It is very hard to find information online on Astrology and LDR.
In my opinion, ending up in an ldr could be an indication of finding your soulmate/twinflame, since your otherhalf simply isn’t always located in the same city as you are. Depending on where your 7th house ruler is positioned in your chart, it can be predicted whether you are meant to be with someone from a foreign country or not.
I suggest you checking your 7th house ruler for foreign spouse:
-placed in 3rd (online meeting)
-placed in 9th (foreign spouse, via travel, education in other countries)
-placed in 12th house (other countries)
-Venus in 9th or 12th house
-Jupiter in 7th house
-The ruler of your 9th house placed in 7th house
-The ruler of 12th house placed in 7th house
-Conjunction / trine of 12th and 9th house ruler with 7th house ruler
-Venus-Uranus aspect

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Aspects in Synastry :

> Often Uranus and Neptune are active
> Venus-Uranus aspects
> Uranus conjunct MC
> Uranus / Neptune square NorthNode
> Jupiter sextile / trine/ conjunct Moon
> 9th house ruler making a positive aspect to the 9th house ruler of the other person
> 3rd house ruler making a positive aspect to the 12th house ruler of the other person

> Composite chart : Venus in sagittarius or 9th house
> Transit Uranus conjunct Mars in 5th

Predicting a meeting if the two of you have never met before :

Via Solar Return Synastry chart :
You can do a synastry of the Solar Return charts of both partners for the year you might meet, or a synastry of one person their Solar return chart + the other person their Natal chart.

> ASC conjunct ASC
> ASC ruler conjunct ASC ruler
> ASC in 1st house
> Juno conjunct/trine/sextile ASC
> Juno conjunct ASC ruler or 1st house
> Juno conjunct/trine/sextile Juno
> Venus conjunct/trine/sextile ASC
> Venus conjunct ASC ruler
> Venus conjunct Juno
> Ruler of 9th house conjunct Venus/Juno or ASC ruler
> Sun in 7th
> NorthNode conjunct Axis
> Venus in 9th

This applies for a meeting within the upcoming Solar year

Via Transits : scroll down to transits for a romantic meeting