Perspective on Twinflame love while being in a (karmic) relationship.
Perspective from an earlier stage within the Twinflame journey.

[I’m writing a book on this whole journey and experience]

But what if the most purest form of love isn’t physically manifested,
Due to many reasons of which self-love and transformation are most prominent.
How to even begin explaining to a partner that there is a soul out there in the world that you love unconditionally, that will be your forever home.
I guess it takes a long while, a long inward process to find the right words to describe something that is so out of this 3rd dimension.
It takes a painful realization and acceptance for the partner to know that you cant answer them when they tell you; that you are their soulmate, or their other half. While they have no clue of the rare journey you are on. That they might not even understand the essence of the principle ‘the other half’.

The best way that i have found so far in understanding the Twinflame journey, is that not only my soul is split in half, but that my overal existence is also split into my spiritual and physical existence. Into my higher sub-dimension and the well known 3rd dimension. That on a higher level, i love the other half of my soul deeply. And that in the level of life here on earth; i love my physical partner.
But in no way, will there ever be a more divine love that what i have felt with the real other half of me, called the Twinflame.

Trying to convince the possible thoughts your partner might have ; that you are not being brainwashed, schizophrenic, and certainly not polyamorous, is a thing so difficult and not many can understand because in the first place it’s already hard to understand it yourself with the capacity of the limited human brain. Let alone that another human can ever understand something that not many of us will ever experience in their lifetime. And will certainly not understand it, if they haven’t felt unconditional love, ever.

It’s as simple as, “I recognize and remember” , but not only do i recognize, i know the divine other from the inside out without much words, without much physical confirmation. It’s as simple as, “I Trust without warning you about anything”, That i trust what my twin will say, that i know that he knows what to say. It’s as simple as, “I know i feel comfortable in the hold of your arms” And as simple as “I don’t care what you look like”. It’s as simple as, “I know your frequencies, i know your energy and most of all, i know your soul, because it’s part of me, and i know who i am”. It’s as simple as,.. “I know you are and will be  always with me, the physical dimension is mortal, but the existence of our split soul is eternal” And that there is no need for any physical validation that we love, just so purely. With the best intentions.
And i love you too, for loving me unconditionally.

When you get thrown onto this earth ball, the simplest path ahead of you, is to learn, grow and create your own life. People will enter and eventually most of them will disappear. Some of them give you a sense of physical security, a safe feeling that you will come home to someone, a safe feeling that you can communicate and have this physical warmth nearby. But once the foundations of the relationship start to fall apart, so does our sense of inner stability. And you are asked to move on, and again, you find yourself alone. You find yourself to have been connected for a certain period of time to another human being, that in the meaning of the universe, was only present to teach the lessons attached to who you should become.

By the knowledge of the Twinflame, and the physical habit of human life, we are used to having a physical presence with us, someone that reflects, projects and reacts with words and deeds. Someone that holds us when we feel cold or when we cry. But the real healing is what’s within. Your own physique is mortal, can only be healed for the time it’s alive. But the soul can carry aches until eternity.

By splitting one’s soul, and giving it two bodies, this tendency of human reflection and presence is soothed in a way. But what it all really comes down to, is that this whole twinflame journey, is a walk with yourself. A conversation with the self, because no one else is able to understand you, feel you, heal you, guide you and teach you, the way you can do it for yourself. So, the other half of you is doing so, by splitting itself into two pieces. See it as an inner voice that takes on the shape of a living being, of which we are ‘most in tune with’ to communicate with. Because at the beginning, no one is really in touch with their soul, but by encountering the other half in some form or way, you slowly root back to the most purest essence of the self.

And in this process, you are walking towards your soul’s purpose.

The true beauty is that you eventually feel at peace, to come home to yourself. That you do not need the validation of another to love you, but that you do it for yourself in the first place. And the main message of Unconditional love, is that it’s all rooted back to “you come alone and you die alone’, ofcourse into this physical world. But that you should not want to own someone, to not see another being as your property because your inner most instincts want the physical warmth of a caring soul nearby. That Unconditional love means, to set free. To free yourself from becoming dependent on another to make you feel happiness. To love and respect the other so freely that you loosen your grip, and trust that they will bloom. And by doing that, you learn to love yourself. the whole self, in which it creates higher union of the two pieces that make up you.