Rule number 1 :

Forget about ’“but Cancer matches best with Pisces”
Your soulmate or your ideal match has NOTHING to do with Sun sign compatibility.
It is more about your Sun-Moon, Moon-Moon, Venus-Moon aspects, than anything else.
And yes, of course, those intense Pluto and bonding Saturn aspects that act as relationship glue matter a lot too.
The best matches can bloom between people who are total opposite by Sun sign or would be considered ‘worst match’ according to your local gossip magazine.

Soulmates/twinflames don’t always last, don’t expect a fairytale, sorry to break your illusion, but this is reality.
UNLESS, two strong and conscious individuals are behind the union, open to transformation and to undergo spiritual growth, then unconditional love can come in to help you both go through times of hardship.

Having 1 soulmate aspect in synastry doesn’t mean that you’ll feel it, as these can also happen between two people that can’t stand each other. Look for multiple indications to conclude a special soul connection, but what’s most important, is that you feel it, it begins within and not in the assumption based off a chart.

A twinflame union is intense and rare, it’s two people mirroring and completing each other. Emphasizing the strengths and weaknesses. Most of the time soulmate/twinflame relationships are very fated and meant to come into your life to learn lessons that are key in soul evolution and higher consciousness.
Though, Soulmates are NOT the same as Twinflames. Read more

“Chiron is the arrow that points to your soulmate”
• Linkage : Chiron-Venus, Chiron-Neptune
• Linkage : Alignment of 2 planets
• Super linkage : Alignment of 3 planets

Karmic/Healing soulmate in synastry/composite 
• Chiron-Venus aspects
• Chiron-Vertex aspects
• Vertex-SouthNode/NorthNode aspects
• Psyche-Eros aspects
• Eros-Amor aspects
• Moon conjunct IC

Compagnion soulmates 
A certain pattern is seen within the people you connect with on a deep level,
all sharing similar life stories and experiences and mostly those small group of close friends
have the same Sun / Rising / Moon sign OR in the same element.
They are in your life to help you grow and nurture along the way.

Connections to the Axis in synastry 
The strongest indication of past life connection and a soulmate bond is when a planet or point conjuncts one of the angles.

Aspects commonly found in the Synastry of Soulmates 

• Double Whammy’s (a double aspect = Moon sextile Venus // Venus trine Moon)
• Squares to the Nodes = Star-crossed lovers
• Conjunctions to the SouthNode = past life connection
• Neptune trine Chiron = unconditional love
• Pallas conjunct Pluto = strong psychic connection
• 7th ruler conjunct Amor = soulmates
• Moon conjunct IC = Soulmates
• Venus conjunct POF / Juno / Vertex = Match made in heaven
• Eros-Psyche aspects = strong sexual and romantic connection
• Pluto conjunct / trine Juno
• Pluto conjunct / sextile Venus = intense sexual and romantic attraction
• Neptune conjunct/trine Venus = soulmates
• ASC/DSC conjunct Vertex
• NorthNode conjunct Vertex
• Sextiles / Trines to Saturn = relationship glue
• Positive Neptune aspects to the 12th house ruler
• Planets of partner falling into your 12th house
• Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron aspects

Soulmates by Moon conjunctions in a tight orb of 3

Moon-Moon (strongest aspect)
Moon-Sun/Moon midpoint
Moon in 12th house with only positive aspects


The asteroids i prefer to use to help explain the deep connection shared, especially between twinflames.

DNA (55555) : “I know who you are”
Hypnos (14827) : “Something mysterious” Mystical & Psychic
Aura (1488) : “In your presence i am complete”
Akashi (5881) : “I remember you”
Alma (390) : “The connection is sacred”
Eros (433) : “You bring me erotic feelings and passion:
Valentine (447) : “The love shared is pure and sacrificial”
Psyche (16) : “Soulish love”
Amor (1221) : “Unconditional love”
Union (1585) : “I feel (re)united with you” Linkage of marriage
Destinn (6583) : “Fate”
Aphrodite (1588) : “The higher octave of Venus/Love”

Synastry of Twinflames :


Example :

• Person A = innercircle
• Person B = outercircle

• Person B’s Chiron conjunct to person A DNA = Chiron is also the arrow that points towards the soulmate or a strong soul connection. This combination shows the intense familiarity between the two individuals.

• Person B’s Hypnos in Person A 1st house and conjunct the 2nd house cusp creates a direct linkage of a telepathic bond which is strongly felt by the 1st house person.

• Person A’s Hypnos conjunct to Person B ASC gives a very strong telepathic bond which is immediately felt by the two individuals.

• Person A’s Psyche trine to Eros(not activated in this image) of peron B. (Psyche-Eros is a pair in mythology)

• Person B’s Aura conjunct to Person A Moon is a very clear sing that the two feel completed in eachother’s presence.

• Person B’s DNA conjunct to Person A DSC is a strong indication that they remember eachother as loved ones from the past.

• Person B’s DNA conjunct Person A Vertex is a strong indication of fate that these two individuals meet again.

• Person A’s Juno conjunct Person B SouthNode is an indication of pastlife lovers, husband-wife.

• Person A’s Alma conjunct Person B IC . IC is also seen as a past life Angle and the deepest part of one’s soul, Alma also means Soul. Having a conjunction of Alma to IC is an indication of two soul who reunite into one, who recognize eachother immediately. A true soul union.

• Person A’s Amor conjunct Person B Uranus, Uranus is the ruler of person B’s 7th house, meaning there is an unbreakable bond of unconditional love between these two individuals.

• Person B’s Vertex conjunct Person A MC is an indication of a fated meeting, connection.

• Person B’s Alma falling into Person A 12th house. 12th house is linked to the soulmate and past lives. Having one’s ‘Soul’ (alma) falling in this house has the same meaning as having Alma conjunct the IC. Meeting of souls, soul union and recognition.

• Person B’s Amor falling into Person A 1st house is a sign of unconditional love which is directly felt and shared between the two individuals

• Both individuals have Hypnos on 14 degrees, creating a square aspect, which strengthens the telepathic bond they share.
• Person A’s Hypnos is trine to Person B Amor (1 degree orb), which indicates a strong soulish union.

• Person B’s Alma is trine to Person A Jupiter&Venus (1 degree orb), Creating a soulish love union.