There is a good reason why you’re born with the Northnode in a specific house, in a specific sign.
Everything makes sense when i look at my chart,
and i’ve learned to embrace the storm that came with my purpose here.

I am heavy in Scorpio energy.
Sun 16′ Scorpio = emphasis on all Scorpio matters
Mars, Pluto and Northnode conjunct in Scorpio, 8th house
ASC ruler (Mars) in Scorpio, 8th house on 29′
Mercury in Scorpio

The themes of my life are trauma and sexuality
Northnode in Sagittarius in the 8th house, shows how and where i grow.
Sexual experiences bring me great wisdom and understanding, into the human psyche .
But having this position, came with a lot of suffering, as in life, you get tested in the areas you love most.
That’s how life works, that’s what one needs to surrender to.
It’s a challenge, as most still reside in their Southnode energy,
known as our comfortzone.

I understand the power of letting go, internal death and rebirth, it’s my personal path
I was born and created to survive this.

Although my overall chart energy is raw, unfiltered, intense and extreme,
It may not appeal to everyone, but my intentions and actions are filled with understanding and respect.

Sex is vitally important, and means more than just the act.
It holds the power to either destroy
Or heal a person to the absolute core.
i’ve been wounded.
But i remain grateful, through understanding this is my key for wisdom.
Northnode in the 8th house is about the non physical, but the spiritual.
minimalism, but wealth of knowledge through walking alone in agony.
I embrace what’s frightening, i embrace what i can’t control
Because it serves me death and rebirth. My soul is hungry for transformation and knowledge.

Plastic surgery – x5
Sexual manipulation and assault – 7 months
Asexuality – 1¬2 years
Sexual trauma – 1 year
Sexual repression – 2 years
Boulimia – 7 years
Hyperventilation attacks
Sexwork – 3 months
Threatening of murder – 7 months
Paranormal activity and contact
Tantric sex – once in a lifetime
Telepathic sex – once in a lifetime
Anger issues
Aggression – conquered
Administrative Financial issues – 1 year and ongoing
Therapy (on and off throughout life)
Early exposure to corpses – 7¬10 y/o
Ovary surgery
Experiencing death up close – 14 y/o
Loss of menstruation – 2 years
Depression – 3 years
Car accident
Broken tailbone
Studying Occultism / Astrology
Needles (bodymodification)

My list of Northnode in the 8th house and heavy Scorpio energy.

I am still here. I remain pure as it’s a conscious decision to see my body as divine.
To choose my trauma’s to be a source of insight and to not act upon it by victimizing myself.
I am not.
Not a victim at all.
I cannot be touched
As I am aware in my decisions to whom i open my soul towards.
I do, only once, i will. and i have.
I utilize my suffering for wisdom and growth.
This is where i let go of my Southnode, letting go of the senses,
Tuning in with what i feel on deeper, non physical levels.

And this, serves me more power than what has been taken away from me in the first place.
Learn to work with the darkness,
That’s how you reclaim and remain in power.

The 8th house is about power and control, but if you use this energy with ill intentions,
If you allow your power to be abused, that’s how one will receive a brutal reality slap.
As i was hit by a car, broke my tailbone (rootchakra) after 7 months of enduring sexual manipulation.
I had to put a loud boundary, i had to regain my strength and voice.

Difficult events and situations, are deeply connected to your Northnode.
Open your eyes and awareness to see what it’s trying to teach you.
You’re never a victim, you only get eyeopeners for growth.
And you are the one who decides,
Whether you cry in self-pity or fight in optimism and positivity.

NorthNode in sagitarrius, especially in the 8th house
Is finding balance in power VS powerless.
The things i’ve experienced could make me feel powerless or anxious
But i understand the psychological reasons behind everything
In which truth detaches from the physical realm,
As wisdom is deep within.

As the NorthNode is an important point in every chart that shows where one needs to grow and learn, it also means that transits to the NorthNode contribute majorly to your soul’s purpose. Having the NorthNode in the 8th house, suggests powerful events that are felt deeply by the native and are likely to have a very transformative quality to it.
There is one event that i will never forget about, which happened when Transit Venus was exactly conjunct to my NorthNode. Usually this happens every 1-2 years, depending on the retrograde motion of Venus. This doesn’t mean that everytime Transit Venus conjunct the NorthNode, that it will bring similar events, it’s all about right timing, so in a way it’s hard to predict.

Transit Venus conjunct NorthNode is an indicator of Karmic romance. Which in my case was very true. It manifested as sexual healing that was absolutely out of this world and tantric, felt on a deep soullevel, as the 8th house indicates the soul of things. A true once in a lifetime experience, that’s for sure..
So it doesn’t always mean that whatever happens, is going to be something that has a lasting quality to it. NorthNode experiences can be painful and hard to let go.

I will write some more on this page later