28/03/2021 1:53 AM

Death, considered a topic filled with despair, fear, agony, powerlessness, mourning,..
However the only certainty ahead of human existence.
All what’s promised, is that we end some day. As nobody really knows what’s after death,
The thought of it becomes intimidating, shying away from the idea how it will happen,
the things we leave behind or those that leave us.
Often afraid for the loss of a loved one or the concerns about our own death.
A reality difficult, to find closure with.

The reason i’m writing about it, is my Scorpio stellium and my 8th house.
Reasons and roots in trauma that surround the topic of death.
I gave death the permission to frighten me in the past, but i’m taking back power as i am entirely powerlessness.
All what can be done, is to surrender to the unknown,
The truth that we are compostable piles of flesh that will rot away one day.
As a part of nature, contributing to the cycle of life.
When i die, my circle has become complete. tasks loaded and finished.

Why to fear, the only certitude we have. Somehow it’s a security and a promise,
that one day we end, one day we dissolve.
Our bodies weren’t build to last forever, our mechanism weakens over time.
I surrender that death happens at the right time for the individual.
A linkage to the completion of lessons and evolving consciousness
In that what this incarnation has to offer.
Never the right time for those that are left behind, as they live in consciousness,
Experiencing the grief vividly.

Losing a loved one, will never be a welcoming experience.
All what should be, is gratitude and surrender.
As time cannot be turned back, as the deceased will disappear in all our senses.
And memories become the only existing thing we can possess. Consciously.
Nobody ever really dies, It’s our 3 dimensional existence prohibiting the acceptance of it.
We are used to experiencing life through touch, hearing, smell,..
We are used to giving and receiving, because when i touch you, i feel you and you feel me.
When a person dies, they can no longer respond to our actions.
Death, physical in nature, creates lack and the feeling of loneliness.
The one that passed over, can never be experienced again.
All what it’s truly asking from you,
Is the shattering process of testing your unconditional love.
Your ability to see beyond the physical realm.
Setting all things free from the ego. no longer can you’re needs be met or pleased.
Let it go. till the next life we’ll meet again if our souls genuinely need to.

Death creates rebirth in your awareness and view of life.
That it passes faster than we can control it. Often feeling left broken
as we suddenly realize, that we didn’t enjoy it to the maximum.
Death happens every second. From the cells in your body dying while you continue to live,
To the billions of people on earth experiencing loss. Death is part of the air we breath,
But wildly repressed as we only link it to deep felt pain that never fully heals.

In fact, we are surrounded by it. We carry death within us, but we don’t recognize it as the same type of death as the one we experience when a loved passes. As death only comes to our awareness when we have an emotional connection to the being that’s crossing over to the other side. Death occurs when we experience a sensatory lack.

I believe that closure can be found once you find balance within physical existence and the intangible.
When you understand that emotion and feeling, is soul.
Understand that the soul never dies.
Handing over the human need for sensory perception.
Once you open your higher knowing,
And tap into unconditional feeling, loving and setting free.

Time is ever ticking, even though it’s an illusion by how we know it today in the mundane world,
Our cells have a limiting capacity, human bodies are a temporary vehicle to expand consciousness.