The Composite is a mid-point method between the charts of two people, It is the final product of the Synastry.
It shows the relationship in practice and the daily reality of the couple.
Reading a Composite chart is the same as a birthchart except that it’s about two people instead of one.

A shitty Composite chart, does not mean the relationship is unable to last, however it will come with a fair amount of challenge that needs to be overcome.  It can work, but a lot depends on the (self)awareness of both individuals. When it comes to the longevity of a relationship : get over yourself. Relationships happen for a reason and always come with a purpose. If you use Astrology to figure whether you’ll marry or not, then first question why you’re concerned about this.. all begins within.. the marriage with oneself.

How to read a Composite chart 

1) Interpret planets by House & aspect
2) ASC sign + degree + placement of ASC ruler
3) Sun : House & aspects
4) Venus : House & aspects
5) Moon : House & aspects
6) Stellium : House & element

Basics of the Composite

ASC : How the relationship started & how others / environment see you, highlighted theme
ASC ruler : Area of focused expression as a couple
Sun : What brought you together and what goal you have in life
Aspects to Sun : Shows if the purpose of the relationship supported or not
Moon : Emotional connection & the soul of the relationship, instinctive reactions onto one another
Northnode : Indicates in what direction you should grow as couple
1st, 5th and 7th : Important houses in Composite

Eros : Mutual passions, erotic connection & obsessions
Psyche : Intuitive connection 
Juno : Me-You dynamic, the nature of the relationship, sense of comitment
Ceres : Nurturing connection
Vesta : Dedication & Commitment
Chiron : What causes struggles, pain, insecurity, lack & needs work
Northnode : Purpose & lessons of the relationship, what needs to become

Conjunction : Binding force, depending on the planets combined
Sextile : Harmonic union, comforting
Square : Challenge, No break-ups when you understand each other
Trine : Harmonic union, cooperating well together
Opposition : More prone to break-ups, attraction

Meaning of the houses

1st House : Planets in 1st are directly felt by the couple, it shows how the couple is with one another and how other people see them. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are difficult placements for the Composite 1st house.

2nd House : Deals with the possessions and ownings of the couple, the ability to share with each other.

3rd House : Is about communication, and how the couple thinks about their environment.

4th House : One of the important houses to look at in the composite, because it shows whether it’s a good idea to settle down together or not. A moon placed in 4th is the best position for settling down and build a home together.

5th House : Deals with the couple’s creativity and fun activities. A busy 5th house is a couple that would like to have children around or have children of their own, but not so much a good indication for settling down. Together with the 8th house, the sexual activity of the couple can be seen.

6th House : Represents where the couple will be tested, in order to handle the outside world. It deals with the couples daily activities around the house.

7th House : Is the house of intimate lovers or open enemies. A Sun placed in 7th can show two people starting of as lovers but ending in a quarrel and being their worst enemies. Venus in 7th is one of the best indicators for marriage and passionate romance between two people.

8th House : The couples ability for commitment and ownership together. A busy 8th house shows a very deep bond between two people. An intimate sharing together. This house shows how you grow together.

9th House : Shows how the couple explores the world together, their activities and adventures. How they expand their horizons together.

10th House : Deals with the status of the couple and how they fit into the world together. This house shows how serious the couple is in approach towards life and responsibilities.

11th House : The social activities and social culture of the couple. their friends and how their environment see them. How they are accepted into society.

12th House : A busy 12th house is very difficult in a composite chart, since it’s the house of the unconscious feelings and all things hidden, so there will be a lot of miscommunication between the two. However it can create a feeling of fate sometimes, since it’s also the house of soulmates and psychic connections.

