Horary is used to answer certain questions or for predicting an event.
A chart is cast for the date/time/location where the question is asked

The rules of Horary

1) Ancient rulership
Aries = Mars
Taurus = Venus
Gemini = Mercury
Cancer = Moon
Leo = Sun
Virgo = Mercury
Libra = Venus
Scorpio = Mars
Sagittarius = Jupiter
Capricorn = Saturn
Aquarius = Saturn
Pisces = Jupiter

2) The Querrent
The ASC = The person asking the question.
The moon = A second co-signifactor besides the ASC ruler.
You can’t ask the same question again (in the same week).
Question for yourself ; leave atleast 3-4 weeks between the asked questions inorder to provide you with the correct answer given from the universe.

3) The degrees
ASC is at 0-3 degrees = The question is asked to soon.
ASC is at 27-29 degrees = The question is asked to late.
Moon 15’Libra to 15’Scorpio = Unpredictable.
Moon in late degrees = Unsafe to judge (Scorpio, Capricorn & Gemini).

4) The answer
Look for applying or separating aspects inorder to determine a yes or no.
A lot of fire = Things will develop fast.
A lot of water = There is something hidden about the topic.
A lot of air = You will get more insight and opinions on the topic.
A lot of earth = It will sustain stability, no change to the situation.

5) For lost objects
Fire = On the middle, east.
Earth = Low, south,underground/buried.
Air = High, west.
Water = Underground, north.
Significator object in 1st house = It will come back to you, or is close to you.
Strong influence of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto = Things are out of your control.
Heavily aspected SN = You are not on the right path.

The use of fixed stars & points can be a helpful addition within the chart.
Whenever a planet falls onto a specific degree it can tell more about the overal story or it can help to uncover hidden truths.
An example horary & more info about fixed points : here



Sings :
• Fixed : Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo
• Mutable : Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
• Cardinal : Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Houses :
• Angular : 1, 4, 7, 10
• Succedent : 2, 5, 8, 11
• Fixed : 3, 6, 9, 12

To predict timing of an event :

1) Count the number of degrees that are separating the Moon from making an exact aspect to the signifactor (=the questioner) Unless there is already an applying aspect

2) Count the number of degrees that separate the Moon / signifactor from one of the angles

3) Count the number of degrees that separate the Moon / signifactor from the end of the sign which they are in

 Consider the method that’s best to apply on the chart, for example if the significator is closest to an angle, than use technique nr 2.

To decide the type of time unit: 
The sign & house the Moon is in.
The number of degrees that separate the signifactor from the subject.

(ex.: partner = 7th house ruler), they must be in the same sign and house to judge.
However timing an event depends on the type of question and it’s situation. For example ; If your question is regards marriage and you just got together with your partner, the time unit wont be hours, days or weeks, but more so months or years.

The houses

First House (strong house) = Life
Represents the person asking the question.
Physical appearance, health, accidents of the querent.
Grandmother, grandfather, nieces/nephews by marriage, great grandchildren, death of small animals. The head and face.

Second House = Riches, movable possessions
Deals with the querent’s movable possessions and what they own. It concerns their money and whether they will become rich or not.
Movable possessions, lent money, profits, lost items, tomorrow, income.
Spouse’s death, children’s careers, health of brother/sister in-law.
Throat, food, mouth and jaw.

Third House = Siblings, information
All forms of communication (letter, postal delivery, telephone, fax, internet, desk). Deals with rumors and gossip. It rules the brothers and sisters and all siblings. Daily life, Brother, sister, neighbor, documents, contracts, letters, your inbox, information.
Arms, shoulders and hands.

Fourth House (strong house) = Immovable possessions
Property, buildings, houses and homes and the country. It deals with the father and the family background.
Your home, family, property, sign on the cusp describes location
Cousins, siblings money, spouses job, end of a matter (such as a court), outcome of a situation, cities.
Chest and lungs.

Fifth House = Daughters/Sons, (bed)pleasures
Creativity and the talents of the person who asked the question. It rules children, lovers, affairs, sports and competition. Anything to do with your hobby, kindergarden.
Your child, pregnancy, romance, sexlife, performing.
Father’s money, movable possessions, death of mother.
Heart, liver, stomach, sides of the back.

Sixth House (weak house) = Health/routines
Deals with the health of the person who asked the question. Sickness and overal health. It rules medicine, employees, people who work for you, the police and army. It describes the working condition. office, daily routines.
pets, doctors, illnesses, duty, work, children’s money, homes and land owned by siblings, aunts/uncles.
Lower belly, bowels and intestines.

