Sex is ruled by the sign Scorpio and the 8th house of intimacy. Casual sex falls under the 5th house and addictions are ruled by the planet Neptune and the 12th house.

Neptune = Addiction
Pluto = Passion, sex, intensity
Mars = Sex drive
Northnode = Unsatisfied

5th house = Romanticism, casual sex, flings
8th house = Sex, intimacy, intensity
12th house = Addictions, escapism

Natal placements that enhance the sexdrive

• Mars in 5th, 8th or 12th
• Mars conjunct Northnode
• Mars conjunct Pluto
• Mars conjunct 5th, 8th or 12th ruler
• Mars in aspect to Neptune
• Mars conjunct Venus
• Mars sextile/trine/conjunct ASC or ASC ruler
• Mars in Aries, Scorpio
• Mars in aspect to Lilith

• Neptune in 5th, 8th or 12th
• Neptune in aspect to 5th, 8th or 12th ruler
• Neptune in aspect to Northnode

• Stellium in 5th or 8th
• Stellium in Aries, Scorpio
• Exchange of 5th and 8th ruler
• 5th ruler in aspect to 8th ruler
• Pluto in 5th, 8th or 12th

• Venus conjunct Northnode
• Venus conjunct Neptune in 5th or 8th
• Venus conjunct Lilith

• Lilith in aspect to Mars or Pluto
• Lilith conjunct Northnode
• Lilith in 1st, 5th, 8th, 12th
• Lilith in aspect to 1st, 5th, 8th, 12th ruler
• Lilith in Aries, Scorpio, Pisces

• Scorpio ASC
• Gemini ASC
• Pisces ASC
• Aries ASC

Transits that awaken the lust for sex

• T Mars in 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th or 12th
• T Mars in aspect to Mars
• T Mars in aspect to Pluto
• T Mars in aspect to 5th or 8th ruler
• T Mars conjunct Lilith or Pluto
• T Mars in aspect to Northnode

• T Moon in 5th or 8th house
• T Venus in aspect to Mars
• T Pluto in 5th, 8th or 12th
• T Pluto sextile/trine Pluto

Whenever the natal ruler of your 5th or 8th house is transiting on your ASC, 5th, 8th or 12th house, it rises your levels of lust.
Hard aspects create friction and an instant urge for sexual activities without much patience, such as having a one night stand, a fling, an affair,…
Especially when it involves the 5th house, this is the house of one night stands.

Uranus :
Uranus transits may also trigger a sudden boost in sexual urges.
When in a harmonious aspect to one of the love/sex related planets, it could bring a new relationship that blossoms out of a sexual adventure, however it’s longevity is unpredictable and rather unsure since it brings two people together who would otherwise not get together. When Uranus makes a hard aspect it could point out to a one night stand or a sexual adventure that leads to nothing more than just a quick pleasure.
IF a relationship comes out of that, it may not be of longterm anyway and the relationship will be colored wit unpredictability.
• T Uranus in aspect to Mars
• T Uranus in aspect to Venus
• T Uranus in aspect to Pluto
• T Uranus in aspect to 5th or 8th ruler

Neptune :
When Transit Neptune is involved with one of the love/sex related planets, it creates illusions in which the feeling with reality is vanished or disturbed, especially when Neptune makes a hard aspect : Conjunction, Square or Opposition. It’s hard for the native to think rationally towards sex and is more likely to reach instinctively/animalistic when a sexual opportunity arises, or the native might indulge into gooning/edging for hours watching porn for example.
Neptune in harmonious aspect may bring an amplified need for romanticism and sensuality, a deep need to merge with another person into a sexual act. Almost as a way of escaping the daily routines.
• T Neptune in aspect to Mars
• T Neptune in aspect to Venus
• T Neptune in aspect to 5th or 8th ruler
• T Neptune in aspect to Lilith

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