Vedic Astrology = Sidereal chart (Lahiri)

• 9th Harmonic Chart
• 9th Divisional Chart
• Navamsa Chart
• D9 Chart

This is a Vedic Astrology Technique of ‘surgically’ opening a house. In this case it’s about the 9th house in the birthchart.
The natalchart / Birthchart = The tree (The big picture or potential)
The divisional charts = The fruit that grows on the tree (The details)
The D9 Chart is considered important when it comes to luck and fortune in life.
It’s also called the Soul-chart which holds the key to healing.
There is little information found online that is clear cut straightforward about how to interpret such chart, especially if you are one of those who wants to dive deep into this technique inorder to understand more about your marriage life, spouse or soulmate.

How to read the D9 chart

The planets listed here are the most important to consider, Find your Atmakaraka & Amatekaraka in the birthchart, see if it’s strong or weak and than check these in the D9 chart to see the final result. The D9 chart shows the actual strength of these planets.
Afflictions & weak planets may bring different results.

1) Atmakaraka : Sign & house placement > Strong  / Weak / Own sign ?
2) 9th ruler : Strong / Weak ?
3) Venus : Sign & house placement > Strong / Weak / Own sign ?
4) Amatekaraka : Sign & house placement > Strong / Weak / Own sign ?
5) Planets : Interpret by simplest meaning
6) Strengths & weakness of planetary placements
7) Exalted planets : Don’t always give desired results
8) Exalted in NA + weak in D9 : Good results fail

What the D9 Chart shows 
• Spiritual path of a person
• What the soul strives to achieve
• How we can heal ourselves
• Marriage life
• Career
• Who you become after marriage
• How strong the birthchart actually is
• Description of spouse
• Fortune in life
• True dignity of the planets in birthchart

Atmakaraka : Planet with highest degree in the NA = Force
Amatekaraka : Planet with 2nd highest degree in the NA = Helper of the force

weak n strong

• Detriment = Least strength, weak
• Exaltation = Power, happy placement
• Fall / debilitation = Malefic

What to consider in the D9 Chart 
• Look at the hard aspects first (Conjunction, Square, T-square)
• Look at the soft aspects to find the answer and healing to the hard aspects
• Placement of D9 ASC ruler
• House placement of D9 ASC ruler : focus after marriage
• All houses except 1st are a description of the spouse

Comparison with D9 Chart 
• Only conjunctions are of importance (Transit & NA+D9)
• D9 ASC in NA chart

Good aspects in the D9 Chart 
• D9 ASC harmoniously aspected
• D9 ASC ruler in harmonious aspect to D9 9th ruler

Meaning of the houses

1st house :
The overal health

2nd house :
Accumulated wealth gained through marriage. How you deal with the new family and children

3rd house :
The courage that you need to sustain the marriage. The effort that one will have to put in to deal with the marriage

4th house :
Comfort and happiness that comes from the marriage.

5th house :
The romance in the marriage. How you have fun together and the things you do together. It shows the creative aspect of the marriage.

6th house :
The debts you accumulate through marriage. Shows the nature of arguments you will have and how much arguments there will be in marriage life.

7th house :
The spouse’s personality in general and your ability to compromise in the marriage.

8th house :
Longevity of marriage. The joint assets you can accumulate through marriage.
The secrets in the marriage.

9th house :
How does the marriage influence your (spiritual) beliefs.

10th house :
The image of the marriage.

11th house :
Desires and hopes and how much of them can be met & fulfilled through the marriage.

12th house :
Sex life and sleeping pattern in the marriage. Foreign lands, spiritual life, travel.

Description spouse

The description of each marriage can be seen through different houses by using the method of skipping 8th houses forward from the last one. The planets sitting in these houses describe the characteristic of spouse aswell as the sign on the cups of these houses.

