Most of my knowledge is gained through online research, study of real life events, my personal Astrologer, books i’ve purchased and 3 different courses. I personally prefer learning from books rather than video’s as the knowledge is black on white, easy to trace back when you need it. Which is also a reason why i founded this website rather than a Youtube channel, if that makes sense. 
If you purchase one of the books via the links listed below, you not only gain more knowledge but support me too!

I will list my Book and Author recommendations below.


1. The dummies series – Beginners guide
I think most of us have heard about these series, however it’s pretty useful when starting out with studying and understanding Astrology. I personally own this book as it’s good to refresh your knowledge or if you’re a beginner, i would suggest this book :
Astrology for Dummies

2. Linda Goodman – Interpretation of Sunsigns
She is a well known Astrologer and author, one who serves knowledge you can trust. This book is a great start to understand the 12 signs of the zodiac.
The sunsigns

3. Robert hand
His interpretation of the transits is what you get when checking your personal daily horoscope at
If you don’t have a paid account there, you only get to see the transit interpretations of yesterday-today-tomorrow,
However if you’re an Astro nerd like me, it’s nice to have a clear glimpse ahead aswell as learning to understand how transits influence your birth planets. He has several books that i consider high quality for learning Astrology.
Planets in transit
Planets in the Composite

4. Chris Brennen – Hellenistic and Ancient Astrology
He owns his own podcast on youtube and gives a very clear interpretation on how to use the various predictive methods.
I have to say i am quite a fan of his work and strongly suggest to check this man out. you will learn alot, not doubt.
Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice

5. Liz Greene – A more psychological appraoch
She is one of the well known Astologers outthere, actually most of the names mentioned here are, so their books are trustworthy for study, research and understanding.
The Luminaries (Understanding your Sun & Moon , part of a series)
The Astrological Neptune and the quest for redemption (In depth research)

6. Celeste Teal
I personally own this book and find it very informative with clear overviews on several methods on how to predict.
Predicting events

7. Howard Sasportas – Surprise your skeptic friends
I received this book from my mother and it was incredibly insightful in understanding the twelve houses, it’s a pretty thick book, but once finished, you really understand the houses and the areas of life that are connected to them. This book is a slap in your face for those that remain skeptic about Astrology, give this one to your stubborn friends and they will understand how helpful it is to use Astrology in understanding life.
The 12 Houses

8. Kapiel Raaj – Vedic Astrology
Another great Astrologer on youtube, he focuses onto Vedic Astrology but the insights are very useful. the way he explains information is loaded with humor aswell as realism, one of my favorites. The first book listed is great for beginners in Vedic Astrology.
Astrology @ The Speed of Light
Aspects @ The speed of light
Mahadashas @ The Speed of Light

9. John Frawley – Asking a question as a way to get answers
If you’re interested in learning more about Horary, this dude is your guy. I had this book recommended by a friend who is crazy about Horary Astrology, and i was able to understand how it all works a bit better than what i was able to find on the internet. Horary is a method in Astrology that casts a chart for the moment a question is asked. You can basically ask everything from ”Where are my keys?” to ”Who’s baby did i get pregnant with?” . it does take some time of deep study inorder to do precise predictions, but hey, educate yourself 😉
The Horary textbook

10. Jan Spiller – Northnode in the natal chart and synastry
The internet still does not provide enough information when it comes to the Northnode. One of my favorite books is from the author Jan spiller, she goes into absolute depth with a strong emphasis on how the nodes affect your relationship choices and life in general. She describes the Sign placement of the Northnode with about 20 pages for each sign, House overlay via synastry discussing past life debts and baggage and the conjunctions in synastry. This book is deeply helpful in understanding current issues and how to better connect with yourself and therefore make better choices.
Cosmic Love


Georg Fink – What your dreams mean
A helpful guide to understanding what your subconscious is trying to tell you through your dreams.
I own the ”Dream Encyclopedia” (which i couldn’t find via Amazon), but my recommendation is a must if you have vivid dreams. This guy also uses the insights of Freud, so you get a clearcut insight into your Psyche this way.
Dream interpretations

Mellie Uyldert – For the natural folks
I got several of her books gifted from my mother, the first one was ”Rhythm of life” , i was pretty young still at the time of first reading it, but it helped me to understand our Biorhythm and how society’s way of living is completely going against our nature. It’s a bit hippy, but it does make sense. One thing i learned from her is that Coffee has the same PH level are urine, you’re welcome. Still sipping coffee tho… This author also writes on Astrology from an ancient perspective.
Rhythm of life (Dutch version)

Laurie Cabot – Witch and Wicca
A great starter for those interested in witchcraft. I personally own ”The great witches’ book” (if i translated it correctly)
Completely focused onto the natural elements, preparations, spells,… This is also a pretty thick book, but a necessity if you’re planned to use spells, you need to educate yourself properly before practice, this author serves great insights and knowledge.
To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft 

I will list more books for you soon, stay tuned!