As i’ve mentioned ‘twinflames’ before on my website, i wanted to continue writing about this specific experience.
One that many people seem to be curious about, to the point it’s becoming a hype. Over the past year i’ve grown more skeptical towards the idea of the twinflame, tho i do not reject its existence.
But, I would say it’s wise to have a sober approach as this connection is a powerful and rare one.

It’s difficult to give clear cut astrological indications that would confirm one to be your Twinflame.
It’s a mix of :
Spiritual events
What the Synastry & Composite show
Transits during the meeting
Symbolism in real life

You can find more info about the ‘typical’ occurrences here

Some background on my personal journey….

• 2012/2013 : Re-occurring dreams about a foreign man, feeling homesick upon awakening
2017 : Online meeting with this foreign man
2018 : LDR
2019 : Breakup through a shitstorm of chaos and mess in my personal life
2019/2020 : Confusing ups & downs
2020 (December) : First physical meeting

And it’s that last point i’m going to write about now…

We met online when Venus and Neptune were exactly conjunct in the skies. This happened in my 12th house back in 2017. It makes sense as this connection has had an abnormal amount of impact onto several areas within my life especially on a spiritual level. I have never been able to pinpoint anything with clarity into reality. Everything was and remains a mystery, a union of intuitive interactions and actions. During the timeframe of those dreams, transit Neptune was squaring my Nodes, and opposing my Moon. We have the exact same Moon, so this means Neptune was doing the same for him but in his 8th house.

First Virtual Meeting chart :

Transits :
Venus conjunct Neptune exact
Pluto conjunct Union exact

The Venus-Neptune aspect happens every year. Neptune is sacrificial and spiritual energy, but it’s also the higher octave of Venus. To have these two conjunct in the sign of Pisces, creates a very dreamy, romantic and spiritual sense of divine love. However, not to forget to mention the amount of idealization and delusion that could come with it too. Having this occur in transits doesn’t necessary mean ”Twinflame”, however it is a fact that the concept is getting known and popular the last few years, (Since Neptune moves into Pisces?) more twinflame couples popping up on the webs with crazy stories. I personally see a link with this conjunction taking place in Pisces. You could call it a divine portal. (Or i do)

The Pluto-Union aspect is one you can literally translate to ‘plutonic union’ , if you will. The Twinflame is often called, referred or mistaken as plutonic. Asteroid Union moves approximately 6 degrees per month, it’s slower than Venus. This means that having these two exact conjunctions happening at the same day, (Venus-Neptune & Pluto-Union) is rather rare.

From my own experience, the twinflame connection does know several stages in which there certainly is a chapter of intense pain, but never have i ever experienced destructive toxicity. The love always remained solid, sometimes expressed through pain, low vibrational anger, tears or literal words of poetic love. It’s important that we use the constructive side of this Plutonic energy. To encounter your twinflame, will always shock you at first, but in a good way. It kickstarts your soul’s journey to some serious doses of higher knowledge and self discovery. The experience of knowing you both exist is transformational on many levels (Pluto). But it requires a ton of unconditional love to conquer the internal crisis that you will face (Neptune).

You not only meet your twinflame, but you also meet yourself, again. Or for the first time as it certainly feels like you’re waking up from a dream, a.k.a your life prior to this meeting.

First Physical Meeting chart :
18-12-2020 4:07PM

Transit :
ASC 21′ (= Foreign)
Moon conjunct MC (= Emotional meeting/event)
Venus conjunct Union (= Unity of love)
Sun conjunct the Galactic Center (= Portal)

Especially the Sun on the GC is rather significant. really, much, yes.

Natal chart

Transits to Natal :
T Venus conjunct NN exact (= karmic romance)
T Sun conjunct Amor exact on GC (= highlighting unconditional love)
T Juno conjunct Mars exact
T Cupid conjunct Saturn exact
His Transit Name asteroid was Trine to my Natal Union exact
(Not inserting this for now due to privacy, maybe later)
T Jupiter square Venus exact (= opportunity in love matters)


Transits to Composite :
T Venus conjunct Venus 3′ applying (= new cycle in love)
T Eros conjunct Psyche 1′ applying (= divine couple)
T Destinn conjunct Destinn 2′ applying (= gates of destiny are opened)
T Amor conjunct MC 1′ separating (= expression of unconditional loving)
T Cupid conjunct Amor 2′ separating (= erotic loving)
T Jupiter conjunct Cupid exact (= shoot the arrow in my heart)

I had transit Venus exactly conjunct to my natal Northnode the moment we met in the physical world, indicating karmic romance. It’s a fact that we have a karmic contract, but it’s not a negative one. It’s more so a continuation of what ever existed in a far away past. Around that time, Juno, Union and Venus were gathering up nice and cozy in a conjunction.
These 3 were conjunct to my natal Northnode and Mars in my 8th house and conjunct to his Sun/Moon midpoint. What happened in the skies, happened in the real world for me. Transit Venus was conjunct the Composite Northnode too, what i considered to be mindblowing.

As we met 4 years ago, we faced several stages of total confusion, because everything happened online and in the soul.
Eventually there was finally a timeframe in which we were given the opportunity to meet, so we took that chance to figure out if all what we felt and experienced, was real.

My first impression was happiness and i naturally embraced him. It felt very comforting and completely normal.
The first day was with intense ups and downs, old tears resurfaced. But after that things healed. Everything we ever felt, was validated in real life, and the experience itself was even more intense and beautiful. Eye contact was very direct without any hesitation, shame or discomfort. We could stare into each other’s eyes for half an hour straight. This element was the strongest factor of everything, the eyes.

We have spent almost 3 weeks being physically close to each other, and this is all we have ever gotten.
Those weeks were incredibly eye-opening on many levels. It’s a memory i cherish forever.
The last time i saw him, was able to experience him through my sense is January 4th 2021 4:04 PM and here the physical journey ends, probably forever.