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Natal indications of Spouse 

• Planets in 7th : Describe the characteristics of Spouse
• Placement of 7th ruler : Describes where you will encounter your Spouse
• Aspects to the ruler of 7th : Describes information about circumstances
• Darakaraka : Describes nature of Spouse
• Degree of DCS : Describe marriage life and characteristics of Spouse
• Venus : Natural indication of wife in a male chart
 Jupiter : Natural indication of husband in a female chart
• Juno : Describes traits of Spouse, what you need, how you commit
Mars : The ‘bad’ boyfriend

More information about the significance of Juno in the Natal chart


Note : Method from Vedic Astrology, only works via the Sidereal system
The planet with the lowest degree.
Neptune, Uranus and Pluto don’t count.
The Darakaraka signifies the nature of spouse. The condition of this planet gives away more information.

• Sign placement : Nature of spouse
• House placement :
Place of meeting
• Dignity :
If strong it gives good qualities of the sign, if weak, it gives negative traits of the sign
• Aspects :
Additional information about spouse’s characteristics

Example : if the Darakaraka is Jupiter and it’s conjunct or in aspect to the Moon, the results will be positive.
But if Jupiter is conjunct or in hard aspect to Saturn it might result in a challenging relationship.
More information on the Darakaraka : Click here

Where you will meet your spouse 

In what house is the ruler of your 7th house placed within the natal chart?
For example : if the 7th house cusp falls into the sign of Taurus, the ruler is Venus. If Venus is located in 2nd house, then you have to interpret this as 7th ruler in the 2nd house. The interpretations for that are listed here :

1st house :
Will walk up to you, anywhere. Your spouse may be a known person to you. He/she may be from the same community. It may be someone who helps you with something personal that eventually blossoms into romance. They could be your distant relative as well. 

2nd house :
In a bank, by a friend of a relative, something involved with money and the things you own. Your spouse may be known to some of your family members. They can be somehow related to your finance, banking or your friends.

3rd house :
Your spouse can come through your siblings, relatives, neighbors or internet. You may meet them through media, or you may meet them during some short course, or short journeys. They can be one from elementary school, or someone you’ve known since an early age.

4th house :
Possibility of meeting spouse via family members, on a boat, restaurant. You may meet them in your student life, they may be someone related to your mother or maternal relatives. Meeting through your job. Could be a friend of someone you work with.

5th house :
In a recreative place, party, casino, night center. In ancient texts it says when your 7th lord is in the 5th house, then it is a clear indication of love marriage. You may meet them in a public setting like entertainment programs, networking or when you do your self-promotion activities. Could be a friend of a neighbor. Meeting through your hobbies.

6th house :
In your daily tasks, routine, hospital or day to day work. They may be your colleagues, maternal relatives, they can be your enemies eventually, or some acquaintance of your enemies. One whom you give service to.

7th house :
An artistic spouse, meeting In a museum, in a music bar, a place where art is involved, business related environment, meeting in a formal environment. Meeting through mutual contacts.
Jupiter in 7th Indicates a possibility of a foreign or and older spouse, meeting in a formal environment, business related environment.

8th house :
By occultism, or personal overcoming conference, something involved with death, or money. Your spouse can be interested in research, they may like occult, they can be working people. You may even marry a person known to you.

9th house :
In a trip, abroad, on a airport, airplane or cruise. Meeting spouse via spiritual or religious ceremony, university, on a wedding or via travel. You may marry a person from a different community, they can be interested in religion and philosophy, they like literature or higher studies. They can be even foreigners.

10th house :
You can meet your spouse in your 1st job, social service, professional practices, career situations, classmate.

11th house :
Meeting spouse via friends or social organizations, an acquaintance, you may meet via internet or during some sort of activism work.

12th house :
Meeting spouse coincidental, via blind date, In an institution, river, sea, mistress, something involved with water. your spouse can be from a different religion or foreign place. They can even be maternal relatives.

Symbolism & signs during meeting of spouse

A method from Vedic Astrology. It only works on the Sidereal chart.
Look at what sign is on the Descendant  and look for the ruler in your chart.
The opposing sign to the 7th house ruler holds the symbolism.
Example :
Descendant in Virgo = Mercury as ruling planet of 7th.
Mercury is placed in Libra, so Aries is the opposing sign that holds the clues.

