Conjunction ☌
=> 0 Degrees (0-6) or in the same sign/house
Energies blend, can cause friction
Considered harmonious depending on the planets involved
Could act as a blind spot especially with the Sun (=combust)
In aspect maximum orb of 6°

Sextile ⚹
=> 60 Degrees or 2 signs/houses apart
Energies supporting eachother, makes lazy
Considered harmonious but makes lazy, weakest aspect, shows talents
In aspect maximum orb of 3°

Square □
=> 90 Degrees or 3 signs/houses apart
Creates friction, considered hard and challenging, stimulates action
Could be considered as ‘good’ because it stimulates action
In aspect maximum orb of 3°

Trine △
=> 120 Degrees or 4 signs/houses apart
Assists and brings opportunities, natural talents
Considered harmonious, cooperative energy of two planets
In aspect maximum orb of 12°

Opposition ☍
=> 180 Degrees or in the opposite sign/house
Attraction, considered hard and challenging
Different energies
In aspect maximum orb of 5°