Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23rd 2023. The last time Pluto went into Aquarius was April 5th 1777.
Back than there was a Revolutionary war in the United states as a result of conflict between Great Britain and America, which had started in 1775 as Pluto was at 26 degrees of Capricorn. It went retrograde and made a come back on January 27th 1778, that’s when the French entered the American Revolution which then lead to an international war against the Brits.
The war lasted for 8 years total, in 1781 America had won their independence and by 1783 the conflict had formally come to an end.

If we look at the current situation in the world, a similar theme is repeated. (just plain and simple focusing on the similarities)

Start Revolutionary war 1775 (attack)Start War 2022 (attack)
Pluto at 26° CapricornPluto at 27° Capricorn
Victory 1781Victory in 2023 ?
Northnode in AriesNorthnode will enter Aries on July 13th 2023
Revolutionary war ended 1783Official end of current war 2025?
Northnode just entered PiscesNorthnode will enter Pisces January 29th 2025
Although 29 means ‘dangerous depth’ in the iChing. Intensity leading to new beginnings

Pluto is the planet of drastic change, crisis, transformation and breaking down what does not function. Pluto is mass destruction, linking up with power conflicts and war. It does not surprise me that in both cases, the conflict kicked off when Pluto was at the last few degrees of Capricorn. The sign that represents the authorities, the government and those in power. The last degrees of a sign is when issues are built up when not handled well in the prior degrees. Anything that has been left unfinished is than pushed to the surface able to create an explosion. Since Pluto takes about 14 to 30 years to travel through a sign, the buildup is gradually and subtle but bursts open with force resulting into war.

When we look at Pluto in Aquarius, the fights were all about revolution and independence, linking up perfectly with the essence of Aquarius. But it was only when Pluto moved back into Aquarius, that the French joined

America’s victory was when The Northnode was in Taurus, square to Pluto and the war ended when the Northnode just entered Pisces.
The Nodes are currently traveling through the last bits of Taurus, so here i see a repeating theme. We are yet to experience Northnode in Aries, the time when Victory was conquered.
So… does that mean that once Northnode will enter Aries on July 13th 2023, we can expect a phase of increasing independence of those who are attacked?

The Revolutionary war lasted for 8 years, the war against Unkraine began in 2014, meaning we’re currently at the 8th year of conflict, considering the Nodes will go into Aries in a few months, and remembering the American Victory when the Node was in Aries.

It’s fascinating how America gained foreign help when Pluto entered Aquarius for the 2nd time, that’s what we can experience in this era too, as it looks like America may offer help to Ukraine. However according to the predictions of Nostradamus, a world war was foreseen once America would become involved…

Thoughts on what Pluto in Aquarius may bring

Just some keywords slapped together..
• Transformation of human relationships
• Mass death/murder
• Forceful victory to freedom
• Evolutionary humanitarianism
• Revolution of technology
• Great independence
• Transcending and detached relationships
• Powerful global awakening
• Transformation of a Nation
• Recognition of independence on a global scale
• Change in social dynamics
• Economic crisis
• Cyber wars
• Forceful activism
• Renewed sense of freedom
• Mass erosion
• Exhaustion of politics
• Death of pilots
• Change of socialism
• Controlled free will
• Manipulated truth & Occultism

If you combine the key energy of Pluto and Aquarius, there is no other way than thinking of a drastic change in how we relate to one another. Something massive (Pluto) on a collective scale (Aquarius).
About every 245 years, Pluto makes a return to Aquarius, meaning every 245 years there is a mass transformation. You have to consider the current day and age.
We now have technology, internet, computers, machinery,… So these will be added to the game in terms of how we can understand and interpret Pluto in Aquarius.
On the more drastic side, back up yor shit on your computer, get your money/online banking safe.
On the positive side, prepare for a full blown change in the information that’s shared.