Ascendant : Type of couple

Aries : Sports, common interests, environments that allow you to express yourself, adventurous places, possibly through common goals or through a spontaneous decision.
Type : Active, self-sufficient, confident, impatient. Compromise is needed

Taurus : Neat and tidy environments. gentle and natural environments, relaxing places that provide to the senses (gardens, oceans, etc,..), maybe through development. you might have this ascendant with a parent; mother in particular.
Type : Traditional, practical, solid, long term thinking. Variety is needed

Gemini : Through anything that involves communication (internet, texting, letter writing, emails, etc,…), through siblings, learning environments. possibly neighbors, distant neighbors or through these people.
Type : Mental, instinctive, restless, adaptable. Intimacy is needed

Cancer : Comfortable and stable environments, places that feel homely. possibly at home, or at someone else’s home. possibly through family. you might have this ascendant with a parent.
Type : Emotional, Security, comfort. Communication is needed

Leo : Environments through creative expression, through children, childhood friends, school friends, through siblings, speed dating. possibly through what you use for personal pleasure (hobbies, drugs, sex, etc,…)
Type : Confident, compassionate, Lower pride is needed

Virgo : At work, through animals, possibly learning environments, professional environments, health environments. could be through something you are committed to or are responsible for.
Type : Practical, detail-oriented. Seeing the big picture is needed

Libra : Through friends or acquaintances, debates, communal and social areas such as youth clubs and parties. possibly during periods of collecting products for your own aesthetic (clothing, interior/exterior design, books, toys, etc,…)
Type : Compromising, loving, sociable. Balanced compromising.

Scorpio : Absolutely weird places that people don’t usually specifically meet (alleyways, suburban streets, graveyards), through law systems, through problem solving, through sex, lovers.
Type : Intense, transformative, sexual. Objectivity is needed

Sagittarius : Possibly during emergencies, through adventurous endeavors, through school or learning environments. travel, cultures, philosophical debates, the seeking of freedom.
Type : Adventurous, independent. Balance is needed

Capricorn : At work, in professional environments, through colleagues. could be during a period where you’re building or maintaining a social image. through group projects, maybe through defeating your fears.
Type : Focused, structured, age difference. Understanding emotions is needed.

Aquarius : The internet, in communal and social spaces such as libraries and cafes. through friends, possibly whilst helping this person, attending the same protests.
Type : Independent, different.

Pisces : Spiritual endeavors, mental health, places of the unknown (you were lost, in a place you use to escape reality, possibly astral projection or through a prophetic dream). somewhere you thought you were alone.
Type : Dreamy, spiritual, sacrificial, silent, sense of reality is needed

Composite 7th house : planets

Shows what’s needed to make the relationship work.

Sun : Need for balances ego’s in order to make it work. It’s a good placement for marriage, but it can quickly evolve into becoming open enemies if you are not willing to compromise and listen to each other.

Moon : Emotional involvement is a strong theme. Giving security to one another is needed as well as balancing the emotions of both people. One or both need to learn objectivity in heated or sentimental conversations.

Mercury : Equally sharing is a theme, learning to see both sides of the same coin. Communication is strong, but also the point that needs to be balanced in order for it to work.

Venus : A very good placement for all love relationships as well as business related relationships. It’s important to find balance in giving & receiving. Careful with over-compromising, needs a balance of give and take.

Mars : Balanced distribution of energy exchange is needed.  You are both profoundly involved, the relationship needs constructive assertiveness. Harmonious cooperation and mutual input is needed.

Jupiter : Mutual enhancement and growth,  a beneficial placement for all personal endeavors. A shared journey of learning, including confrontation.

Saturn : This creates commitment and durability. However mutual respect is a necessity, patience and determination for a shared goal. There may be restrictions and blockages that require serious effort to make it work. See each other as equals.

Uranus : A need to be unconventional together. LDR or open relationship. Freedom is a big theme so that both individuals can grow. When conjunct with the Sun, it shows true unconditional love. You have to accept and appreciate each other for who you both are. It can show up in the chart of an age-gab couple (unusual). Unable to expect this relationship to be traditional or monotone.

Neptune : Creates difficulty in seeing the relationship as it really is, patience and mutual respect is needed. Be open with each other. There is often a (minor) secret kept, careful not to repress personal truths.

Pluto : A very intense placement able to stir up power conflicts, the need to possess and claim  each other. Try to balance these energies, treat each other as equals. Profound rebirth through cooperation.