1st Relationship/marriage :
Planets in 7th + 3rd & 11th house
2nd relationship/marriage :
Planets in 2nd + 6th & 10th house
3rd relationship/marriage :
Planets in 9th + 1st & 5th house

Used to see which direction the spouse may come from by checking the sign on 7th house cusp, placement of 7th ruler.


Sun = East
Moon = North
Mercury = North
Venus = South-east
Mars = South
Jupiter = North-east
Saturn = West
Northnode = South-west
Southnode = North-west


Fire = East
Earth = South
Air = West
Water = North

Clues to the name of spouse

NOTE : This method is not a guarantee for figuring spouse’s name
Checking the ruler of the 7th house in your birthchart. And than check in which sign this planet sits in the D9 chart.
The lucky alphabet refers to letters and sounds (in someone’s name) that bring luck to you specifically.

Aries = A-L-E-I-O // Lucky alphabet = M-N
Taurus = B-V-U-W // Lucky alphabet = P-G-Y
Gemini = K-CH-GH-Q-C // Lucky alphabet = R-SH-S
Cancer = DD-H // Lucky alphabet = N-SH-M-D
Leo = M-T // Lucky alphabet = Y-L-A
Virgo = P-TH // Lucky alphabet = G-O-M-R
Libra = R-T // Lucky alphabet = SH-S-K-GH
Scorpio = N-Y // Lucky alphabet = A-N-D
Sagittarius = BH-F-DH // Lucky alphabet = SH-M-H-A
Capricorn = KH-J // Lucky alphabet = U-L-J-KH
Aquarius = G-S-SH // Lucky alphabet = K-SH-A-R
Pisces = D-CH-Z-TH // Lucky alphabet = H-N-Y

Predicting from D9 Chart 

Spouse prediction from D9 
7th house and the 7th house ruler.
Start with interpreting the 7th house in your NA chart, This shows our desires regards spouse and marriage life. Than you move on to the interpretation of the 7th house in the D9 chart for more details, this will show what you actually get.

What you desire (from NA chart) 
Moon in 7th : Caring, emotional and sensitive
Venus in 7th : Good looking and beautiful
Mercury in 7th : Wise, educated, religious, honest
Mars in 7th : Active, courageous and bold
Jupiter in 7th : Wise, educated, religious, honest
Saturn in 7th : Mature or older. Disciplined and practical

What you get – Planets in D9 7th house 
Sun : Loves music, strong ego, short height, large head
Moon : Beautiful, sexual, soft-hearted, fair complexion
Venus : Very beautiful, fond of luxury, comfort, music & arts
Mercury : Jovial, friendly, younger looking, fond of literature
Mars : Hot tempered, strong physique, argumentative
Jupiter : Educated, beautiful, fortunate, spiritual, religious
Saturn : Mature, hard working, cold
Ketu : Bad health & wealth, rapid wealth when benefics in 7th
Rahu : Widow or already divorced spouse

7th ruler of D9 
Moon : Happy, loved, talkative, expert in agriculture, fond of liquids
Venus : Rich, successful, spiritual, good with children, good person
Mercury : Attractive eyes, curly hair, board chest, intelligent, educated, interests in jewelry and clothing, loved
Mars : Rich, courageous, ordinary looking, high sex drive
Jupiter : Charming, attractive eyes, intelligent, courageous, rich, artistic
Saturn : independent, intelligent, lean

Physical traits of Spouse – D9 sign in 7th house 
Aries :
Lean personality, small eyes, pointed nose, angry speech.
Taurus : Big personality, big eyes, long face, big eyebrows, small forehead, drooping nose, thick voice, short toes.
Gemini : Long hands, small nose, sheepish eyes, thick legs and thighs, hair on hands, legs and head, courageous, talkative, knowledgeable.
Cancer : Small nose, very small forehead, thick hair on legs, angry behavior, wandering nature.
Leo : Broad forehead, thick hair on legs, angry behavior, Independent nature.
Virgo : Long hands, small buttocks, polished character, talkative, extra fond of sexual activities.
Libra : Lean body, beautiful nose, does not have fixed mind-set, Romantic in Nature.
Scorpio : Rough skin, Very Emotional, Secretive.
Sagittarius : Joyful nature, board forehead, big ears, gets angry occasionally, truthful, talkative.
Capricorn : Ideal physically body structure, Dark Complexion, broad face, sharp in intelligence, Cautious.
Aquarius : Big ears, board shoulders, lazy, intelligent, talkative, sometime acts foolishly.
Pisces : Charming personality, has good eyes and nose, truthful in nature, fearless person, sacrificing attitude.

