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Certain factors are responsible for triggering the desire to do some sort of sexwork. Sexwork is a very broad industry, it doesn’t always require being naked. However to some parts of society the idea of sexually pleasuring another (unknown) human in exchange for money is still considered taboo.

A few examples :
• Camgirl
• Femdom
• Findom
• BDSM-mentor/instructor
• Adult content creator
• Phonesex operator
• Porn actress/actor
• Porn producer
• Porn author
• Erotic literature
• Sex-toy tester

Triggers for interest regards adult work :
It can come from just a simple appreciation towards being sexually open, being an nymphomaniac (sex addict). But it can also have triggers within negative events in life that are linked to sexual abuse. Some who never overcome their wounds may get lost in the darkness of them, thinking that selling yourself is your worth in life. For others the abuse has been a trigger for gaining back your sexual power and strength.
I have written about sexual trauma aswell.

Sexwork in the birthchart

An individual will have a more amplified interest in ‘using’ their body and appearances for sexual activities when the ASC is activated and linked to the houses who cover these areas in life : 5th, 8th, 12th house .

1st house : Physical appearance, condition and approach to yourself
2nd house : Sensuality, self-worth, Money & savings
5th house : Romance, casual sex, acting/performing
8th house : Money of others, sexual activities, taboo’s (=sexwork)
10th house : Social reputation & status
12th house : Hidden activities

10th house is also activated regards an individual who makes a legit career out of sexwork. This will be less prominent or not at all for individuals who do sexwork as a hobby (5th house) or only attempt it for a shorter period of time in life (such as a few months).
However an interest to finding work in the adult industry is more amplified when :
ASC or MC ruler : in 5th, 8th or 12th house
ASC or MC ruler : in harmonious aspect to 5th, 8th or 12th ruler

• Sexual planets in 1st : Lilith, Mars, Venus
• Lilith in 1st, 10th, 12th house
• Lilith in Aries, Leo, Capricorn
• Leo, Scorpio, Pisces energy
• Link between ASC and 5th or 8th house
• Link between 2nd to 5th or 8th house
• Link between 10th to 5th or 8th house
• Stellium : 5th, 8th, 12th house

The sign your MC falls into is not necessary important. However it points out to having interest in doing sexwork when the MC is linked to the physical, such as :
• MC in Aries, Leo or 1st house

Influence of Lilith :
Lilith is known for her raw sexuality, the rebel and the woman who is hard to satisfy.
Sometimes she is also shown as the ‘Femme Fatal’ , the destroyer of male ego.
You can find more on Lilith : Sexual style

Lilith in Aries : Using her body as sexual ‘weapon’
Lilith in Taurus : Seeing sex as a source of income
Lilith in Gemini : Sex as a playground
Lilith in Cancer : Sex as a tool for healing
Lilith in Leo : Sex as Performance and hobby
Lilith in Virgo : Sex as a service
Lilith in Libra : Sex as seduction to gain from others
Lilith in Scorpio : Sex as a tool for power and taking money
Lilith in Sagittarius : Sex as a teacher and adventure
Lilith in Capricorn : Seeing sex as business
Lilith in Aquarius : Sex as an act against the community
Lilith in Pisces : Sex as escapism

Birthchart examples of Sexworkers

Example 1 : Fem/Findom & Content creator

• Lilith 1st (angular house)
• Scorpio stellium
• ASC ruler in 8th
• Mars (1st & 8th) trine ASC
• Mars-Pluto-NN conjunction in 8th
• MC in 12th (behind the scenes)
• 8th in Scorpio

Example 2 : Camgirl, Porn, Content creator
• Lilith 1st (angular house)
• 8th setllium
• MC ruler in 8th
• Pluto in 10th
• 8th in Leo (performing)

Example 3 : Camgirl
• Lilith in Aquarius in 2nd (online sexual activities for money)
• 8th in Leo (performing)
• 8th (sun) trine Saturn (sex business)
• Venus in 10th (sensualism)

Example 4 : Fem/Findom, Porn
• Lilith in 12th
• Venus in Leo 5th house (Love of performing)
• ASC ruler = Venus in 5th
• 8th ruler trine Saturn (sex business)
• 5th ruler conjunct 2nd ruler (earning through sexual performances)