There are several methods to use when predicting a new relationship or a significant time regards romance and love.

Most useful methods :
1) Transits
2) Solar Return
3) Lunar Return
4) Venus Return
5) Progressions
6) Solar Arc

Important planets :
• 7th house ruler (Trigger point for relationships)
• Venus / Mars (Natural significators for Love & lust/Action)
• Moon (Acts as an event trigger mostly in Transit charts)
• Saturn (Acts as commitment)
• Jupiter (Acts as luck & expansion)
• ASC & it’s ruler (Yourself involved)
• NorthNode (Acts as a fated portal)

Aspects :
1) Conjunction = Strong energy, impulse
2) Sextile = Opportunities
3) Trine = Flowing energy, creation
4) Opposition = Attraction, trigger

Type of person :
• Venus = A love interest
• Ruler of 7th = A relationship
• Sun = A man
• Moon = A woman
• Mars = A sexual interest

*NA = Natal chart

1) Transits = T

Transits happen all the time, however it really is a matter of time when it comes to predicting a period in which a significant meeting could take place. Your 5th or 7th house are often activated or involved, keep in mind that the 7th house also shows colleague’s and business partners. The aspects listed are for romantic meetings specifically.
”Romance begins in the 5th house, commitment starts in the 7th house”

• T Venus in NA 1st, 5th or 7th
• T Jupiter in NA 4th, 5th or 7th
• T Venus conjunct NA ASC / DSC or 7th ruler
• T Venus conjunct NA Mars
• T Venus conjunct NA Northnode
• T Jupiter conjunct NA Mars, Venus or 7th ruler
• T Jupiter Trine/Sextile NA Venus or 7th ruler
• T Saturn Trine/Sextile NA Mars, Venus or 7th ruler
• T Uranus Trine/Opposite NA Venus
• T New Moon in NA 5th or 7th house
• T Venus conjunct Neptune transiting through NA 5th or 7th

2) Solar Return = SR

A solar return chart most definitely shows new relationships. In combination with Transits it shows the beginning or a time of potentially meeting a new love interest. These two methods are the base for predicting love.
When the SR ASC is in the same sign or conjunct the NA ASC, it indicates a new beginning in life, same theory applies to having a new Moon in the SR chart.

• SR ASC in Taurus or Libra
• SR Moon in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th
• SR Moon in Libra
• SR Jupiter in 5th or 7th
• SR 7th ruler conjunct SR ASC or DSC
• SR 7th ruler in SR 7th house
• SR Venus conjunct SR ASC
• SR Uranus Trine/Square SR Venus
• Heavy Libra planets or placements
• SR Venus in NA 1st, 5th or 7th house
• SR Venus conjunct NA Moon, Jupiter or 7th ruler
• SR Venus AND Moon both in cardinal sign or house
• SR Venus conjunct natal Venus
• SR Venus in the same sign as natal Venus

3) Lunar Return = LR

The Lunar chart is a helpful method to use when the solar  return chart indicates a year of love ahead. This chart can be used to foresee the month in which the event could take place. The LR ASC will mostly be in the same sign as the SR ASC = Taurus & libra.
Circumstances can be seen in this chart by looking at the 7th house and its ruler ; the aspects it receives.

• LR ASC in Taurus or Libra (same as the Solar return ASC)
• LR Moon Trine/Sextile or Conjunct LR 7th ruler (orb 0-3 degrees)
• LR Moon Trine/Sextile or Conjunct LR Sun
• LR ASC ruler in LR 7th or 10th
• LR ASC conjunct NA DSC

4) Venus Return = VR

This method is specifically based on all matters of love. Hard aspects show a change of relationship status, either as a breakup or a new meeting. The VR Descendant is of importance to understand how your relationships will be in the upcoming year. When the DSC falls into Aquarius for example, it indicates change and a need for freedom, same applied when Venus or the 7th ruler is in aspect with Uranus. The aspects that Venus receives may describe in what circumstance or area you’ll meet your partner. Such as when Venus is aspected by the 12th house, it could signify a secret meeting/behind the scenes. Venus aspected by 6th ruler could indicate meeting during daily routine or at work, etc etc

1) What is the VR DSC
2) In which house is Venus
3) What aspects does Venus receive
4) Which house rulers are aspecting Venus
5) Which house rulers are aspecting the 7th ruler
6) Are the ASC and DSC in aspect to eachother

• VR Venus in VR 1st, 5th or 7th house
• VR 7th ruler in VR 7th house
• VR ASC in Taurus or Libra
• VR 7th ruler in aspect to VR ASC ruler

5) Progressions = P

This chart shows important life events working with the personal planets and will have more harmonious and exact aspects around the timing of a significant meeting, such as a longterm committed relationship or marriage partner.
Most effective when the orb is 0-1 degrees

• P Venus or 7th ruler conjunct NA NorthNode
• P Saturn Trine/Sextile NA Venus or 7th ruler
• P Moon conjunct NA DSC or in 7th house
• Personal new moon (Progressed Moon conjunct Natal Moon)
• Activation of Natal or Progressed Sun-Moon midpoint
• P 7th ruler conjunct Venus
• P Venus changing sign
• P Mars changing sign
• P Moon changing sign
• P Venus conjunct NA Sun
• P Venus Trine/Sextile NA ASC
• P Venus Trine/Conjunct NA Mars
 P Moon conjunct NA Sun

6) Solar Arc = SA

The Solar Arc also shows major life events, all the planets are useful in this chart whilst the outerplanets won’t move much in the Progressed chart.
Most effective when the orb is 0-1 degrees

• SA Moon Trine/Sextile/Conjunct NA DSC
• SA Saturn Trine/Sextile/Conjunct NA DSC
• SA Venus conjunct NA DSC
• SA Northnode Trine/Sextile NA Venus or 7th ruler
• SA Pluto Trine/sextile NA Saturn
• SA DSC conjunct NA Venus or 7th ruler

In most cases it’s clearly seen in all 6 charts. In the Progressed and Solar arc the aspect is mostly exact or an orb of 1 degree maximum. A meeting can happen when the orb is in 1-2 degrees.
New Moons in any of these charts are very powerful especially if they happen in one of the relationship houses : 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th
I have noticed the year of meeting a potential mate hold the ASC of Leo in the Solar return, while in the year when the relationship will manifest, the Solar Return chart holds the ASC in Taurus or Libra.
Hard aspects especially in Solar Return, Progressed or Solar Arc charts can also indicate a meeting, however there will be challenges and frictions involved, such as the meeting being difficult or secret, it can also indicate that the relationship may have some difficulties aswell. The more harmonious aspects, the better the relationship will be.

Some of these methods may also show the theme of the relationship, such as repeating contacts between two planets that are also to be found back in the synastry chart of you and the other person. Something to check when you have to exact birth information of your partner.