Predicting in Natal chart

The main signifactors of marriage are Venus & Jupiter. Getting a clear image of your marriage potential depends on various factors :

1) Sign on the 7th house cusp
2) Degree of 7th house cusp
3) Planets placed in the 7th house
4) Planets in aspect to the ruler of the 7th
5) House & sign placement of 7th ruler

This way you can figure out whether you will marry early or late in life. Everyone can marry and in the end it all depends on the two individuals their Synastry & Composite chart + timing via Progressions and transits for most accurate prediction.
To know characteristics, personality & meeting with spouse : click here.
Don’t worry if you have an empty 7th house, just look at the ruler of your 7th house and find where it’s placed, see what aspect it makes to Venus & Jupiter.

The D9 Chart
This chart is known for showing the actual marital life if an individual. This chart also shows more information regards the destined spouse in this life. More information on the D9 chart : click here

Sign on the 7th house cusp 

The sign in which the DSC falls into, describes your attitude and approach towards intimate relationships and marriages. The element of the sign shows what type of partner you feel attracted to. Often the sign/element on the DSC indicates relationships with people who have this sign or element prominent in their own chart such as DSC Libra ; getting into relationships with Air signs.

Fire = Passionate & active partners
Earth = Stable & comforting partners
Air = Intellectual & freedom loving partners
Water = Intuitive & nurturing partners

Aries : Independent, Energetic, Passionate
Taurus : Affectionate, Balanced, Stable
Gemini : Easily bored, Exciting, Intellectual
Cancer : Comfort, Emotional, Nurturing
Leo : Ambitious, Fun loving, Social image
Virgo : Practical, Intellectual, Analytical
Libra : Compromising, Harmonious, Affectionate
Scorpio : Soul-merging, Passionate, Possessive
Sagittarius : Expansion, Cheerful, Adventurous
Capricorn : Comfort, Safety, Socially acceptable
Aquarius : Unconventional, Freedom, Experimental
Pisces : Idealistic, Romantic, Spiritual

Planets in the 7th house 

Sun : assured to marry, later in life, to a spouse with Leo qualities
Moon : getting married early in life, to a caring (over)protective spouse
Mercury : getting married early in life, to a enjoyable, intelligent spouse
Venus : assured to be married, to an artistic spouse
Mars : getting married late in life, to a spouse with Aries qualities
Jupiter : assured to marry, possibility of foreign spouse
Uranus : getting married and divorced easily, to an unconventional spouse
Neptune : getting married, to a very romantic and emotional spouse
Saturn : getting married later in life, to an older spouse
Pluto : getting married, to a commanding spouse with Scorpio qualities

Delay in marriage 

ASC Cancer : will marry late in life (=Saturn is the ruler of 7th)
ASC Leo : Indicator of late marriage (=Saturn is the 2nd ruler of 7th)
ASC Aries : Best when Venus & Saturn transits through 2nd, 7th or 11th

Mars, Sun, Saturn in 7th or in aspect to 7th house ruler
• Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 12th
• Saturn in 1st, 5th, 7th, 10th
• Sun in 1st or 7th
• Damaged Venus by hard aspects from Saturn or Sun
• Unless a positive aspect is made to 7th house by Jupiter (sextile,trine)

Multiple marriages 

These are basic indications in a birthchart with possibility of multiple marriages.
Ofcourse it depends on way more than just having a heavy populated 7th house for example.

• DSC in Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius or Virgo
• Heavily occupied 7th house
• Intercepted sign in 7th
• SouthNode in 2nd house
• 9th ruler in 7th
• Mercury in 7th
• Mars in 7th
• Northnode in 7th + Saturn in 2nd
• Moon in 7th
• 7th ruler in 6th, 8th or 12th
• Mercury in aspect to 7th ruler
• Jupiter square Uranus (Divorce aspect)
• Venus square Chiron
• Venus square Uranus

The houses describe the different marriages 

7th house = First marriage
11th house = Second marriage
3rd house = Third marriage

It is said that each “love affair” or Marriage after the first marriage is counted 5 houses further. So 7th is first marriage , 5 houses forward from that is the 11th house, so this house represents the second marriage. And so on..
If you happen to have been married once than you have to look at your 11th house for understanding the 2nd marriage. However the ruler of your 7th will still play major role in the prediction of 2nd or 3rd marriage.

Number of potential Marriages 

This is a method in which you count the number of major aspects the Sun (female chart) or Moon (male chart) make before leaving the sign it’s in. Example :
if a woman her Sun is at 16 degrees Scorpio , while Mars is at 20 degree Aquarius and Uranus at 23 degrees Pisces, than her Sun will make a square to Mars and a trine to Uranus before the Sun leaves the sign of Scorpio. In this case it shows 2 potential marriages, but it doesn’t mean the woman has to marry twice. Keep in mind that Astrology shows potentials and opportunities. It could also show 1 longterm committed relationship & 1 marriage.

