise) of that house and see in what sign it falls into = The Lord of that house. The signs describe the nature of the house they are ruler of on the cusp.

Empty houses are okay. If there is no planet in a certain house, you simply apply what is described above. Look at the Sign on the cusp of that house, What planet is the Ruler of that sign, and look where the Ruler is placed in the birthchart. This can tell you more about that area.

The Planets are the forces that enhance or weaken the house they are placed in. The planets show you the possibilities you have within the area of that house.

The circle is divided in 4 quadrants by the Axis (A.k.a : The angles, the cardinal points)
ASC / IC / DSC / MC.
1st quadrant : symbolizes the awareness of the self
2nd quadrant : deals with the integration of the self with the environment
3rd quadrant : Is about the awareness of others
4th quadrant : is integration of the self with society

You read the birthchart counter clockwise! Starting from the 1st to the 12th house. The planets also move counter clockwise, unless a planet is in retrograde.

The bottomhalf of the chart is the NightHalf = Introverted
If you have a lot of planets placed there, it can make you very introverted.

The upperhalf of the chart is the DayHalf = Extroverted
If you have a lot of planets placed there, it can make you extroverted.

Depending on your TOB (time of birth), DOB (date of birth) and location, the planets are placed in certain signs and houses.

When you have 3 or more planets (or asteroids and/or points) in a sign or house, it is called a Stellium.

When you have a Stellium in a certain house = the theme of that house is more highlighted within your life.
When you have a stellium in a certain sign = the characteristics of that sign are more prominent in your personality and appearance.

Sensitive points when touched by a planet by aspects

How to read your birthchart (basic) : 

1) In what sign is the Sun = Sunsign
2) In what house is the Sun = The nature of your personality
3) In what sign is the ASC = Your appearance and approach to life
4) In what house is the ASC ruler = Focused area in life
5) In what sign is the Moon = Your emotions and your needs
6) In what house is the Moon = Expression and qualities of emotions

=> These are the basic building blocks of your personality

7) In what sign/house is a Stellium = Highlighted area in your life
8) In what sign/house in Saturn = The restricted area
9) In what sign/house is Chiron = Your wound and possibility to heal
10) In what sign/house is Northnode = Your purpose in life
11) In what sign is MC = Your career possibilities
12) In what sign is the IC = Your experience at home, your roots

Ofcourse reading your birthchart is way more complex than this. But these 12 steps are most important to begin with in understanding your life and personality.

Next step :

1) Aspects to your Sun, Asc, Asc ruler & Moon
2) Sextiles = Talents
3) Squares = Challenges & friction
4) Trines = Cooperative energies
5) Opposite = Combative energies

Meaning of the Aspects
Meaning of your Sunsign
Meaning of the Planets
Meaning of Chiron