Fortune : 9th ruler through the houses

If 9th ruler is at 15-17 degrees, it will bring great results.

1st house : Fortunate in life, a placement for reaching the top, if not afflicted. Whatever work you’ll do, you will get the benefits from it, progress will enhance. See the aspects between 1st ruler and the 9th ruler for more information.

2nd house : Fortunate through family, blessed financially. Family might have good financial position if the 9th ruler is not afflicted. Your luck will enhance, family members are supportive. It shows a big family.

3rd house : You are bound to get fortune. It’s the house of bravery. You’ll receive support, unless Afflicted. You may receive help from siblings, your father will always be with you when in need unless it’s afflicted.

4th house : Everything will be lavish. 9th in 4th house is one of the best positions in the D9 chart for fortune. It brings comfort. Especially with Venus or Mercury placed in the 4th. Good position for becoming an occultist. Unless afflicted.

5th house : Luck may come through a guru who will guide you, it’s a good position for business and promises success if 9th ruler is not afflicted. Your children will respect you. A possibility of pursuing family work.

6th house : Less fortunate, bound to suffer a huge loss. But you will come out of your sorrows. If benefics are placed in 6th house, than the in-laws may be supportive towards you. Benefics make this less fortunate placement better to deal with.

7th house : A very good placement and brings good fortune in business partnerships and marriage. Possibility for fame and a good status. Being well respected. Unless malefics are placed in 7th the result may differ.

8th house : A less fortunate position and the fortune is difficult to tell. You may be a bit selfish and not respecting other people with a higher position than you. Experiencing difficulties in surrendering to people.

9th house : A good position. Forces will work for you and bring good fortune. Sometimes people may be against you or work against you when a malefic is placed in 9th. If a malefic is placed in 9th it could result in not getting along well with people in certain positions.

10th house : Could bring misfortune to the father, especially if Saturn is linked to it. Venus in the 10th is the best position and may sooth a malefic in 10th. 9th ruler in 10h house will bring success in your profession and good bond with father. Good for politics.

11th house : Fortunate towards desires in life. Good benefits from friends circle. May receive help from older brother or sister. Depending on what the planet of the 9th is the results may differ especially if it’s a malefic planet.

12th house : Linked to foreign matters. Good placement for occultism and healing. Often times fortune is not supported when a malefic is placed in 12th, Unless you go to a foreign land, than the destiny changes. It should bring good karma when 9th is placed in 12th.

Venus through the houses

Venus in D9 1st house : A deep desire for marriage and unionship. Wants to be and feel complete. Marriage is what makes you feel beautiful. Before marriage you may feel incomplete and ‘worthless’ at times. You may become creative after marriage.

Venus in D9 2nd house : Can bring massive wealth after marriage. Spouse will have a soft voice, soft speech. Relationship with in-laws won’t be there. A love for music and singing will come up after marriage. Contacts with people from Middle-east will increase, such as (online)friends from these areas. Interest in occultism will increase aswell. Can bring a very beautiful spouse.

Venus in D9 3rd house : Doing lots of leisure traveling with spouse. Communication with spouse will flow softly & smoothly. May suddenly gain through father in-law, good bond with father in-law. joint-assets will be very good. Transformation of career occurs, surrounded by more women, online/office romance (depending on the sign placement). Deals with a lot of changes within relationships, going through stages, evolution.

