In Natal Chart :

• Venus on the ASC or making a positive aspect to the ASC or the ruler of the ASC = beautiful people
• The ASC ruler, Sun in 8th house or Scorpio = Magnetic, mysterious appearance
• Jupiter on the ASC or in 1st house = Gaining weight easily
 Jupiter on the MC = possibility for fame
• Mars in 10th = possibility for fame
• Neptune on the ASC or in 1st = Musicians and artists
• Everywhere Saturn is placed = causes a delay in that area
• The sign your natal moon is placed in = past life ascendant
• The outerplanets are generational
• When you have planets in 8th = you feel imprisoned in a certain part of your emotions (Face your fears!)
• When Moon and Sun are square in your natal chart = Parents are divorced or quarrel a lot
• Sun in 8th house with bad aspects = early death of father
• Mercury in 8th house = dying in a pleasant way (Ex.: dying from laughter)
• Jupiter in 8th = a natural and beautiful death
• Mars opposite Sun = seeing everyone as competition
POF in 10th = marrying an older person
Moon conjunct Saturn = Infertile, can’t make children often times
• Northnode in 8th house = nymphomaniac
• Mars square Pluto = very challenging, but can be overcome, creates high sexual energy
• Venus in 12th house = foreign spouse
• A lot of planets in 2nd = possessions are very important
• Chiron in 6th = linked to selfesteem issues and eating disorders
• Aquarius rising/Sun/dominant Uranus or many planets in Aquarius = extravagant appearance
• Neptune conjunct Uranus = rebelling against the world, wanting to change it
• Lilith opposite to a planet = the blind spot of the theme of that planet
• Mars conjunct NorthNode/Pluto = having a lot of power
• Pluto opposite Mars = can be dangerous for having children
• Venus conjunct Neptune = idealizing your partner
• Chiron conjunct Moon = spiritual healer
• SouthNode in 2nd = detached from family, don’t care much for family
• NorthNode conjunct Venus = prone to cheating in relationship
• 3rd house from the sun = becomes active at age 31
• 12th house from the sun = becomes active at age 16
• 7th house from mercury = feeling lost, not sure what you are suposed to do
• Moon square Saturn = Will get sick eventually
• Moon in 7th = Will have lots of relationships, feelings change alot

In Synastry :

• In a relationship: Venus tine chiron = love as healer
• Saturn in synastry = works as relationship glue (no aspects = not lasting)
• Juno conjunct SouthNode = spouse from past life, married in past life
• Juno conjunct Vertex = Marriage/commitment indication
• SouthNode conjunct NorthNode = familymembers from past life
• Venus conjunct POF = match made in heaven
• Uranus conjunct Amor = soulmates
• Eros conjunct lilith = jackpot for good sexlife
• A lot of Double Whammy’s = soulmates
• Moon trine/sextile Venus = feeling complete and home with eachother
• ASC trine/conjunct ASC = heading the same direction in life
• Juno trine/conjunct/sextile Juno = seeing eachother as perfect spouse
• Positive aspects between Juno, POF, Vertex = marriage material
• Moon conjunct Moon = deep connection
• Pluto in 7th or 5th of partner = strong bond and a desire to be together
• Conjunction of the Angles = a strong connection with eachother
• Mars opposite Sun in 8th + Pluto square Moon = i want to kill you (if the 2 are enemies)
• Neptune trine Chiron = unconditional love
• Squares are needed, otherwise there is no challenge

In Transits :

• T Mars sextile Mars = makes you extremely horny
• T Jupiter & Venus in 5th = very good opportunity to meet someone special
• T Jupiter in 9th = expanding your horizons through travel and higher education
• T Neptune trine Venus = Soul union, comming across your soulmate
• T Venus in 12th = karmic attraction to someone, comming across soulmate
• T NorthNode conjunct Moon = a nuturing person enters your life
• T Mars sextile Neptune = possibility of finding your soulmate
• T Neptune in 12th = feeling isolated and lost in the world
• A Stellium in 12th house = could end up in hospital or in quarrel with authorities
• T Mars square Pluto = dangerous, voilent, can cause death (need more indicators)
• Hard aspects between 12th and 8th house (Pluto, Mars, Uranus) = can cause death
• T Sun conjunct Mercury = very active mind
• T Mercury conjunct Mars = very active mind (especially when T Mercury is conjunct to T Jupiter)
• T NorthNode conjunct ASC = new chapter, getting rid of the old (structures, people, situations)

In Solar Return :

• Moon conjunct Jupiter in 7th = heavenly in love
• Jupiter in 9th with positive aspect from Mars = traveling in that year
• Pluto in 9th = focused on higher education, spiritualism
• Saturn in 8th = can make you melancholic, teaches patience, responsibilities, structure
• Ceres and/or Uranus conjunct ASC/DSC = indication for childbirth