Childbirth is seen from the houses 1, 25. Also in 7th (the other person), 10th (change in status) and 11th(house of desires)
In transits, activity from the outerplanets to the angles is very common in predicting childbirth. The ASC and DSC have the most activity during that period. The asteroids Ceres and Juno are commonly seen in those areas when predicting childbirth, via SR or transits. The houses 1, 2 and 9.

Jupiter is the significator of children.
 Jupiter in water signs or fire signs
 Jupiter in angular houses (1, 4, 7, 10)

Make the Moon the ascendant and as a starting point of house 1, in what house does Jupiter fall into than? This can give a strong clue of someone having children or not, especially if it would fall in the imaginary angular houses. Although, having Jupiter in the 5th house in the birthchart is strangely enough not so much an indication of children, eventhough both are significators, the energy is just too strong and that’s why mostly someone with this position won’t have children.

Jupiter in the 8th or 12th house in the natalchart is a difficult position for children, but an individual can still have children with this position.
Aspects from Northnode to Jupiter are also difficult positions. Can represent loss around children.
Mars, Sun or Saturn aspecting Jupiter weakens the possibility of heaving children.
The ruler of the 5th house is a ‘ difficult’  house, also weakens the possibility to conceive (in 8th or 12th).

The amount of benefics aspecting the 5th house can represent the amount of children someone will have, same for the amount of planets occupying in the 5th can indicate how many children aswell as the sex of the children.
The sign ruling the 5th house can indicate the sex of the child(ren).

Predicting gender :

The sign the Moon is in at the day of fertilization can give a clue about the gender of the child. I have seen a noticable pattern within the elements :

• Moon in Earth or Water sign = Girl
• Moon in Air or Fire sign = Boy

The sign on the cusp on 5th and it’s ruler :

• Air & fire = Boy
• Water & earth = Girl

• Sun in 5th = Boy (commonly)
• Moon in 5th = Girl (commonly)

Predicting with Transits :

T Jupiter in aspect to 5th house (in 1, 5 or 9th house)
T Jupiter in 5th house
 T Ruler of 5th house conjunct natal Moon
T Ceres transiting through 5th or 7th house
 T Juno conjunct ASC or MC
 T Juno in 1st, 5th or 7th house
T Ceres transiting in 1st house
 T Ceres conjunct Ceres = fertilization
 T Moon conjunct DSC
T Moon in 1st, 5th or 7th (additional indication, not strong)
 T Venus conjunct ASC
 T Venus in 1st, 5th or 7th house
T Uranus in aspect to 1st, 5th

Predicting in Solar Return chart :

 Uranus conjunct ASC/DSC
 Ceres conjunct ASC/DSC/MC
 Ceres trine/sextile ASC
 Moon trine ASC
 Juno in 12th house
 Moon in 10th house
 Uranus trine ASC in 5th
 Juno trine Ceres
 Venus trine Ceres
 Juno trine MC
 Ceres sextile moon or ruler of 10th house


I was inseminated on 06/02/1993 , comparing with my own birthchart, the moment my soul came to the physical world:

Venus was conjunct to my future ASC
Ceres was in my future 12th house
Jupiter was conjunct to my future Juno
Moon was in my future 5th house
Juno was conjunct to my future IC
Jupiter in my future 7th house

For my son to come to the physical world :

Ceres in his future 1st house
Jupiter in his future 7th house
Ceres trine future NorthNode
The ruler of his future 5th house (moon) in 1st house
Ceres was on the cusp of his future 2nd house

I don’t know if this even matters