Venus in D9 4th house : This placement does not promise marriage. You hate gossip, and connection with younger sibling is weakened. You will gain a lot of happiness when you travel. A pleasant Joint-family situation is possible. Jewelry becomes the asset, will come through own father or elder sibling. This placement will naturally give a home that is faced to the north (door).

Venus in D9 5th house : Creative intelligence to deal with situations throughout marriage life. Great placement for romance. Usually don’t like to be home for to long because they want to be creative and active. Fun activities will bring harmony in marriage life. You will flourish when children are born especially girls. You will be devoted to your work, no matter what it is, and there is a need to be creative and artistic. You will find great pleasure into traveling to foreign places. You don’t deal well with deaths.

Venus in D9 6th house : A desire for marriage is less with this placement. A need for devotion towards service. It brings karma with the spouse. You are destined to be with someone to pay a certain amount of karma off, it’s related to past life such as a promised marriage which never happened, cheating,…  A person has to provide more than what you they in return. You will have an instant attraction towards your spouse. Female chart : less desire for sexual activity. If Venus is exalted, you will have the least amount of desire towards marriage.

Venus in D9 7th house : You long for partnership, commitment, sexual experiences,.. it is important to you. Spouse may have a darker complexion. Excellent diplomat. You always try to balance things out, maybe compromise a lot inorder to have a harmonious marriage life. You will always naturally attract people. Health of spouse may be unbalanced most of the time. Your accumulation of wealth will occur through the spouse. Marriage will bring devotion.

Venus in D9 8th house : Your life will drastically change/transform after marriage. Hidden treasures will come. May attract a stunning spouse, Someone very creative, artistic and committed. Recognition and fame increases after marriage. One does very well with media and communication, you will be always on top. May bring many sexual encounters without much commitment throughout life.

Venus is D9 9th house : marriage after 30, late thirties, spouse will love traveling. may need to give money to your spouse their family. Gives lack of sexual life due to traveling,.. wealth increases. Love for luxury becomes important (especially with Venus in 9th divisional chart of a man).

Venus in D9 10th house : Reputation will increase through marriage. The spouse wants to be professional. After marriage you will be devoted to your work. It may bring overwhelming luxuries and pleasures. Interest in religion may suffer. A separation with father is possible after marriage. Communication will increase, may even become part of media. A true romantic.

Venus in D9 11th house : Fulfillment of desires through marriage. Malefics in 11th means people will be against your marriage. A great desire for marriage. Interest in work or working for other people might decreases after marriage. Rebelling against authorities is possible. After marriage you may gain friendships from foreign countries, they will support you and help to fulfill desires, more than people from your own culture. After marriage you could gain through elder sister, she might give you an idea that helps you to fulfill desires. A beautiful home will come at one point, more so with a debilitated Venus.

Venus in D9 12th house : Spouse will have a strong devotion. In a mans chart = spouse. in a female chart = represents herself. Union without boundaries, and can be frustrating. Spouse may be insomniac or sleep late. Spouse will do wasteful spending, to them it might make sense. The person may naturally don’t pay much attention to their appearance, could have a sweet tooth that may affect their health, if Venus is with malefics. A love for foreign countries and traveling. A poetic person.

A happy marriage life is considered by looking at the 7th ruler in the natal chart and than looking at that planet in the D9 chart. For example, if the 7th house falls into the sign of Libra in the birthchart, than its ruling planet is Venus, Than you have to check the placements and aspects of Venus in the D9 chart.
Venus is the main significator for marriage in the D9 chart anyway, so if she is debilitated or afflicted by NN or Saturn, it could bring difficulties in marriage life.
If 2 or more malefic planets affect Venus in the D9 chart, we can consider marriage to be delayed. If NN afflicts Venus in the D9 chart, cheating could take place in marriage life.
Saturn afflicting Venus brings misery and suffering into marriage life. If Mercury is conjunct Venus in the D9 chart, than marriage life is not blessed.