Composite Northnode

The Northnode by house and sign placement shows the purpose of the relationship.
Often the Northnode is placed in a different sign and house ;
7th house in Capricorn.
Check both interpretations to understand the purpose.
When the Northnode receives harmonious aspects, the goal will be achieved, but when it’s challenged by lots of hard aspects, it will be difficult to fulfill the purpose. Squares to Pluto and Saturn show a brutally difficult and karmic path that requires you to surrender to the overwhelming energy that may arise at one point. It’s meant to transform the both of you fundamentally.

1st/Aries :
Learning assertiveness and independence. An important union that enhances self-development and awareness.
Individual growth, learning to merge two different identities.
Taking action, to be courageous but not to forget who you are individually.

2nd/Taurus : 
Learning stability and sensuality. Acceptance of individual rhythm and a journey of setting healthy boundaries.
Learning about self-care and inner stability. Patience and stable growth.

3rd/Gemini :
Learning to communicate and the pleasures of life. Lightheartedness.
Learning to distinguish, filter the correct information.
Developing new skills and talents. Shared journey of learning.

4th/Cancer :
Learning how to nurture one other and create a home. Cooperation within family matters.
The need for introspection and inner healing, creating a solid emotional foundation.
The need to learn objectivity.
To bring comfort to each other. Deep shared soul-searching.

5th/Leo :
Learning self-expression and creativity. Children are a big theme with this placement,
either having a lot of children together or children taking over a huge part of your shared life; responsibility.
The need to stimulate and accept each other’s innerchild, shared self-discovery.

6th/Virgo :
Learning how to structure the daily routines, an emphasis onto health.
Service and sacrifice. Becoming a functioning team of mutual service.
Finding ways to cooperate and help one another, the need to merge both individual routines 
into a functioning cooperation.

7th/Libra :
Learning about love and to make the relationship work, through balanced compromising.
This placement is linked to marriage and love relationships.
7th house or Libra placements are linked to family matters or long term connections.

8th/Scorpio :
Learning depth and intimacy, the union exists to transform you (both).
Often this placement is strongly linked to sexual matters.
Overcoming fear and trauma, shared soul-searching and finding deeper meaning.
The need to learn to trust and share.
With Scorpio, sexual issues, repression, blockage,.. can arise.

9th/Sagittarius : 
Learning about spirituality. The purpose of life and beyond. Travel and educating one another.
Sharing wisdom and perspectives that help each other move through life.
A shared spiritual journey and achieving a broad understanding of life.
Can bring a (necessary) journey to foreign lands at one point.

10th/Capricorn :
Learning how to cooperate together and build strong long-lasting foundations.
Linked to the public image and how to create one that fits the union or yourself.
Often linked to partnership that’s business oriented. Steady growth.
With Capricorn it can point to age or work related issues that need to be overcome.

11th/Aquarius :
Learning to think outside of the box and to be friends in the first place.
A humanitarian union of mutual support and rational enhancement. Liberation and independence.
Networking is an important part of the relationship, to exchange perspectives,
Insights, knowledge and ideas with other people.
With Aquarius, ‘online’ can be a theme.

12th/Pisces :
Learning about the psyche, sacrificial love. A difficult placement.
Can bring spiritual results and awakening. The need to see reality for what it is.
Unconditional love needs to be achieved.

Best placements from my own observation :
5th, 7th, 9th house
Libra, Taurus, Capricorn

Juno in the Composite chart

Juno shows our long term relationships. However little information is to be found regards Juno in the Composite.
What i have noticed is that when Juno is in the same sign or house as the Northnode,
it shows a long term relationship. But it doesn’t always mean marriage.
Other good placements/aspects :

 Juno conjunct/sextile/trine Venus
 Juno conjunct/sextile/trine Jupiter
 Juno conjunct/sextile/trine NorthNode
 Juno in 5th, 6th, 7th or 10th
 Juno in Libra, Taurus or Capricorn
 Juno in same sign/house as NorthNode
 Juno conjunct/trine MC
 Juno conjunct/sextile/trine Destinn

Chiron in the Composite chart

Chiron is the wounded healer and can either heal or cause more harm. An angular Chiron is most ‘powerful’ in a Composite chart but, how it will manifest, depends on the aspects to other planets.
Chiron can be read pretty much literally by house placement, such as Chiron in the 2nd house is a clear indication that money, possessions and materials could be the source of pain, insecurity and frustration within the relationship.
Another example is Chiron in the 3rd house, indicating communication or mental struggles between two people.
Chiron in the 4th house could indicate issues that arise regards the living situation or actual property of the couple.
Chiron in the 8th house could indicate shared finances, traumas/anxieties, sexual matters as an issue.
And so on… 
Chiron isn’t always negative, but it shows what area of life could cause more struggle and where you can gain strength and awareness as a couple. There is often a great deal of insecurity and a general lack. It requires the need to have another approach to the issues such as creative solutions to problems. Dare to be vulnerable is the main message of Chiron.

