[ Warning : May be offensive to sensitive readers ]

Pluto, the lord of the underground. The guardian of death, disease, fear.
The root of psychological changes and stubbornness.
But the source of higher vibrational acceptance, shaped into fearless courage that opens the gates of symbolic death and rebirth.

To be brave enough to look your fear straight in the eye, coming to see that fear itself, is just a result of things that got out of balance and therefore derailed.

For the stages Pluto had dragged me through,
I want to share how to understand and unlock your Plutonic powers for healing purposes. Strength lies within your weakness.

Awareness of your darkness will bring courage to work constructively with it.

It takes time for an individual to reach the point of being ready to die, to dissolve in complete nothingness, to break down your own ego so that it can be rebuild again.
You have to be ready for being okay with change that psychologically reprograms you. You have to feel ready to see light in circumstances beyond your control.
You have to be ready to unconditionally love what brings sorrow to your soul.

So, don’t get mad, don’t feel anger for not being ready for acceptance of any ending in life. You have to develop towards being ready to hold Pluto’s guiding hands through fear, loneliness and pain.

Symbolic death lies within allowance of circumstances to touch you on a deep level.

The stage of transformation exists through shaping darkness into light.

Symbolic rebirth lies within acknowledgement of what had shaped you.

Pluto is fear, sex, trauma, psychology, the dark night of the soul.

You have to become comfortable with lugubrious visions.
It can be overwhelming, maybe mind-blowing, or seen as fucked-up.
If one is able to go through rape and bend it into a sexual fantasy. If one goes through sexual shame & issues, but shaped it into humor. If one goes through an eating disorder but acknowledges the weakened gag-reflex and the ability to deepthroat.
This is Pluto.
Don’t come here when your mindset resides between the walls of society’s standards. Between what is globally accepted.
Allowance of the dark night, brings wisdom to a higher view upon the things.
There is no religion in being able to see things this way. There is no glorification in shaping your pain into a source of constructiveness.
Instead.. It is a tool that adds to your courage and Plutonic optimism.

Let go of what was previously taught to you as the standard. You draw out truth regards the things that have damaged you into something positive. You as the ultimate teacher to yourself in dealing with sorrow.

Tearing down, kicking out old foundations that no longer serve to your purpose in life, that no longer fit the rebuild ego.

Surrendering to pain.
Being present within your wounds.
To bring it understanding and love.
To encourage getting back up.


If you go through breakup, see the area’s where you have learned and grew.
Acknowledge where the situation no longer served to your purpose.

If you go through mourning, see that death isn’t an ending in the soul.
Acknowledge that everything knows an ending, it’s not a negative thing.

If you go through trauma, see where it constructively shaped your fears.
Acknowledge it’s opportunity for healing.

If you suffer a mental disorder, see where it makes you creative.
See where your suffering becomes a source of courage to transform.

If you live on the edge due to Pluto’s power,
Acknowledge that your pain is also your strength.
What hurts us most, is also the source of our willpower.
Bend it. Shape it.