Sexdrive in the Natal chart is mostly seen by Venus-Mars aspects and by the 5th & 8th house. But there are more aspects that indicate a high sexdrive. Some of them are because of low self esteem, such as Venus-Saturn aspects. Venus in Capricorn can easily detach themselves from the emotional connection to sex. And Northnode-Mars/Pluto aspects is about aggression. Aspects with Pluto and Northnode are more so about deep hunger and passion. Mars aspects can be of a more aggressive nature.


Mars is the planet that represents our physical energy and drive. The element in which it’s placed, can give away much about the most fundamental approach towards sexual energy and drive.

Mars in Fire sign : Fast, passionate, impulsive, adventurous
Mars in Earth sign : Stamina, slow approach, touch oriented, sensual
Mars in Air sign : Experimental, adaptive, fast
Mars in water sign : Intimate,  soulful, intense, dreamy

Sign placement of Mars

I already mentioned these here. But will list down how the sign placement indicates what’s needed
for arousal or attraction to a potential sexual partner. What Mars seeks in a lover.

Aries : Needs physical attractiveness, instinctive approach
Taurus : Needs sensuality and pleasing of the 5 senses
Gemini : Needs intellect, playfulness, change and verbal approach
Cancer : Needs nurturing, soft approach, to be pleased
Leo : Needs it wild and dramatic, wants to feel validated
Virgo : Needs to be of service to you, and please you
Libra : Needs physical attractiveness, romanticism, equal approach
Scorpio : Needs a soulconnection, wants to delve into the deepest
Sagittarius : Needs adventure and passion, it needs to be wild and expansive
Capricorn : Needs physical touch and slow approach
Aquarius : Needs a kinky approach, experimental, needs intellectual attractiveness
Pisces : Needs a soulful approach, needs it to be dreamy and total merging

In the Birthchart 

• Heavy populated 5th house
• Venus / Mars / Uranus / Jupiter / Neptune / Pluto in 5th
• Ruler of 8th house in 5th house
• 5th house in sagittarius
• Venus in Capricorn / Virgo
• Venus square / opposite Saturn
• Venus-Pluto aspects
• Venus-Mars aspects
• Venus in air or fire signs
• Venus-Neptune aspects
• Mars square / opposite Saturn
• Mars-Uranus aspects
• Mars conjunct Northnode
• Mars conjunct / opposite / square Pluto
• Mars-Neptune aspects
• Northnode / Mars / Pluto / Neptune in 8th
• Northnode in Aries / Scorpio
• Eros in Virgo
• Lilith in 1st or 8th house
• Lilith conjunct Mars / Northnode

Sexual transits 

• Mars sextile / conjunct Mars
• Mars opposite / square Venus
• Mars sextile / conjunct Northnode
• Mars sextile / conjunct / Square Pluto
• Northnode trine Northnode
• Jupiter – Pluto
• Jupiter – Mars
• Pluto sextile Pluto
• Mars sextile / trine / conjunct Lilith
• Mars in 1st, 5th, 8th and 12th house
• Northnode in the 5th or  8th house