Important to know :
The following can appear in the form of paintings, furniture, names of restaurants,
brandnames, t-shirt print, places, food, statue, sounds, etc etc. Be creative

Aries = Ram, Horns, physical/body, sports, Computer Ram, may have a goat/ram pet..
Taurus = Bull, earth, dirt, slow, finances, “Redbull”, something you own,..
Gemini = Twins, relatives, duplicate, group, social media, book, double date,..
Cancer = Crab, lobster, home, lake, mother, car, household,..
Leo = Lion, king, royal, throne, party, concert, gambling, luxury places,..
Virgo = Virgin, health, care, work, fitness, hospital, wheat, food, gym,..
Libra = Scales, law, balance, beauty, arts, skin, at a wedding,..
Scorpio = Scorpion, mall, sting, death, surgery, bank, private, secret, at transformative event,..
Sagittarius = Horse, arrow, bow, shooting, education, travel, “OK cupid”..
Capricorn = Goat, career, formal, structures, elder people,..
Aquarius = Watercarrier, internet, technology, waterbottle, spilling fluid, aqua, waterfall, dam..
Pisces = Fish, sushi, water, duplicate, aquarium, “Plenty of fish”,..

The personality of your future spouse 

Seen from the house and sign placement of Venus
• Venus : Love, relationship
• Juno : The actual marriage material

Venus in Aries / 1st house :
A courageous and energetic spouse filled with passion. Could have a short temper or impulsive. A fun person to be around and a protector. Someone that will like to take the role of a leader in the relationship.

Venus in Taurus / 2nd house :
A person you can rely on and trust. Possessions and money might be very important to your spouse. Can indicate a spouse with a calculative approach towards the relationship and life. A love for luxury, comfort and food.

Venus in Gemini / 3rd house :
A careful spouse who chooses words wisely, someone that loves communicating with you. An intelligent spouse. A person that like to go on city trips with you and share their visions with you.

Venus in Cancer / 4th house :
A caring and loving spouse that will put a lot of effort into making you feel fine and comfortable. A spouse with motherly qualities, good cooking and caring. Can have a tendency to rant about small things and gets emotional easily. A romantic and dreamy spouse with a unique philosophy towards the relationship and life.

Venus in Leo / 5th house : 
A spouse with a very strong personality and artistic abilities. A well mannered and successful spouse. The ego could cause some difficulties, especially if it’s about the wife in a man his chart, can indicate a dominating wife.

Venus in Virgo / 6th house : 
An intelligent spouse, very caring and logical with an analytical nature. Spouse will have the tendency to judge. Spouse will have an eye for detail, also if something about your appearance if ‘off’ , they can point that out, so better make sure your self-esteem has risen by the time you meet them.

Venus in Libra / 7th house :
An artistic and very beautiful spouse. Well mannered, passionate and romantic with a good status. A refined nature. An indicator of a foreign spouse when Jupiter is in the 7th house.

Venus in Scorpio / 8th house :
A very intense and passionate spouse with interest in the occult themes. Spouse will have a mystic appearance and will have a lot of power. Someone that like to take lead in the relationship and with a unique philosophical approach towards the relationship and life. Can indicate a very sexual spouse.

Venus in Sagittarius / 9th house :
A philosophical spouse, passionate about religion. For a husband this can indicate a strong and fatherly personality, for a wife it indicates a fun loving person who loves to explore. Spouse can be foreign.

Venus in Capricorn / 10th house :
A determined spouse with a good status. Can indicate a business woman or man. Can indicate a spouse who is hardworking, down to earth and caring. Spouse can be much younger or much older.

Venus in Aquarius / 11th house :
A spouse with a rebellious nature, unconventional and refreshing. Loves freedom and will also be your best friend. Indicates an independent person who loves to discuss the big questions of life.

Venus in Pisces / 12th house :
A very emotional and intuitive spouse with psychic abilities is possible. Very romantic and unique. Can be an indication of a foreign spouse.

Indications of Foreign spouse 

• Connection between 5th house/ruler with 12th house/ruler indicates affair with a foreigner. Check the condition of 9th house too. As 9th also represents long distance travel. So if you get a foreign spouse, you will also travel to foreign countries.

• Venus in the 12th house or with 12th ruler in a watery sign can grant a foreign spouse to the individual.

• Jupiter in 7th house.

• 7th ruler in 12th house and if NorthNode is also associated with this combination, it is a strong yoga for getting a foreign spouse.

• 7th ruler in 12th house then marriage might be in a foreign place or your life partner may be a foreigner.

• 12th ruler in 7th house then marriage to a foreigner is possible.

• Exchange of places between 7th and 12th ruler creates possibility.

• Aspect between 7th and 12th rulers.

• Combination of Venus and 12th ruler, or Mars and 12th ruler creates a possibility.

Love, Spouse, lovelife depending on the degrees of 7th house cusp 

• To know what each of the 30 degrees stand for : Degrees
• More information can be found here : Marriage

7th house cusp on 1 degree can indicate a spouse who is aggressive or very passionate. The 7th house cusp on 7 degrees can indicate a spouse with artistic abilities or someone that’s a bit lazy and charming.
7th house cusp on 23 degrees can indicate a humanitarian spouse, detached and rational,…

• Juno Retrograde is an indication of abuse from a spouse or a male figure, in a female chart.

