It’s easier to understand how to be present in a relationship, once you know what the main theme and keynote is. However finding that information is rather tricky and complex. Via you can get the keynote with one click on ‘relationship horoscope‘, but the full report is a paid one. It bothered me that i got this information so easily without knowing how to point it out. So in my search for understanding, i wish to share with you the common indications that point towards the relationship theme. Techniques you can use to figure out the amplified energies.
Keep in mind there is no clear cut technique that will show you with just one aspect what the theme is, impossible.

1) Most exact aspect

The aspect that’s most exact in the Synastry, will play a big role in pointing towards the main theme of the relationship.  Which should be 0 degree orb, or 1 degree at most.
The same applies to the composite chart.

2) Synastry vs Composite

Let’s say, you have Saturn square Venus in your Synastry chart and Venus opposite Saturn in the Composite. Than you can safely say that this will be a theme in the relationship. Especially when more planets are in (hard) aspect to one of the two involved planets, such as Mars conjunct Saturn in combination with the opposition of Venus in the composite.

• Repeating aspect between two planets

3) Composite chart

I’ve noticed how conjunctions with the composite Sun bring an amplified meaning to the relationship. Such as having Mars conjunct Sun, may bring a more sexual theme to the relationship, whilst Sun conjunct Jupiter will bring mutual advancement.
• Planets in 1st
• Conjunctions with the Sun
• Conjunction to ASC
• House placement of Northnode

4) Amplified points in composite

Often forgotten, but incredibly powerful. I devoted two pages to the fixed stars & points as well as the symbolic degrees in Astrology. Use these lists when you do your research :
Fixed points
Symbolic degrees

Best to use on :
• ASC – IC – DSC – MC
• Planets

Cardinal signs (aries, cancer, libra, capricorn): 0, 13, 26 degrees
Fixed signs (taurus, leo, scorpio, aquarius): 8, 9, 21, 22 degrees
Mutable signs (gemini, virgo, sagittarius, pisces): 4, 17 degrees

When a planet or angle is on a certain degree in that certain sign, you can expect more focus on that area in your life.

Example 1 : 


Situation in reality :
The couple has profound communication issues. Difficulty being open with one another regards personal struggles. Intimacy blockage, Their timing to show affection differs, missing each other’s signals.

Most exact aspect :
Synastry > Moon square Mercury with an orb of 0°21’ .
This immediately shows issues regards emotional expression, communication and a lack of feeling understood.
Composite > Venus opposite Saturn with an orb of 0°30’ .
This shows difficulty in expression of feelings.

Synastry vs Composite :
Okay, the synastry may not be present here but take it from me that there is a square of Saturn and Venus present, which also shows up in their composite chart. Therefore i know this will be amplified in their daily & intimate life together.

Composite :
Northnode in 7th, shows a need to cooperate as a team. It’s the purpose of this relationship to work together harmoniously, the lesson is to make partnership work.
Sun conjunct Jupiter shows mutual advancement, it falls on the IC which brings luck and prosperity to the relationship, this is their strength, they are natural friends and this should be a help in overcoming their issues.

Fixed points & symbolic degrees :

Coincidentally they all fall onto a specific degree that bring a more highlighted energy. (The list with the cardinal-fixed-mutable signs i mentioned above)
I was personally rather impressed & shocked when i saw this.

• Sun in Virgo : 4 degrees = Amplified
• Mercury in Leo : 22 degrees = Amplified
• Venus in Leo : 8 degrees = Amplified
• Saturn in Aquarius : 8 degrees = Amplified
• Uranus in Capricorn : 13 degrees = Amplified

Okay, and now ?
The house in which the amplified planet falls into will express his energy there.
It’s Mercury that the universe highlights here AND in the 3rd house of communication. Remember i mentioned this couple to have communication issues? Here you have yet another indication that it is a theme.
An amplified planets doesn’t have to be negative, but it will play out more negative if it receives hard aspects, which in this case it does by a square from Pluto.
Venus is also amplified in this case with contradictory energies :
• Saturn in exact opposition to Venus, while Saturn coincidentally also falls onto an amplified degree. So the theme is brought to the surface in this relationship, which is about a low self-esteem, coldness in affection.
• Saturn in amplified degree while being conjunct to Mars is just one more kick in the ass for the couple because they already have an amplified aspect of coldness, however with the Mars-Saturn it will worsen because these two energies create conflict and friction, such as one being cold while the other is hot ; wrong and different times in expressing their erotic affection.
• Saturn sitting in the 8th house is an indication of sexual issues, however the fact it falls onto an amplified degree is self explanatory.

Example 2 :

bb comp

Situation in reality :
The couple struggles with their individual self-image and an eating disorder. They experience issues within their sex life and there is a manipulative energy present between them. Power struggles and quarrels that lead to explosion. However they are natural friends and share deep feelings with each other in a sober setting in combination with long conversations about eccentric topics.

Most exact aspect :
Synatry > Pluto square Mars with an orb of  0°03’ .
This shows a huge sexual attraction at first but it has an explosive nature in which power struggles may arise. This brings sexual issues & tensions in the relationship.
Composite > Sun sextile Saturn with an orb of 0°52’.
This shows they can rely on each other and have trust.

Synastry vs Composite :
In the Synastry they have Sun opposite Moon, this aspect repeats itself in the Composite.
This highlights frustration.
In the synastry they have a double whammy of Sun square Mercury, this repeats itself in the Composite with a Sun conjunct Mercury

Composite :
Northnode in 6th, shows a need for structuring their daily life together. A shared focus onto health and fitness.
Sun conjunct Mercury,  shows the couple to be very talkative with each other, sharing of ideas and opinions.

Fixed points & symbolic degrees :

• ASC in Gemini : 21 degrees = Eccentric couple
• IC in Virgo : 18 degree = Unlucky, disease
• MC in Pisces : 18 degrees = Unlucky, disease
• Mercury in Sagittarius : 25 degrees = Mental, verbal & spiritual attack
• NN in Scorpio : 21 degrees = Loss, perverted couple, lack of self-control
• Lilith in Taurus : 8 degrees = Amplified

A theme is when energies repeat itself in a chart. Of course there’s always be the possibility of having more than just 1 amplified planet, symbolic degree, fixed point,.. in combination with so many other things. The point is that you use your common sense while doing an interpretation regards these few techniques.
If Mercury seems to be the repeating theme in the synastry vs composite while its on a fixed point or specific degree, than you can conclude that everything regards communication, pleasure, intellectual exchange and journeys will be a theme in the relationship. If it’s going to be positive or negative is something you have to conclude by the aspects which the amplified planet receives in both synastry and composite. (refers to the 1st chart example of mercury in amplified degree with hard aspect from pluto)