Chiron is also called The wounded healer.
It shows your struggle, shame, insecurity wherever it’s placed in your birthchart.
The house and sign placement are an indication of what you may possibly struggle with to overcome. The road towards reaching the point of it’s healing powers can be a long one in which you may feel awkward and uncomfortable talking about that specific wound. You may even be unaware of the issues in that area, until it gets triggered by a transiting planet, or when people enter your life whom touch your Chiron and activate its weak spot.

However, an aspect of Chiron to any of the planets in the birthchart may amplify the energy of that planet, making it your wound and source of healing.

Your ego becomes a very sensitive subject to which you may stumble upon emotional sensitivity regards the way you define yourself. Communicating about yourself may seem difficult to you and there is a need to pretend stronger than what you really feel inside. It creates a tendency to ignore your own vulnerabilities.

This combination makes you highly sensitive to the energies around you, and you may have the tendency to unconsciously absorb them, whether they are positive or negative. Emotions can be overwhelmingly strong and there is difficulty in putting boundaries regards these matters from outside of you.

You may feel insecure regards your values in live such as possessions and money. It can create hesitance in developing your own values in life and in making decisions. A feeling of being unworthy of love in which you have the tendency to compromise to others, because you afraid being alone.

There is doubt towards your own strength and courage in life. Your sense of awareness and selfworth is a point of struggle within you. A fear of being undesirable and being rejected when you go after your own desires.

Emotional information has a negative effect onto how your mind works, you may  be highly sensitive towards receiving to much information at once in which you feel overstimulated quickly. There is a tendency to shy away from emotions of yourself and others and rationalize information to prevent your communication of being disturbed by it.

The way you view the world and your beliefs are highly sensitive.  If you insist on something being true in the face of cases of it not being true, Chiron will try to insert its energy antenna into the conversation, bringing you to feel deeply something that might not fit with your beliefs.

This creates an innerconflict regards your needs for structure and dicipline vs your needs to put a break onto things inorder to make room for feelings and emotions. Maturity with one of these aspects doesn’t come from ignoring the emotions of others or stuffing your own

It creates confrontations with the need of being more sensitive to the effects of change.
Learning to see the effects it has onto the emotional world.

This makes you highly sensitive in picking up vibes and signals around you. You may shape whatever you feel into something that belongs to you while it doesn’t. Sometimes the things you feel get overwhelming and it creates a tendency to isolate.

This amplifies the fears of being faced with yourself and how to be perfect, maybe about the most raw parts of your personality and psyche. It creates a tendency to hold onto structures that no longer serve you and keep you from inner growth.

Chiron in aspect to it means that your interactions with others involve learning how to alternatively be sensitive and vulnerable and deal with others who are. This may affect your willingness to be assertive and/or be available to help and heal others.

Chiron in aspect to this pair of points says that you’re in process of learning how to own your own vulnerability and that of others, and how to heal your emotional issues before you go out into the world and somehow be there for others.

Chiron conjunct the SN says that your multilife journey and families again and again are saturated with Chironic sensitivity. Whether you respond as wounded or wounded healer can’t be seen in your chart, but know that you’re full of energetic sensitivity and need to sort out what of all threads of Chiron living you want to embody and carry forward.

Chiron sextile the SN says that you’re wired to be stimulated by the energy and emotions in the world around you. You might stick with SN-related habits and, thereby, be distracted by all the helping and healing that needs to be done around you. Learn to recognize that we all suffer and feel pain, and for all of us that is central to our journey of becoming the source of love for ourselves. And so, sometimes, the best thing you can do is let someone work through his or her own pain as a path to growth.

Chiron square the nodes says you and your family have an unresolved issue when it comes to dealing with pain, suffering, vulnerability, and insecurity in the self … which will more often than not show up in dealing with others. Why to have compassion and for how long is a question that will hang in the air in your life, and you need to develop healthy energetic/emotion boundaries that are not just about cutting off the flow of emotions and energetic information.

Chiron trine your SN says that you are very aware most (if not all) of the time about who needs help why and when. You might keep yourself busy being available to others who are suffering, potentially getting into patterns in which you don’t honor your own needs. It’s important for you to see how you can help others in need but also give them time and space to figure out how to heal themselves. Just because you can help doesn’t mean you’re always supposed to.

Chiron conjunct your NN indicates that you have not been taught in many lifetimes how to honor your own or others’ vulnerabilities and insecurities. You may have some ungrounded fears of dealing with – processing – difficult emotions in others while often entirely missing the truth that you have them, too. Your job is to embrace your sensitivity and honor your needs in ways that no one else ever has been able or willing to do.

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