1. Communication is key :
    -To be able to talk things through. Knowing that you can talk to your partner, no matter what. To know that both people are open to listen to each others needs and feelings. Taboo’s don’t exist and everything can be openly discussed. To never hide what needs to be mentioned and to wipe away the fear of rejection by not being understood. that’s what communication is for, and it should go honestly with ups and downs, that’s normal.
    No understanding without verbalizing 
  2. Respect & understanding :
    -To respect each others individuality and sense of self. To accept their values in life and in love. To be openminded towards each other and to understand where the other person is coming from. To let go of wanting to own and control the other person. To accept differences and see them as a way to learn. Be open to perspectives.
    The behavior reflects the core essence of the individual
  3. Unconditional love & Fascination :
    -To love from the deepest of your being, and knowing it is real. Knowing that your love is the strongest force, and that it is a promise through times of hardship. To be fascinated by whom the other is on the daily, the appreciation to see them fail and getting back up, to appreciate how each individual is growing. The raw and naked truth of their identity and to fall in love with that over and over again. Little sweet things the other person naturally does, which make your heart melt, because you think it’s absolutely beautiful, just in the way they are.
    Love is beyond physical validation, love is multidimensional
  4. Sexual & Physical attraction : 
    -To see your partner as beautiful and sexy, to be turned on by the simplest thing, just because the attraction is so strong. Sex is one of the most important things within a relationship. It’s vital to the existence and durance of this love. To be able to escape reality together into the sacred world of passionate lovemaking which flows naturally and effortlessly. To know what both partners desire and to know you can find it with each other. To be satisfied when most vulnerable and naked.
    Love is a root for sexual arousal, admiration and appreciation of how you were created
  5. Humor & Creativity:
    -To be able to communicate on a less serious level. To make things fun and to be able to laugh about awkward things and painful events. Humor means strength and the ability to face problems in a less emotional way. Showing your love in creative ways, because the love is alive. To be able to be each others best friend.
    Friendship and appreciation of each individual
  6. Trust & Sharing :
    -To know that you are completely safe and comfortable around each other. To know that the intentions are good, and that you can be your most pure and honest self, to know that you are accepted, which means trusting that the other one loves you as much as you do. To be able to share whatever is on your mind and to know you can trust each other with your personal information.
    Vulnerability, transparency, honesty
  7. Compromise & Adjustment :
    -To be able to face your downsides and to talk about it. To make agreements on things that need change. In a relationship you are always with 2, so there will always be adjustments needed in order to make life together work out for the better and on the long run. To be able to face reality together.
    Realism, practicality, acceptance
  8. Patience & Transformation :
    -Every individual is unique, so if your partner is going through something, it is important to understand their situation and have patience with them. It belongs to respecting the other, respecting them at their own rhythm and uniqueness. Allow to transform as a couple, because no couple dies the same as of how they entered the relationship in the first place. To be open for growth and learning.
    Understanding of each individual path, rhythm in evolution & growth
  9. Loyality & honesty :
    -To be able to talk unfiltered about facts. To devote yourself to the other one. To trust that the other is always speaking the truth, and to know they are as much devoted to you as you are to them. A promise that the body belongs to yourself and your partner, that what you have within the relationship, stays in the relationship and that intimacy is only shared with each other.
    Shame is a reflection of something you haven’t accepted as part of who you are
  10. Common goals :
    -To share the same vision on the future together, so that both people know what’s ahead of them. To build a strong foundation together and know you can count on each other.
    To build, to create, to think constructively and as a team of love