The profession & finances of spouse 

Profession can be seen through your 4th house (4th house is 10th=career from the 7th house) :

• Check The sign on the cusp of 4th house
• Check what planets are occupying in 4th house
• Check where the ruler of 4th is positioned

Finances can be seen through your 8th house (8th house is 2nd=finance from 7th house) :

• Check the sign on the cusp of 8th
• Check what planets are occupying in 8th house
• Check Where the ruler of 8th is positioned

Turning the chart method 

To know who your spouse will be : Take your Descendant as ‘ascendant’ of future spouse.
Your DSC will be their ASC, Your IC will be their MC, Your MC will be their IC. This doesn’t mean that your DSC will be their actual ASC. This technique is used to know more about his/her career, childhood, finances, status, friends, desires,…


Instead you can just look at your own birthchart and look at your own houses and know what they represent according to the one you are meant to be with:

Your 1st house :
The values of your spouse in love, the love language they speak, their business partners and possible legal matters with the court and lawyers

Your 2nd house :
The sexdrive of your spouse, possible inheritances from their family, death of spouse

Your 3rd house :
Education of spouse, the higher knowledge and religion. possibilities of foreign spouse or a spouse that travels a lot, spiritual or philosophical organizations of spouse

Your 4th house :
Career and reputation of spouse, the father of your spouse

Your 5th house :
The friends of your spouse, possible organizations they are in, his/her desires in life, life goals of spouse

Your 6th house :
Possible accidents or hospitalization of spouse, the secrets they have, the possibilities of spouse being psychic, the way your spouse wants isolation and time to themselves

Your 7th house :
The personality of your spouse, the approach to life and appearance

Your 8th house :
The income of your spouse, their work ethics and what he/she will value in life, their possessions and properties

Your 9th house :
The way of communicating of your spouse and the relationship they have with their siblings

Your 10th house :
The upbringing of spouse, how his/her home-life will be, their personal needs and feelings

Your 11th house :
The self-realization of spouse, their creativity, ways of having fun and activities he/she will love, possibility of having children, and their romance

Your 12th house :
The health of your spouse and the daily routines and tasks they do


Predicting from your Moon sign 

This method is very similar to ‘turning the chart’, But instead of taking the DSC as the ASC of the future spouse, you take your Moon sign as the ASC of spouse.
It works the exact same way. so the house in which your Natal Moon is placed, becomes the 1st house of future spouse.
2nd house from your moon sing is the 2nd house of your future spouse, and so on,…

The sign that’s opposing your Natal Moon sign, is what qualities the future spouse will have.
Example : If your Moon sign is Cancer, the future spouse will have some Capricorn qualities to him/her.

Age of spouse

This method is from Vedic Astrology, Some things are best to consider via your Sidereal chart such as Nakshatra’s and Atmakaraka/D9.

What planet rules the 7th house
Venus , Sun , Mercury, Jupiter = Average age gap of 5-6 years
Saturn = Elder spouse 7+ years

7th ruler in Nakshatra’s
You check check this via Astro-seek
If 7th ruler is in the Nakshatra of Saturn, it indicates elder spouse (7+ y)
If the 7th ruler is in the Nakshatra of Mercury, it indicates no age difference or a very small difference (0-3 y)

Aspects to 7th ruler for younger spouse
Maturity level of spouse could be less than you, if the 7th ruler is in aspect with these planets, especially conjunction

Aspects to 7th ruler for average age difference (5-6 y)
Jupiter = Indicating a spouse that teaches/guides you
Sun = Indicating a very mature spouse

Male chart
Check the condition of Venus as she represents the wife.
Venus-Saturn aspect = Elder spouse
Venus in aspect to Mercury, Mars, Moon = Average age difference (0-4 y)

Female chart
Venus represents the overall marriage and relationship theme of life.
Jupiter represents Husband, but Mars should be considered too.
Jupiter-Saturn aspect = Elder spouse
Jupiter in aspect to Moon, Mercury = Average age difference (0-4 y)

Find out what planet is your Atmakaraka in the birthchart and than check the condition in the Navamsha chart.
Example : If the Atmakaraka is in the 3rd house of the D9 chart and Saturn is in the 9th house, it means Saturn is 7 houses away from the Atmakaraka and this signifies an elder spouse.
Saturn 7 houses from the Atmakaraka = Elder spouse

Age gab relationships are often indicated by a strong Saturn aspect to the 7th ruler.
Sometimes an aspect of Uranus could be involved as it indicates an unusual spouse or unconventional circumstances.
If the ruler of the 7th is placed in Gemini it could indicate a younger spouse, if Saturn is involved it indicates a (large) age gab.
The Most common indication is Saturn in aspect to Venus or Moon for an age gab relationship.
Saturn ruling the 5th or 9th , or Saturn in the 5th or 9th .

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