There are several indications in the birthchart to see & understand an individual’s sexual style.

1) Mars : Drive & action
2) Lilith :
Fantasies & darkside
3) Eros :

Mars in the signs (BDSM style)

Aries : Dominant – Daddy-Mommy – Primal // Quick & Primitive
Taurus : Daddy-Mommy – Owner – Foodsex – Ropeplay // Sensual
Gemini : Dirty talk – Ploy – Gay – Swinger – Sexting // Playful & Verbal
Cancer : Submissive – Little – Tits – Oral // Nurturing & Pleasing
Leo : Performer – Mister-Mistress – Sextape – Sugar // Fiery
Virgo : Mentor – Slave – Pet – Anal // Serving 
Libra : Romantic – Bottom – Submissive // Gentle
Scorpio : Switch – Powerplay – Dominant – SadoMasochist // Soulful
Sagittarius : Exhibitionist – Nudist – Voyeur // Adventurous
Capricorn : Master-Mistress – Powerplay – Sadist // Longlasting
Aquarius : Roleplay – Chatsex – Freak // Perverted
Pisces : Brat – Experimentalist – Submissive – Feetfetish // Romantic

Lilith in the signs

Aries :
Very dominant by impulse. Fiercely competitive and independent. Can be ruthlessly aggressive. Wants it now or not at all. Must learn to control their extreme passions.

Taurus :
Irresistable, incredibly sensual. They love sex and affection and will do almost everything for pleasure. Must learn to control their sensuality and possessiveness.

Gemini :
They are never satisfied. Very curious, superficial and skeptical. A bit childish. They have extreme moodswings. They must learn to communicate about what they want.

Cancer :
Very submissive and highly intuitive. They can become emotionally manipulative. Suffer with intense separation anxiety. They must learn to find independence.

Leo : 
Narcissism, attention seeking and mirrors turn them on (so they can watch themselves perform). Sex is performing to them. Must learn to tame the ego.

Virgo : 
Obsessive perfectionist. Sexual servant, enjoys degrading sex. Suffers from  sexual shame and repression. Must learn to overcome feelings of guilt.

Libra : 
Incredibly seductive. Irresistable charm. Must learn to accept people as they are.

Scorpio : 
Incredibly seductive, hunting down lovers like prey. Hauntingly erotic sex. Obsessive and jealous. Must learn the value of trust.

Sagittarius : 
Wants everything in excess. Easily aroused. Must learn to have faith.

Capricorn : 
Completely ruthless. Become bitter and ice cold when hopes and desires are not met. Career is often connected to sex. Must learn to draw a line between emotions and ambitions.

Aquarius : 
Sexual rebel. Outspoken and obsessed with freedom. Must learn empathy.

Pisces : 
Fantasy over reality. Submissive, voyeurism. Sex is their escape. Deeply repressed emotions. Must learn to draw a line between reality and fantasy.

More info on Lilith :

Eros in the signs

Aries : Intensely passionate, spontaneous attractions, need for excitement
Taurus : Monogamous, Primal affection, scent, tendency to possess
Gemini : Foreplay, dirty talk, mental stimulation
Cancer : Sex is nurturing, intuitive, caring and tender
Leo : Loves to be worshiped, affairs, passion, drama
Virgo : Sober, need for mutual intellect and approach to sex
Libra : Romantic, submissive, very focused onto the partner
Scorpio : Mystery, sexual merging, transformative experience, primal
Sagittarius : Sex is sport, optimistic approach, adventurous
Capricorn : Needs cooperation & hardworking partners are seen as sexy
Aquarius : Need for odd things, mental approach, pure and raw
Pisces : Sex is a spiritual act, desire to be needed, self-sacrifice

Sexual Behavior 

The Descendant in the natal chart gives more information on what an individual wants and needs within sex,
how they act.

Fire DSC : Enjoys performing, involved in sexual activities. Takes a long time to climax
Earth DSC : Practical and sober
Air DSC : Secret liking for sex. Trying to conceal their sexual feelings.
Water DSC : Highly passionate, Not very sex oriented.