Seventh House (strong house) = Wife/Husband
Shows everything with marriage, relationships, business, partnerships, contracts, open enemies and the other person.
Marriage/divorce, thieves, other party in a court, other places, love affairs, doctors, lawyers, (ex) Boyfriend/girlfriend, enemy, legal matters, the location you want to move to, grandfather, sibling’s children, your clients.
Reproductive system and pelvis.

Eight House (weak house) = Death
Deals with sex, debts, other people their money and death.
Taxes, inheritances, death, surgery, cutting, garbage, dead people, rape, violence, poisoning, loans, legacy, child support, partner’s sense of self-worth.
Organs of excertion.

Ninth House = Journeys
All about travel, higher education, foreigners, visas, legal documents, study at university, exams, astrology, religion and philosophy.
International affairs, study, religion, long-distance-travel, publishers, professors, grandchildren, brother/sister in-law, dreams.
Hips and buttocks.

Tenth House (strong house) = Kingdom
Profession and career. Deals with your public status and reputation. It represents the judge in a court, kings, queens. Success and winning a game of a court battle. Career, fame, reputation, your boss, sibling’s death, health/illness of querent’s child.
Thighs and knees.

Eleventh House = Good fortune
Deals with the friends and acquaintances, large groups of people, associations.
Helpful people, friends, group associations, father’s death, money from job, mother’s money, children’s marriage, health/illness aunt/uncle, small animals, son or daughter in law, stepchildren.

Twelfth House (weak house) = Prison
All about secrets, secret enemies, prisons, hospitals and institutions
Rest, letting go, release, worry, hidden situations, health of spouse, partner, business partner, maternal aunt or uncle, fears, isolation.

The planets

Sun : the querent, if a man, objects made of gold or stone
Moon : the querent, if a woman, lost objects, everyday objects
Mercury : the bringer of news, papers, passport, tickets
Venus : the person the querent is interested in. The wife, if the querent is a male, jewelry, clothes, handbangs
Mars : string/agressive friend
Jupiter : the wise friend, lawyer. The husband, if the querent is a female, objects connected to wealth
Satrun : the person who brings danger to the querent, the father, older people, leather objects, earthy materials
Uranus : the friend of the querent when he/she is in danger
Neptune : the spiritual consellors
Pluto : the leader of an organization

Planetary essences : 

Sun : Heat giving, warm, charming, alive
Moon : Absorbent, reflective, cold, moist
Mercury : Asexual, adopts qualities of the sign it’s in. metal, cold and dry
Venus : Sweet nature, unification, cold, moist
Mars : Decisive, divides, cuts, energy, action, hot, dry
Jupiter : Expansive, hot, moist
Saturn : Contracting, cold, dry

Planets are strong :

Moon: in Taurus or Cancer / 3rd house
Sun: in Aries or Leo / 9th house
Mercury: in Gemini or Virgo / 1st house
Venus: in Taurus, Libra or Pisces / 5th house
Mars: in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn / 6th house
Jupiter: in Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces / 11th house
Saturn: in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius / 12th house

Planets are weak :

Moon: in Scorpio or Capricorn
Sun: in Libra or Aquarius
Mercury: in Sagittarius or Pisces
Venus: in Aries, Virgo or Scorpio
Mars: in Cancer, Libra or Scorpio
Jupiter: in Gemini, Virgo or Capricorn
Saturn: in Cancer, Aries or Leo

The aspects

Conjunct = Can be challenging usually means yes
Sextile = Harmonious
Square = Challenge, hard to achieve, obstacles
Trine = Harmonious, easy flow
Opposition = Difficult, attraction

Applying = Future event, is yet to happen
Separating = Past event, has already happened

Usually the degrees that separate two planets from making an exact aspect, are the number of days / weeks / months or years, depending on the time unit that fits the question.

No aspect to be found between ASC ruler (querent) and the suspect? Look at the Moon as the second significator of the querent. If there is still no aspect, it usually means no or is a negative answer.

If two planets are conjunct but they are both in a different sign than it’s not an actual conjunction. Example :
”Is he having an affair?”
6th house (because it’s the 12th house of the partner=DSC) in Capricorn, 7th house (partner’s 1st house) in Aquarius

Truth or false

If someone told you something but you doubt the information that you receive, you can pull a horary chart for this to figure out whether they are lying or speaking truth.
”Is the information x told me true?”
”Is he/she lying about xyz?”
If you ask the question for yourself ; the ASC is you, so you have to look at the 3rd house of information and communication.
 What sign rules the 3rd house?
 In what sign is the ruler of 3rd?

Fixed sign = Truth
Mutable or Cardinal sign = False

 Easy questions, such as “will my ex come back?” :
You look at the ruler of the ASC and the 7th, if those two planets make a positive aspect, the answer is Yes, otherwise the answer is No.

 Neptune conjunct DSC : Confusion about partner