1) Communication
We need to be able to share and verbalize what we feel, think, experience,… Respectfully. A relationship without communication cannot succeed. It is vital for understanding where both are coming from, what each person needs or don’t need. Communication is the point of connecting, it’s how we introduce ourselves and how we can outwardly relate, share, laugh,.. Don’t hide your truth for one another as it is a source for bonding, to be seen and appreciated in your individual essence. Speak up, talk without rejection or fear. No understanding without verbalizing your inner self

2) Respect & understanding
Understanding is how we can blossom, overcome and connect. There has to be mutual respect for individuality and self-expression. To see their point of view and they see ours. It’s about listening to who you both truly are and to recognize. Sometimes we need open mindedness, in order to understand a new perspective which a loved one can introduce us to. The acceptance of differences can be a field of growth, as you may compliment one another. If you don’t understand yourself, than you’ll struggle to understand another.

3) Unconditional love
This is about true acceptance of individuality, to love the flaws, but to also set free.
Love does not blossom if you hold it too tightly. Be open to rediscover one another, as it takes years to truly get to know someone. There is beauty in the small things, beauty in the small steps one can take to grow. Embrace the raw and naked truth of your lover, give them space to breath.
Love is beyond physical validation, love is multidimensional. An energetic essence within.

4) Genuine attraction
There is no point in merging if there’s nothing you can summarize that draws you together. Make sure the attraction is build upon genuineness and that it’s not an extension or imitation of something that used to be. Attraction is a personal perception, but at all times should there be an honest magnetism from something that begins within. Personality, character, the soul. The exterior does not provide you the reality of a person.
Love is a root for sexual attraction, admiration and appreciation.

5) Friendship& Humor
Take away the seriousness and leave space for friendship so you can smile and laugh together. The ability to be objective in times of need. Humor can be a bonding factor between two people. Humor helps in times otherwise considered awkward, let’s say someone needs to fart during intercourse, I guess that one needs friendship to be able to see the joke in that, rather than having it spoil your love because it’s a natural and human things that can happen, however this is a rare thing.
A relationship built upon friendship goes a long way.

6) Trust & honesty
Trust is key in any relationship, as connection means intimacy. You both entrust your bodies thoughts, feelings, experiences,… to one another, so in essence this is surrendering to share your vulnerability. Trust does not go without honesty, because any lie destroys the foundation of faith.
Transparency is a strength, to not repress, hide or keep secret what aches inside.
There needs to be room to express truthfully.

7) Compromise & adjustment
There is often a considerable amount of differences between two people as nobody is completely toe same. You’re both unique human beings, that means your lifestyle may differ or your timing of things. What ever it is that creates some degree of difference, needs compromise if you’re willing to continue. Finding the middle ground to respect individuality and to cooperate on the long haul.
A relationship needs to be constructive where both need to consider the practical and realistic aspects of a shared life together.

8) Patience & transformation
Any relationship will come with ups and downs, there is an inevitable intersection from old to new when time has been spent together for a while. Personal experiences that may impact an individual greatly, need time to heal. In any period of trial requires mutual effort to bridge your shared path to rebirth. If one doesn’t muster the patience for someone struggling with anything profoundly, than that in it self is a reflection of lack. This is about respect and cooperation.
Understanding of your individual paths, rhythm in evolution and growth. It’s a process so vulnerable and beautiful.

9) Loyalty
Be truthful to one another and come as you are. If one struggles to stay loyal, than in fact this person is not loyal to self. As this may be a reflection of not coming truthfully to this relationship.
Stay loyal to your values first and foremost and see if it aligns with the values of your partner. A promise is powerful, a word that needs to be recognized for it’s influence when not fulfilled.

10) Common goals
We may grow apart if each of us go another direction. Setting a common goal gives you a sense of purpose. This leads to the construction of strong foundations that can carry you through life.
It works bonding if you share a similar perspective.

11) Selfawareness
No relationship can be built constructively without knowing who you are. What your needs and desires entail.
However love becomes the source where we learn and find who we truly are, through vulnerability, as our layers are stripped down. Self awareness is key for health, as both can admit when they’ve made a mistake. If one cannot see their own failures, mistakes or wrongdoings than the relationship itself is lacking in constructiveness for the long haul. Self awareness is understanding who you are, and by understanding yourself, you can understand another.