This is the last Eclipse (Solar) that occurred before your birth. It is a generational ‘issue’ linked to the people born within the same year. It has a linkage to previous incarnations where we have not developed certain traits or even misused them to our own advantage. Therefore the Prenatal eclipse point acts as a way to balance out what hasn’t been healed, fixed or dealt with properly. This degree in the natal chart is part of the nativity, and can be used as an additional ‘planet’. That means it’s sensitive to transits and progressions. Whenever it’s activated through such, it brings the issues to the surface or karmic events take place so you can deal with the underlying problems.

From personal experience, I find that the Pre natal Lunar Eclipse is much more effective, and has a more subjective meaning. I suggest you check both the Lunar and Solar eclipse and see what speaks to you more in terms of sign and house placement of this particular point.

The house where the P.N.E sits has great importance, There’s often is a deep interest to whatever this house represents. If it’s the 8th house, it’s about intimacy, money and psychology, if it’s the 9th house, it’s about spirituality, religion and foreign matters,… at times this can point to obsessions as well. This is the area of life where you’ll get impactful events and lessons that have a karmic load. The underlying and divine reason is to expand and evolve. If you’re using Placidus house system, take a look at the sign that’s on the house cups where this P.N.E is, for this will point to the type of expansion the soul needs.
Fire sign : expanding & expressing the assertive and spiritual , that what you create
Earth sign : expanding & expressing the tangible and physical level, that what you bring into the material world
Air sign : expanding & expressing the intellect and creative level, that what you share and relate to
Water sign : expanding & expressing the emotional and intuitive level, that what you feel and nurture

• The Prenatal Eclipse degree acts like an ‘extra planet’, It’s incredibly sensitive
• Points towards interests and karma of the Prenatal eclipse generation (People born in the same year as you)
Sign element : characteristic that are underdeveloped in past life, karmic debts & issues
House : activities & relationships with karmic lessons and growth, themes of unusual & great importance
Aspects : potential, resolutions, channels and blockages (soft or hard aspects)
Dispositor : additional information on what’s involved or influenced by the Prenatal eclipse

Pre natal Eclipse return

These occur at the ages 18, 36, 54, 72 and 90 (every 18 years) and signify a period of major importance and crisis that create turning points. It’s about a peak and culmination and often refer to key years within our individual development and evolution. Sometimes the Eclipse return is experienced as a traumatic life event or a memorable experience, depending on other (long term) transits that are at play during these years, such as an outer planet. It can bring sudden events and changes, but functions to increase our (self) awareness and consciousness about that area of life where the Eclipse occurs.

If a P.N.E is conjunct t one of your natal planets, meaning that you were likely born with this conjunction as well, it signifies a major turning point in whatever that planet symbolizes in your chart. It can be seen as the conclusion or the need to gain maximum awareness of an (existing) issues.


I have the prenatal eclipse (lunar eclipse) at 13° Sagittarius in the 9th house. The dispositor is Jupiter exact conjunct Venus (7th ruler) in the 7th house. This indicates a karmic tie and relationship to foreign matters and spiritual practices such as Astrology or higher studies. It is not unknown to me that I do have a karmic and rather intense connection to a foreign person which I had met online (this is my twinflame story, read more) however it took 4 years to meet face to face, in the flesh. A few days prior to our meeting, there was an Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius, not at the same degree as my natal P.E but it did activate these themes regardless. The karmic lessons, is that this foreign person or Twinflame, if you will, has the power to interrupt my relationships. In our synastry we have Southnode conjunct Juno (past life spouse) and Moon exact conjunct Moon. There is an inevitable strong connection between and the memory of marriage.