The planets behave according to their preferred sect, that means certain planets will behave better in a night chart than in a day chart. We can understand this principal in a native’s chart by knowing their time of birth first.
People born at night time, will have their Sun in the bottom half of the chart, or in the houses 1 to 6. (below ascendant)
People born during the day, will have their Sun in the top half of the chart, or the houses 7 to 12. (above the ascendant)
Sometimes a nightchart can behave like a daychart, this occurs when the Sun is close to the degree of the ascendant,
Work with an orb of 5 degrees, it’s advised to experiment with the chart when this is the case.

• Whole sign system
• Diurnal = Daytime / action
• Nocturnal = Nighttime / rest


Houses : 7-8-9-10-11-12
Signs : Aries-Gemini-Leo-Libra-Sagittarius-Aquarius
Element : Fire & Air
Planets : Sun-Jupiter-Saturn
Planets : Mercury is neutral and best when rising before the Sun
Malefic : Mars
Benefic : Jupiter


Houses : 1-2-3-4-5-6
Signs : Taurus-Cancer-Virgo-Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces
Element : Earth & Water
Planets : Moon-Venus-Mars
Planets : Mercury is neutral and best when setting after the Sun
Malefic : Saturn
Benefic : Venus

In practice

A person who has most of their personal planets in Nocturnal signs, elements or houses is likely to be a night owl,
The same principal applies to people born with most of their personal planets in Diurnal signs, elements or houses.
I see this as your personal ‘biorhythm’ and may explain why someone feels like an outcast of society when they tend to be more productive at night (myself included).

Don’t fight your nature i’d say, but more so embrace the fact that you’re either a day or night person. This may also help to understand yourself better and if you’re indeed a nightowl like myself, find a passion that is free from the construct of time, you don’t function in a 9 to 5 job regime, maybe nightshifts are your thing, or becoming self employed so you can plan your own schedule and work according to your own rhythm and nature.

Understanding the Malefics
Saturn is most constructive in a daychart, this is due to it’s cold and dry nature. The night is considered cold and moist which only amplifies the ‘negative’ qualities of Saturn. So when you place Saturn in a day chart, it’s negative influence gets balanced out by the warmth of the day.
Mars is most constructive in a night chart. It’s nature is hot and when it’s placed in a night chart the fire is tempered by the coldness of the night.

You’re not doomed
Let’s say that you have Saturn in the top half of a night chart, by Sect this is considered to be the most malefic influence, and indeed, it’s likely to cause problems and difficulties in whichever house it’s placed. But you can always work with it.
Saturn embodies restriction, karma, responsibility, time, patience, determination,…
And that’s exactly what it’s asking from you in the area of life where it’s placed.
Conquer the fear, insecurity, obstacles, take things steady and slow, make sure your foundations are solid and often with Saturn’s influence, it’s likely that you have to achieve things in solitude or by yourself. Set a focused goal for yourself.

Let’s day that you have Mars in the top half of a day chart, it’s considered to be the most malefic influence.
Problems may be linked to temper, anger issues, violence, sexual problems, impulsiveness,…
Mars embodies action, willpower, instinct, drive, passion, independence,…
This is what you have to achieve in a positive manner without egoism or exaggeration and to much directness.
You may encounter opposition, frustration, (physical) wounding, loss of energy,..
With Mars in a daychart it’s important to practice patient and to think before acting.

Always try to BALANCE out the negative & positive qualities of the malefics, focus on the good traits of the malefic planet in your chart.

Understanding the Benefics
Jupiter is the most benefic in a daychart and will bring opportunity, faith, luck, happiness, joy, knowledge, gains
and expansion in whichever house it’s placed.
Venus is the most benefic in a nightchart and will bring harmony, attraction, love, networking, beauty, talent, social skills and material gains in whichever house it’s placed.

What’s the point
The principal of sect or diurnal & nocturnal can act as a mitigating factor for planets in a ‘bad’ condition in a natal chart. Ofcourse we cannot change the time we were born and we have to work with what we’ve got.
Understanding is always the first step of healing and constructive action. If you have a poorly placed malefic than you known you’ll have to work (a bit) harder and focus on the good qualities in order to create a more harmonious life.
Often the challenges that come with a malefic are here to help us learn, grow and evolve, eventho it doesn’t seem to make sense at first, there is always a deeper lesson attached to it, and often it’s a karmic influence as well.

It’s always helpful when
A Malefic is in a positive aspect with a Benefic
Mutual reception
Malefic in their preferred sign, house, element

Will add more info soon!