I have been on this journey since 2013, and it took several years to uncover the truth.
Let the following sink through for a moment… I’m writing about it more detailed in my book, please have patience with me, this is one HELL of a heavy project..

A KEY to understand the DEEP Twinflame connection

TwinflameChild (past life traumatic loss)
Made of the same thingMade of the same thing
Unconditional loveUnconditional love
Loss = Carved into soulLoss = carved into soul
Infinite devotionInfinite devotion
Energetically connected
Astral cord
Energetically connected
Navel cord
Feels like a Family bondFamily bond

The GUILT you feel for failing, the guilt of separation, the immense shattering guilt of being unable to nourish them,
is the family wound in you, the wound of (failed) nourishment and the expression of love.
The common reason why Twinflames don’t end up together, is because this is a parent and child connection,
that has been stained by trauma in a prior life. You reunite to HEAL the wound of nourishment.

A Twinflame is the deepest one can go, the depth is Pluto, but Pluto is trauma, death, transformation and rebirth.
It is said that a Twinflame connection is very Plutonian in nature, than the truth is found within trauma,
An ancient wound. Reappearing after 248-300 Years, so that the soul can heal from it, move on.
WHAT is connected to the story of Pluto? Ceres. The mother who lost her child.
The truth is found within the story of Ceres, the endless devotion to find back her child, and THAT is why you were born with this aching echo carved inside your soul, to find back to lost one..

This, is what I uncovered for myself, this is the truth behind my own Twinflame journey. BUT if you think about it, THIS makes too much sense not to consider this as the missing puzzle piece to this concept.

Lost and found.

Your child, your seed is safe now. TRUST