Aspects in the Composite

Good aspects for compatibility 
• Mars conjunct Venus = Sexual component that brings two people together
• Sun conjunct Venus = Love union, warm mutual feelings, natural appreciation
• Sun conjunct Jupiter = Luck and growth. Prosperity and opportunity
• Sun conjunct Moon = Divine union, new beginnings (not in the 6th or 12th house)
• Sun trine Moon = Compatible, true love. Man and woman can coexist 
• Sun conjunct/trine Uranus = True unconditional love, unusual connection
 Sexual chemistry = Aspect between the rulers of 5th & 8th
 5th ruler and 8th ruler conjunct = Active and good sex
• Sun in 7th = Indicate lovers or enemies
• Moon in 4th or 7th = Best position for a relationship or marriage
• Venus in 4th or 7th = Best placement for relationship and marriage
• Venus opposite ASC = True love, marriage
• Venus-Mars = Sexual attraction & balance
• Venus-Moon = Emotional balance
• Jupiter conjunct DSC = Mutual understanding & support
• Neptune conjunct Jupiter = Soulmates, spiritual
• Sun-ASC or ASC ruler = Chance for survival
• Juno in 1 or 7th = Meant to be
• Juno conjunct DSC = Meant to be

Difficult aspects on the long run 
• A lot of square aspects = Very intense and challenging relationship
• 5th ruler and 8th ruler square = Lifeless sex, weird uncomfortable vibe, friction but can give passion too
• Planets in 12th house = Underlying dynamics that disrupt the connection, dormant potentials
• Mars conjunct/square/opposite Saturn = Sexual distance. One is hot while the other isn’t
 Saturn conjunct/square Mercury = Communication struggles, issues, difficulty to speak your mind
• Stellium in 8th = Very deep, intense bond. Transformative, therapeutic connection, overwhelmingly sexual
• Lilith square Chiron = Lack of depth, conflicts of past wounds-sexuality
• Mars in angular house = Difficult, quarrelsome, one being overly dominant
• Neptune in 1st = Not seeing each other for what you are, fundamental difference
Hard Neptune aspect = sweet start, sour ending, a repressed personal truth

Prone to breaking up 
• Saturn conjunct to the nodes
= Won’t last, difficult karma
 Jupiter square/opposite Uranus = Divorce aspect, restlessness, working at cross purpose
• Saturn conjunct/square Northnode = Not supporting the purpose of the relationship
• Sun Conjunct/square/opposite Saturn = Something is missing, essential lack, repressed expressions
• Neptune in hard aspect = Beautiful beginning, sour ending, betrayal, unclear
• Mars in hard aspect = Sexual attraction, competitive & quarrelsome
• Sun square Moon = Imbalance, usually difficult for long term, temporary

Marriage indications (for the desperate ones)
 Jupiter conjunct/Trine/Sextile Venus
 Jupiter in the 7th
Saturn 1st house (though, rather difficult placement)
 Pluto Conjunct the ASC/MC
 Vertex conjunct the DSC
 Juno In aspect to the DSC ruler
 Juno Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Sun
 Juno Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Venus
 Juno Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Jupiter
 Juno same sign/house as Sun
 Juno Conjunct/trine Saturn
 Sun conjunct/opposite Venus
 Sun in 7th or 10th
 Venus in 7th or 9th
 Moon 1st, 2nd, 7th or 8th
 Composite Cancer personal planets
 Composite ASC/Sun in Libra
 Venus Sextile/Trine/conjunct Saturn
 Venus conjunct vertex
 Juno Conjunct vertex

More information on the composite chart and the placements of the planets