A method used in Vedic Astrology (Indian).
The Darakaraka is the planet with the lowest degrees in the birthchart and becomes the significator of the spouse.
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
These are the only planets used for this method.
The Darakaraka gives a description of spouse’s appearance, characteristics and personality. There are several indications in the birthchart that tell you about your spouse, however consider Darakaraka to be extra information to make up the whole picture.

1) Sign placement = Give those qualities to the spouse
2) House placement = Personality has influence of that house, lessons that need to be learned through the spouse.
3) Hard aspects = Gives negative qualities, shows level of suffering in marriage
4) Harmonious aspects = Gives good qualities

Consider the enemy planets of your darakaraka such as the Moon begin an enemy planet to Mercury, in hard aspect it may bring a very moody and argumentative spouse.

Planets as Darakaraka

Gives an emotionally stable spouse unless it’s conjunct NN or SN. A dedicated spouse with a good status. Demanding attention, loyal, trustworthy. The aspects the Sun receives in the birthchart are of importance for interpretation such as receiving harmonious aspects from other planets will bring these good qualities to the spouse. If hard aspects are being made such as Mars square Sun it may make the spouse argumentative, competitive or dominant in nature. 

Physical : Tall, fair complexion, medium skin-tone, freckles, amber colored eyes, brown hair, wild, curly or wavy hair.

Gives an emotional and sensitive spouse who may have mood-swings. A possibility of sharing the same moon sign or house placement. Flexible, surrendering. But it could also indicate a spouse with Cancerian qualities or a strong Caner influence in their birthchart. The spouse is adaptable to situations and there is a high need for deeper connection. Intuitive and nurturing spouse.

Physical : Feminine, Curvy (woman) Chubby (man),  short height, beautiful, pale, large breasts (for woman), round face, dark eyes and hair.

Friendship, exploration and activities are of importance for the spouse. It’s a good planet as darakaraka since friendship is considered an important part f the relationship. The spouse may be talkative and fond of leisure travel. It indicates a spouse that is younger in age. Lovely, communicative, friendly, curious, careless nature.

Physical : Youthful, medium height, Light hair and eye color, strong cheekbones is possible.

The spouse could have strong Libra placements in the birthchart aswell as prominent Libra qualities to their personality. A love for comfort and luxury aswell as a need to keep this harmonious and peaceful in the relationship. A spouse who is romantic in nature and perhaps a bit submissive aswell, sensual, emotional.

Physical : Attractive, beautiful, average, medium height with a bit of curves, Larger breast than average (woman), feminine appearance (man), Dark eyes and hair, tinted skin-tone, exotic.

Gives a spouse with a strong will with a strong drive. The spouse will be protective and has a problem-solving approach to life. The spouse is very active on a regular basis such as doing sports. Courageous, dominating, goal-oriented, sometimes a bit quarrelsome.

Physical : Athletic, lean, Smaller than average, wide shoulders, small breasts (woman), Bright eye and hair color, tinted skintone.

Gives a spouse with good or high education. Spiritual qualities and an (over) protective nature is possible. The spouse brings wisdom and joy to your life. The spouse loves humor and creativity. Fond of traveling, other cultures. Loyal, optimistic, wise, religious or spiritual.

Physical : Chubby, medium-tall height, endomorphic build, light eye color, pinkish or golden hue skin tone, possibility of being foreign (but not always).

The spouse will be (much) older (5-7 years older). The spouse is duty oriented, sober and rather serious, firm decision making, anti social tendencies, not so easily adaptable. The marriage could have a great longevity and the spouse is determined to work through times of hardship with you. More practical than romantic. The spouse may have strong Capricorn/Aquarian placements in their own chart. 

Physical : Strong bone structure, strong cheekbones or sunken cheeks, thick eyebrows, Tall and thin, dark eye and hair color, thin hair, bread, small breasts (woman).

House placement of Darakaraka

1st house
Independent spouse that has own success in life or own business. Spouse will be supportive of you. You’re both very attached to eachother, do a lot of things together. Your sense of self will develop more after marriage.

2nd house
Spouse will have a focus onto financial stability and will increase the shared resources with a possibility of wealth. A family oriented spouse that’s very caring. Spouse might work in finances or something that includes speech.

3rd house
Gives a communicative and intellectual spouse. A skilled person who could be creative and very courageous. You will communicate a lot together and this becomes the main theme of the marriage. Spouse might be working in media or communicative fields such as writing/blogging, journalism.

4th house
The spouse is caring. This placement gives a happy marriage. Property is gained through the spouse. A possibility that the spouse might be working in real estate, from home or has a business with cars. Multiple properties is possible.

5th house
A loving spouse with creative abilities and well educated. Fond of pleasures in life and well educated, talented. Good for children. A very romantic marriage. Spouse might be into stock market, creative fields, media or entertainment. Increase in earnings after marriage is possible.

6th house
This gives a hardworking spouse, who is focused on details. Spouse will be helpful and serving towards you but could cause quarrels at times. Spouse might be working in healthcare such as a doctor, service related jobs. Health of spouse could be weak.

7th house
A popular spouse with a skill for socializing. Spouse could be business minded and romantic. Spouse might have business partners or spouse may become your partner in business, the spouse might work in public fields or counseling. It should give a balanced married life.

8th house
A difficult placement as it could bring difficulties into the marriage as the spouse has secretive tendencies but it could also mean the spouse struggles with physical or mental issues. Could make one very sexually focused. This placement could bring financial issues, likely caused by the spouse. Spouse might be fond of occult subjects and science. Deep transformation will take place within the marriage life. A possibility that you’ll gain money through an inheritance.

9th house
A religious or spiritual spouse, possibility of being foreign or fond of travel and cultures. This is a lucky placement as it gives luck and happiness into the marriage. Spouse might be working in an educative field such as a teacher or professor, or the spouse might be dealing with long distance travels related to work.

10th house
Spouse might have a career or own business. Very focused onto public image/status. Spouse can be powerful and influential. Spouse is very career-oriented and possibly a workaholic (if ill placed and aspected). It’s possible that the spouse boosts your reputation. A possibility that you may meet each other through work.

11th house
A good placement as it gives happiness and wealth if it’s not afflicted. Friendship in the marriage is important to the spouse, aswell as for you. Spouse might invest in stock markets. Possibly a wealthy spouse with a large network of friends. You may gain new friends through your spouse.

12th house
Gives a spiritual spouse, a high possibility of being foreign. There is a love for travel. Something about far away places is linked to your spouse and you will probably travel together often or seek tranquility in nature. Spouse might be into alternative healing practices such as meditation, yoga, tantra,… Spouse could have a sacrificial quality.