An eating disorder or self-esteem issue can occur throughout the whole zodiac. However, there are a few aspects that caught my eye.
2nd house is important to look at, since it represents your food intake, self-esteem and the mouth. if you have malefic planets sitting in 2nd, that could be an indication of an eating disorder, such as : Mars, Saturn, Northnode.

Responsible Planets & Asteroids :

Chiron : Wounded healer
Ceres : Food
Nessus : (sexual) abuse
Vesta : The one that loves cooking
Moon : Feelings & Nurturing
Pluto : Control & abuse
Neptune : Delusions & addictions

Mars-Saturn: These planets are associated with Will and the Throat Chakra. When the patterns of stuffing one’s feelings is prolonged, this chakra and the thyroid gland will be affected. This often leads to a health problem called Wilson’s Syndrome. Initially, through the stress of repression and anxiety, the adrenals are taxed. Later, this adrenal stress pulls on the thyroid gland. The body temperature drops, often to around 97°. Fatigue and exhaustion further prevent the individual from ever asserting self for one’s self. In talking to people with an under-active thyroid, they frequently complain that they do not feel alive.

Physically, this can be addressed through adrenal supplementation, thyroid support and even taking organic, cold pressed coconut oil that quickly raises the body temperature and energy level. However, the psychological patterns that contribute to obesity are more difficult to change.

Mars-Neptune: This is the aspect that tells me that there was a parent who did not want the child to grow up or grow away. Later, these individuals sabotage their own efforts by talking themselves out of doing, especially doing something for themselves. These people often feel that they never scored a victory in expressing their anger, their Mars. Often, when they feel anger, they become quit tired and even depressed. This aspect is actually best suited for fighting for an ideal, something greater than themselves, but not directly for themselves.

Mars-Pluto: With the compulsive over-eater, this combination can indicate abuse. The rage and resentment are suppressed through eating. They often fear the rage within. They fear that they could kill someone— so they eat instead, killing themselves with the health issues that arise through obesity.

 Chiron in 6th = selfcriticism
 Chiron in Virgo or cancer = selfcriticism
 Chiron in hard aspect to the ASC ruler or ASC
Chiron conjunct ASC = high chance of being bullied in childhood
 Chiron conjunct Jupiter in 6th or in Virgo
 Chiron conjunct Moon in 6th or in Virgo
 Chiron in 6th or Virgo making an aspect to Venus

 Moon conjunct Pluto = destructive obsessive feelings
Ruler of 6th making harsh aspect to Chiron = health is a pain point
 Ruler of 6th house in 4th house
 Pluto square ASC or ASC ruler

 Ceres in 6th = detailed vision on food
 Ceres aspecting to 6th house ruler = conflict between health and food
 Ceres in aspect to Chiron = painful bond with food

 Venus conjunct Jupiter = appetite for food
 Nessus in 8th house = sexual abuse that changes self-image
 Nessus sextile Ceres = food as comfort for history with sexual abuse
 Vesta conjunct Neptune = delusions about food
 Vesta trine Chiron = painful bond with food
 Saturn, Mars or Southnode in 2nd house = damaged self-esteem
 ASC ruler in Scorpio or 8th house = need for physical destruction
 ASC ruler in Pisces or 12th = addictions and self-undoing

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