Nobody is waiting to get cheated on, however it happens. And Astrology can be a helpful tool in this case to keep your eyes open whether your ‘sweetheart’ really is that sweet..

There are also exceptional differences from a female to a male chart when it comes to spotting the cheating aspects in their birthchart. The aspects listed below are most common to be found in the birthchart of a cheating partner, however it may not always play out this way, depending on how the individual channels this energy within them and of how you trigger certain aspects in their birthchart.
Think about it, to someone that one dude can be an asshole, but than there is this other person whom he is devoted to for some reason.
People are permanent transits onto your life, keep this one in the back of your mind.

Signs of cheating in a male horoscope 

 Venus as ASC ruler in any aspect with Juno (orb 3°)
 Mars as the DSC ruler in any aspect with the ASC (orb 3°)
 Mercury as 8th ruler in any aspect with the ASC (orb 3°)
 Venus as 5th ruler in any aspect with house cusps 2 and 8 (orb 3°)
 Venus as 8th ruler in any aspect with Juno (orb 3°)
 Ruler of the 6th in the sign of its fall
 Venus is in the 4th Quadrant
 Venus conjunct NN
 Mars is the first planet to rise before the Moon
 Mars in Sagittarius = players.. don’t commit.
 7th ruler on 22°-23° Scorpio
 Part of Love (Ascendant + Venus – Sun) in the 1st house
 Moon is in Aries or in Pisces
 Moon is in the 11th House
 1st ruler in Aquarius

Signs of cheating in a female horoscope 

 Neptune and the MC are 310°-340° apart
Mercury and Pluto are 150°-210° apart 
 Sun and the MC are 270°-290° apart
ASC ruler trine Uranus
4th ruler square Neptune
8th ruler opposite Mars 
 Mars in Sagittarius or Capricorn
 7th ruler in Capricorn
 Moon in Aries
 Venus in Sagittarius = seductive, doesn’t really settle

Other signs of cheating in a horoscope 

 Mars square/opposite/conjunct Sun = everything is competition
 Mars square/opposite/conjunct Moon = temper
 Mars square/opposite/conjunct Uranus = unpredictable
 Mars -Pluto = ruthless and power hungry
 Pluto in 7th = needs upper-hand, dominating
 Saturn in 7th = unlucky, starving and takes all they find, holding on to it
 Uranus in 7th = unpredictable heart. hot and cold
 Moon in 7th = hiding feelings, indirect, needy
 Hard aspect Moon-Saturn = parents get in the way of intimacy
 Moon-Pluto = your partner’s mother is a third party in the relationship
 Outer planets in relationship houses = 5,7,8
 Venus in 12 = tends to go for those who wrong them. hopeless romantic
 Venus conjunct Neptune = delusional
 Venus -Uranus = changing feelings
 Venus-Pluto = they like what u like, do what u do . don’t take straight talk.
 No planets in water = sugar babies , no commitment
 No planets in earth = pillow queens, stuck in bed, lazy
 Neptune in 7th = thinks you are perfect until you are not anymore
 Stellium in 8th = prone to cheating, sex addict
 Venus in Capricorn = strategist. love for money
 Jupiter square Uranus = Divorce/separating aspect

Useful Asteroids 

Swindle (8690) : Lies, cheating, fraud, stealing.
If this asteroid is conjunct to one of the angles, especially the ASC, you seriously got something going on there. If this asteroid makes strong aspects to Venus or Lilith, fucking RUN.

Lie (26955) : Lies, Liar.
If it’s prominent, the person has a tendency to lie. I have seen this one exact conjunct Lilith, in this case you know something nasty is going on underneath this person’s surface.

Signs about lying (hard aspect)

Mercury-Jupiter = Exaggerating, not fulfilling promises
Mercury-Saturn = Can bend the truth to come across as intelligent
Mercury-Uranus = Feeling misunderstood, they want truth but often act nervous
Mercury-Neptune = Confusion about truth, mentally vulnerable, lies
Mercury-Pluto = Mentally dominating, pushing ideas
Mercury-Moon = Adapt ideas, difficulty in emotional communication
Mercury-Mars = Speaking to fast and bold, speaking before thinking

The Main aspects for lying & cheating 
Neptune square Venus = Lying about money & love
Neptune square Mercury = Having own reality
Neptune square Moon = Delusional mind

12th house = Lots of planets located here in the birthchart can indicate and individual who is delusional and often has a bad relation to reality, they might not want to lie but tend to lie anyway because they often feel very misunderstood. They live mostly in their own world of fantasy and deception.

When truth comes to the surface (transits) 

• Saturn in 8th = Exposure of sexual secrets (also in retrograde)
• Pluto in 8th = Cleaning out the garbage (also in retrograde)
• Mars in 8th = Discovering secrets, tends to research
• Mars in 12th = Things might be happening behind your back
• Neptune to Venus or 7th = Being cheated on
• Saturn to Venus = Low-selfesteem, destruction resulting into cheating
• Pluto to Venus or Mars = Possessiveness, collecting partners, power struggles


 Lots of planets falling in 12th house of other person. If those planets are badly aspected than the planet person might be prone to cheating, especially when Venus, Mars or Saturn is sitting in your 12th house and receives bad aspects from your planets. There are hidden situations going on.

 A person’s 12th ruler falling in your 12th house means that the other is keeping secrets from you, but you are likely to be the one to be ‘ahead of time’ and already figured out what their secrets are. You know the secrets of your partner, but you keep their secrets secret from them 😉 I know this one is a bit tricky.

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