These asteroids can shine some more light onto the connection you have with certain special people in your life. You can use these in your Synastry comparison for better understanding. has a section where you can enter the numbers of the asteroids you want to check.
Conjunctions are the strongest aspect, other aspects are rather weak for the interpretation of asteroids.

These asteroids must touch an inner planet in order to consider it’s powers effective and more pronounced. I’d suggest a tight orb between 0-3 degrees. (Asteroids don’t carry as much “power” as inner planets do, that’s why the orbs must be tight to trigger a reaction from the two.)


Aphrodite (1388) : Rules many similar domains as Venus: sex, love, beauty, romance, connection, friendships, femininity, beauty, home, art, assets.

Aura (1488) : i can totally feel you, you delve under my skin and i don’t know why.. i ask that question everyday but still can’t understand, but in your presence i’m complete.

Angel (11911) : you’re my light. I will always help you, because i can’t do otherwise. I’ll always be there for you. It’s not an obligation, it’s my own intention and wish.

Akashi (5881) : i remember you. You did something back then that i cannot forget. do you feel that too?

Alma (390) : your soul is united with mine, no matter what we do here on earth, it’s just a lesson, our connection is deep and sacred from above. Asteroid of the soul. If Alma touches a personal planet it signifies someone who sees their other half in you, wanting to know you on a deeper level, into your soul.

Amor (1221) : Expresses a loving kindnesss that is given without judgment or expectation of return.

Agapenor (5023) : i love you just for who you are, you don’t need to change, it doesn’t matter. We share that bond that will last forever even if we part..

Ceres- (1) : Asteroid of nurture and care. It also shows unconditional love, parenting-like love.

Companion (8490) : They want to be around you 24/7

Cupido (763) : Radiates love, the look of love, infatuated with you, struck by cupid’s arrow.

Child (4580) : Asteroid of the inner child. Pure, untouched, unfiltered, raw, and innocent love.

DNA (55555): something very similar, i know who you are, we are alike. You cannot do anything to make me question that.
Tends to stay together for a very long time (when tightly conjunct to an angle or Sun, Moon)

Destinn (6583) : it’s like we’re meant to be together. We part, we go our own ways, but somehow destiny always puts us on the one road again. Feeling a strong connection to you, fate or destiny like.

Devine (3561): there is a bond between us – something of a higher purpose or something. It’s not describable in earthly themes, anyway.

Eureka (Greek) (5261) : i finally found you! You’re the answer to my prayers!

Eros(433) : Asteroid of erotic feelings, indication of sexual attraction at first sight of touching your rising.

Hypnos (Greek) (14827): something mysterious between you two, a mystical and psychic link which as i believe, also does not begin in this lifetime, but way longer time ago.

Hehe(harmony) (200002): is the name of Suzhou Hehe Culture Foundation. “Hehe” is a traditional Chinese symbol representing good marriage and loving family. It symbolizes the goodwill of ordinary people to live peacefully and healthy.”

Juno (3) : Asteroid of marriage, seeing the other person as their spouse, their closest lover. A spouse as in staying with the person through thick and thin.

Knight (29391) : Will defend you, won’t betray you, shows complete, submissive loyalty.

Karma (3811) : there’s a meaning for this relationship, rooted in the past, but it could just show the natural understanding of that, that it feels karmic, but not necessarily shows anything particular, like other asteroids would indicate. Destined to meet due to karmic dues in a past-life, unfinished business.

Loving (432971) : Kinda self explanatory. Great for synastry and composite charts.

Lust (4386) : Similar to Eros, but a stronger “want” for you. A great sexual awakening.

Lyubimets (10761) : means “darling” in Russian. Look up this one in synastries with people, who are dear to you.

Psyche (16) : Unconscious attraction to the other person, feeling like you’ve known them from somewhere.

Pholus (5145) : Asteroid of changing events, life changing, a relationship that changed them, the turning point.

Priapus (h22) : Physical attraction, wanting to be physical.

Reiki (5239) : your presence alone is able to heal my wounds, you helped me in the past, you continue doing it now..

Spirit (37452) : you raise me up. i can do pretty much anything when you’re around. I believe in myself more, and that’s why i like you. For what you make me feel when we’re together.

Svyaztie (37556) : “tie” in English and “Svyaz” in Russian mean “Connection”

Valentine- (447) : Asteroid of pure love. Valentine is the kind of sacrificial love in which the lover will throw himself in front of the bus to protect his beloved.

Union (1585) : Marriage, wanting to marry, wanting a connection.

Asteroid pairs

Psyche (16) + Eros (433)
Isis (42) + Osiris (1923)
Eva (164) + Adam (6461)
Hera (103) + Zeus (5731)
Queen (5457) + King (2305)
Ask (4894) + Embla (4895)
Tristan (1966) + Isolda (211)
Akhenaten (326290) + Echnaton (4415)
Pluto + (399) Persephone / Persephone (26)
Saturn + Rhea (577)
Uranus + Gaea (1184)
Neptune + Salacia (120347)

Negative pairs (abusive, unhealthy)

Adams (1996) + Lilith (1181)
Epimetheus (1810) + Pandora (55)
Hephaistos (2212) +Venus/Aphrodite (1388)
Ixion (28978) + Nephlele (431)
Jason (6063) + Medea (212)
Narcissus (37117) + Echo (60)
Nessus (7066) + Dejanira (157)
Philomela (196) + Thereus (32532)
Thereus (32532) + Ariadne (43)

You can find more information on the few most commonly used asteroids in astrology here .