The most important places to look for fame in a birthchart is the MC and the 10th house. Planets in 10th house who are positively aspected by other planets create a better experience.

Beneficial when the MC or 10th house is :

Beneficial when the Sun falls into the houses :
1, 3, 5, 10, 11, 12

Beneficial planets to have in 10th house :
• Jupiter

Jupiter conjunct MC is a big indicator for fame
Sun in 8th house can indicate fame, but only after death
Saturn in 10th indicates fame, but will work really hard to get there
POF in 10th can bring unexpected fame

Degrees of Fame

16° Aries : possibility for fame
5° Taurus : frame through overcoming obstacles
10° Taurus : wealth and fame, born wealthy
21° Taurus : fame through unique qualities
28° Taurus : Fame if moon is waxing
19° Cancer : sudden fame
20° Cancer : fame
21° Cancer : fame through ambition
23° Cancer : fame through mastery, endurance
2° Gemini : fame through artistry
5° Gemini : fame through literature, trade, science, law, entertainment,…
8° Gemini : fame, wealth and power
15° Gemini : fame, wealth, happiness
20° Gemini : fame through politics, through support of friends
6° Leo : fame by talents, degree of fame
7° Leo : fame through politics, working with fire,…, short-lived
12° Leo : fame through courage and persistent work
14° Leo : fame through recognition , superiority, social work, cooperation
17° Leo : fame through humanitarian work
19° Leo : fame through science, history, astronomy, literature, intellectual fields
26° Leo : fame through former sufferings
27° Leo : fame through determination, pushing ideas
4° Virgo : fame through conquering struggles
21° Virgo : fame and success
28° Virgo : fame as an astrologer or through astrology
18° Libra : fame through talents, skills and leadership capacities
22° Libra : fame, might be linked to arts
23° Libra : fame ; arts
25° Virgo : fame through intellectual qualities but loss of happiness
3° Scorpio : fame through arts
7° Scorpio : fame through talents, diplomacy
10° Scorpio : fame through research, occultism
19° Scorpio : fame through politics, discoveries
22° Scorpio : fame or notoriety
29° Scorpio : fame through science, literature, architecture, economics
5° Sagittarius : fame through medicine, science, research, literature, arts
8-9° Sagittarius : fame and wealth through own capacities
13° Sagittarius : fame through partnerships and teamwork
14° Sagittarius : fame through history, theology, literature, science
20° Sagittarius : fame through human sciences, research
2° Capricorn : fame through diplomacy
9° Capricorn : fame through philosophy, astronomy, occultism
10° Capricorn : fame
20° Capricorn : fame through literature, science, philosophy, occultism
27° Capricorn : fame through science
13° Capricorn : fame through music, philosophy, cinema,
1° Aquarius : fame through science, ornithology
8° Aquarius : fame through ambitions, sports, bravery
10° Aquarius : fame, some sort of leadership
11° Aquarius : degree of fame
15° Aquarius : fame
23° Aquarius : fame through botany, medicine (plants), horses
2° Pisces : major fame (especially ascendant)
6° Pisces : fame through catering, fishing, painting, literature, anything about the sea
9-10° Pisces : fame through law, literature, religion
15° Pisces : fame, probably not the easiest one
18° Pisces : fame through science, medicine (plants), chemistry

Predicting when fame can occur by transits :

 T Uranus through 10th
 T Neptune through 10th
 T Uranus conjunct / trine 10th house ruler
 T Neptune conjunct / trine 10th house ruler
 T Pluto conjunct / trine / sextile 10th house ruler

NOTE: A lot of charts have the potential of getting famous, but it doesn’t happen to many of us. And if it happens, it all depends on transits. It’s very possible once you get famous under a major Uranus or Neptune transit, that the fame will be reduced after the transit has gone by.