• Major applying aspects only
• Applying aspects from Sun (female chart)
• Applying aspects from Moon (male chart)
• Can only apply to slow moving planets (MA, JU, SA, UR, NE, PL)

Natal Indicators of Marriage potential 

• Aspects to & from the Sun (female chart)
• Aspects to & from the Moon (male chart)
• Applying aspects from 7th ruler
• Planets in the 7th house and the aspects
• An interception in 7th indicates multiple marriages (placidus housesystem)

The degrees matter too 

The degree on which you find you descendant at, will also describe your marriage life. The degrees are explained here . For example, if you find your descendant at 15 degrees it is linked to the sign of Gemini, which creates a fun-loving spouse and a marriage life with a great deal of individual freedom. Another example is that if you find your descendant at 6 degrees, it is linked to the traits of the sign Virgo, which can gift a very sober and detail-oriented spouse, a marriage live that is based upon criticism and service, one that is down to earth and might lack some emotional warmth. And so on. The degrees in this case should be interpreted with the sign it’s linked with (For example : 20 degrees is linked to the sign Scorpio) . Therefore the descendant gives away the traits of your spouse aswell as the themes and focus your marriage life will have.
An educative video on this technique : Click here

Predicting Marriage + Planning

Aim for exact (applying) aspects, preferably Trine, Sextile or conjunction with an orb of 0-2 degrees. Often activated or included when predicting a Marriage :
• 7th ruler
• New Moon
• Saturn – 7th ruler
• Saturn – Venus
• Saturn – MC
• Saturn – Jupiter
• ASC – 7th ruler
• Conjunction to DSC
• Jupiter – 7th ruler
• MC – 7th ruler
• Sun – 7th ruler

Predicting with transits (=T) :

• T Sun + Saturn + Venus through the houses 2nd + 7th + 11th
• T New Moon in 5th or 7th
• T Jupiter trine Venus
• T Jupiter Trine Saturn
• T Venus Trine / Sextile / conjunct 7th ruler
• T Venus Trine / Sextile Pluto
• T Venus Trine / Sextile Saturn
• T Venus conjunct Mars
• T Saturn Trine Northnode
• T Sun Trine / Conjunct 7th ruler

Predicting with Progressions (=P) :

• P 7th ruler conjunct ASC
• P 7th ruler Trine / Conjunct Jupiter
• P 7th ruler Trine / Sextile Mars
• P 7th ruler in aspect to Uranus
• P MC Sextile / Conjunct 7th ruler
• P MC Trine / Sextile / Conjunct Mars
• P Saturn Trine / Sextile Venus
• P Moon Trine ASC
• P Moon Trine / Sextile / Conjunct MC
• P Venus Trine / Sextile / Conjunct 7th ruler
• P DSC conjunct 8th house cusp

Planning a marriage :

• Venus and mercury must be in direct motion
• Plan the marriage under a new moon
• Sun conjunct (new) Moon = new beginnings
• Have the Moon fall into your sign or in the sign of your partner
• Moon falling into your or your partners 7th house or in Libra
• Have Sun trine / sextile Moon
• Look for trines / sextiles with Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Marriage in the Solar Return chart 

Marriage can be seen in the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 9th and 11th house of the Solar return, however it’s not always clearly indicated in the solar return chart especially when it occurs in difficult situations such as a secret marriage. The most reliable method for marriage predictions are the progressions in combination with transits.

• Mutable ascendant sign
• Mars conjunct Mercury
• Neptune square ascendant
• Angular Moon
• Venus in harmonious aspect to Saturn
• Mars conjunct Venus
• Venus on the ASC or conjunct to the ASC ruler
• Planets in 3rd, 7th and 9th house
• Mars, Pluto or Saturn in angular houses or conjunct to the angles
• Vertex conjunct DSC or in 7th house
• Moon in 10th house = change in social status
• Juno conjunct Sun or Moon
• Connections between the houses 3, 7, 9
• Venus, POF, Juno in 7th house
• The Nodes in marriage related houses combined with 3 other indications
• POF Conjunct to the cusp of 7th house
• Libra or Venus ASC
• Moon/ASC/MC in Cardinal signs on 29°
• Venus in Capricorn 20-21°
• Mars in Cardinal sign 0°
• Moon trine Uranus (Applying)

This chart is an example of a Solar Return possibly indicating a year in which marriage could take place, however the Progressions are more accurate since the Solar return could also indicate a meeting with the future spouse.

PS: i took this solar return chart as an example some years ago when writing this page. Turns out that this was the Solar return for the year when i met my spouse 😉