• Movable/ Dual Signs : Native likes to separate immediately after sex
• Fixed signs : Native likes to remain in deep embrace after sex

Natal Placements 

Mars conjunct or trine Uranus : Kinky
Mars conjunct Venus : Sexy and magnetic
Mars conjunct Northnode : Nymphomaniac
Mars conjunct Pluto : Powerful, dominant and very passionate
Mars square Venus : Dominant, not a very feministic sexual style
Mars opposite Uranus : Unconventional desires, kinky
Venus conjunct Northnnode : Never really satisfied
Sun conjunct Pluto : Dominant
Sun conjunct Northnode : Strong masculine energy
Lilith conjunct Uranus : Unconventional desires
Lilith in 12 : Unusual, dark and vivid fantasies

Planets in the 7th house : 

• Sun : Aggressive in sex
• Moon : Excitement and readiness for sex
• Mercury : Premature ejaculation or nervous exhaustion
• Venus : Love for sex, Very aroused
• Mars : Vigorious and impatient
• Jupiter : Engagement in ardent love
• Saturn : Cool sex and mean outlook on sex union
• Uranus : Independent and unconventional in sex
• Neptune : Sex addicted
• Pluto : Obsessive desires and very dominant
• Northnode : Unsatisfied, sex for exchange
• Southnode : Hypersensitive, premature discharge

Sexual degrees

8° Aries : sexual problems
17° Aries : sexual emotionalism, problems
18-19° Aries : sexual and romantic emotionalism
22° Aries : strong sexual desires
23° Aries : strong sexual need
24° Aries : excess sexual activity (repressed creative energy)
28° Taurus : sexual perversions
25° Gemini
3° Cancer : sexual cravings, unusual
8° Cancer : illicit sexual relationships
1° Leo : sexual overtone
15° Leo : Sexual problems
23° Leo : sexual degree
2° Virgo : sexual misfit
11° Virgo : may seduce and rape
13° Virgo : perverted thinking, unusual sex life
19° Virgo : pervert, dirtiness
22° Virgo : excess sexual energy or drive
8° Libra : sexual problems
17° Libra : sexual problems
23° Libra : homosexuality
25° Libra : sexual degree
7° Scorpio : adventurous sexual urges
11° Scorpio : lustful
14° Scorpio : fetishist
15° Scorpio : underlying selfish sexual motives
12° Sagittarius : excess sexual passion
13° Sagittarius : troublesome sexual behavior
8° Capricorn : sexual impotence probably
4° Aquarius : selfish sexual urges
13° Aquarius
16° Aquarius : pervert
18° Aquarius : perverted sexual passion
23° Aquarius : sexual problems (rheumatism)
26° Pisces : sexually promiscuous


Mars in Aries is known to be quick, selfcentered and loves doggytyle, but much depends on other indicators of the natal chart to see how it manifests and how the native behaves during sex. Sex is different with everyone, so a native can act differently with different sexual partners.

When Mars in Aries is receiving harmonious aspects, the sexual expression is more balanced and healthy. The person knowns what he/she wants and is secure in own sexuality. If Mars receives a lot of hard aspects, it creates difficulties in the sexuality of the native. So keep an eye on this one. Hard aspects can be overcome, but it’s very challenging for both partners if one has a difficult Mars in the natal chart.
Mars trine Saturn shows a sexual style in which the native prefers to have long sessions, slow and steady.
Mars square Neptune shows confusion around own sexual expression and could also indicate addiction.
Mars trine Uranus shows a person to be kinky and loves to try out new things,
Whilst Mars square Uranus can cause restlessness as the native is confused over what kind of kink he/she feels attracted to. a Mars-Uranus aspect is often linked to kinks.
Mars square Jupiter can indicate a person who is to fast, could be a bit impatient.
Mars sextile/trine Sun , especially in a male chart, shows a native who is comfortable with his own masculinity, his sexual expression and ego are balanced, which is very important if you ask me. Hard aspects between Mars and Sun can show someone to be competitive, which for some can be fun in the bedroom, but harmonious aspects is what i personally advice.
Mars sextile/trine Moon shows a native that acts out of emotion, one who needs feelings for arousal, usually the native is very nurturing towards the partner.
Mars in aspect to Northnode shows a high sexdrift, someone who seems to be never satisfied, especially with the hardaspects. They can experience sudden urges.
Mars conjunct Pluto shows a native to have a strong sexuality with very outspoken desires, the native needs soulconnection for arousal. Mars-Pluto can show a native to love power during the sexual act and can make one kinky aswell.
Mars square Saturn is one of the more difficult aspects to have as it brings sexual karma in most cases and restrictions in sexlife, such as attracting partners that don’t satisfy the needs, or encountering lots of obstacles within intimate relationships.
Mars square Moon shows a native to have very powerful emotions and urges, could show a native to be impatient aswell.