Your money can be seen from 3 houses in the natal chart, which are :

• 2nd house = your own earned money
• 8th house = money from others
• 11th house = money from career

What is the sign on the cusp of those houses.
How do the 2nd-8th ruler interact. How do the 2nd-11th ruler interact ?
The following includes harmonious aspects only :

• 2-8 = can make money through other people (partner, business,..)
• 2-11 = can make money from career
• Any aspect between 2nd and 8th = will bring money

When someone has a square aspect between 2-8 or 2-11,
the individual is very focused on the money.

Financial houses 

• 2nd house = money through responsibility, nurturing, managers,..
• 5th house = money through inventions, genius ideas, business, creative,..
• 8th house = money through attracting finances of others, banking,..
• 11th house = money through creating wealth yourself,..

Planets in good dignity show where you can create wealth from :

• Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius
• Mars in Capricorn, Scorpio, Aries
• Moon in Taurus

The house tell you through what affairs you can make money. For example:
Moon in Taurus in 4th house shows an individual who can gain money through selling real estate,
business in selling houses, opening a restaurant,… This is Because the 4th house represents home, houses,..

Sign on the 2nd housecusp

Indicates the overal theme of your finances, your approach towards it.

Aries : Challenging
Taurus : Secure
Gemini : Carefree
Cancer : Protective
Leo : Flambiant
Virgo : Controlled
Libra : Balanced
Scorpio : Out of control
Sagittarius : Independent
Capricorn : Ambitious
Aquarius : Experimental
Pisces : Insecure

Wealth in the natal chart 

If one of the planets/points listed below are on certain degrees in a certain sign,
the individual may attract or experience wealth more easily.

• Sun
• Moon
• Asc or Asc ruler
• 10th house cusp

3-4 degrees in Pisces
9-10 degrees in Gemini
16 degrees in Capricorn
16-17 degrees in Gemini
21-22 degrees in Gemini
25 degrees in Taurus

Other indications of wealth in the natalchart, based on combinations of planets in the same sign or same house.

Jupiter + Mars
Jupiter + Moon
Moon + Mars

Having a strong Jupiter or Venus in the natal chart:

Jupiter : Pisces, Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Scorpio
Jupiter : 1st or 10th house

Venus : Pisces, Taurus, Libra
Venus : 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house

Classical wealth indication

Pluto in aspect to Jupiter is often found in the charts of people that will experience financial prosperity in their life.
Especially the Trine & Sextile tend to bring financial stability, the native will always have enough money.
Usually they’ll earn more than usual, such as 4000-8000 euro per month, but it can go higher up.
The Square aspect also gives wealth but with huge difficulties. This aspect tends to bring crisis. The possibility of losing everything is very likely to happen throughout life, it can happen multiple times, but somehow these native’s seem to know how to shed their old skin and start from scratch, ofcourse this depends on other factors in the natal chart and how the native decides to deal with setback.

Succes in the natal chart : “Solar Yoga’s”

This is seen through the planet that comes before or after your sun.
But the planet must be in the sign before or after the sign in which your sun is. Because if the planet is located in the same sign as your sun, it gets ‘burned’  and loses it’s power.

• Planet before the sun = Rising star
• Planet after the sun = Setting star

The planet that comes before your sun is what people notice first within your personality, but once they get to know you better, on a deeper level, than the planet that comes after your sun will come to the surface. The planet after your sun is what is deep within you, that you don’t show directly.

• Rising star : What you will be remembered for. The quality of the planet can tell you more about this.
• Setting star : What is deep within you, what comes to the surface once people get to know you.

This knowledge can give you more insight and clarity in what you are here to do, what your capacities are.

• Strong Jupiter in the chart indicates wealth for the individual.
• A harmonic aspect between 2nd house ruler & 9th house ruler, can indicate wealth through the native’s father.
• A harmonic aspect between 2nd house ruler & 4th house ruler, can indicate wealth through the native’s mother.
• A harmonic aspect between 2nd house ruler & 8th house ruler, can indicate wealth through inheritance, lottery, insurances,..
• Jupiter trine/sextile Pluto is a classic indicator of someone who will always have money.
• Venus in harmonious aspect to 2nd ruler can attract money
• Neptune in good aspect to Venus/Jupiter can attract money
• Saturn conjunct / square 2nd or 8th ruler indicates wealth

• 2nd ruler in hard aspect to Neptune : problematic in terms of money
• 2nd ruler in hard aspect to Jupiter : can be troublesome in terms of money
• Venus in challenging aspect to Neptune : difficulty in holding on to money

Transits of winning the lottery 

NOTE : Before you look for upcoming transits that might trigger a sudden gain of money through gambling or inheritance, you should check your natal chart to determine whether you are one of the lucky people that will win money in their life. Only than you should consider to check the transits.

• Transit Jupiter
• Transit Northnode
• Jupiter return
• Only : conjunctions, oppositions & trines

If both of these occur in one of the following houses and the same time period,
it brings prosperity to the individual :
• T Jupiter in natal 2, 6, 10
• T NN in natal 2, 6, 10

• T Jupiter in aspect to natal 2nd or 11th ruler
• T Jupiter in aspect to natal Venus = activation of wealth
• T NN in aspect to natal Jupiter = gains
• T NN aspecting natal Jupiter AND T Jupiter aspecting natal NN = Lottery & great wealth

When having your Jupiter return, your 2nd house should also be activated by Uranus for sudden gains, events. The transiting Moon can be used as a triggering point.

Other transits

• T Mars conjunct Sun = Business opportunities
• T Mars conjunct, trine Mercury = Business & sales drive
• T Mercury conjunct, trine Mercury = Stock market profit & sales
• T Venus conjunct, trine Mercury = Increased sales or profit
• T Venus conjunct, trine Sun/Venus = Cash flow, spendings